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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 474 472:Trampling The Morales Of The Enemy

Alex watched Angelina collapse and scream pathetically but he was too focused to notice her expression.

His mind was occupied with many things.

He felt a deep sense of alienation from himself that came out of nowhere.

It was because the scene that Angelina watched also terrified him to a certain extent.

Alex's soul world manifestation should consist of corpses and a scene after a devastating war.

It was a scene similar to Hell Judgements and he should have been sitting there in the middle.

But the scene of that man and that army was many times more powerful than his.

And oddly enough, he felt that he was quite familiar with it and although the soul strength of that man was similar, his quality and control were at their peak.

Since Alex had been with the Goddess, he was finding it hard to believe that the Goddess's presence can't be compared to the pressure he was giving.

Even the Goddess fell short before him.

And since it appears in his soul world, Alex must have some connection with him.

'Did something odd happen when Angelina used eyes of Extermination and my memory of another life awakened?'

Alex already knew about Angelina's Eyes of Extermination and in fact, he was waiting for her to use that on him.

Once she steps inside, Alex would crush her soul.No matter how strong her soul was, it can't compare to his.

It would also prevent him from wasting energy on her.

The result would be the same but the way things had gone left him with a bad aftertaste.

He shook his head to clear his mind. He must focus on the important thing first.

Alex looked at shivering Angelina.

The fatal effect made Angelina hollow, it could be better to say that she couldn't even pose any danger to a Master rank.

Alex had broken her until nothing was left.

"It would be good to send you back to death but that punishment would be too bad."

"Why don't you go back and inform your superior?"

Angelina's eyes trembled to see Alex's cruel smile.


One of the Mythic ranks shouted.

Their patience had been broken seeing their General in this state.

They burnt their life force and started to fight like a maniac.

At that time Anhar slipped past the opponent and dashed straight towards Alex.

He extended his claws wanting to hold Alex's neck.


Anhar's body was slammed by an inanimate object and he was forced to step back.

His eyes widened as he looked down to see a deformed head near his feet.

"Hillis."He yelled and looked ahead to see Riya advancing towards her after killing Hillis.

"This is difficult."

A cold voice echoed and Anhar's ears perked up.

It was at that moment, that his eyes tinged with astonishment turned to the direction the voice came from.


Anhar's body exploded without any earning and fragments of blood scattered everywhere.

"Don't take your eyes off your enemy."

Alex's fist went into his chest and burst into Anhar's ribcage who stared at him in disbelief.

The Shadowy demons lost their reason seeing the top one getting slaughtered like a pig and everyone tried to jump on the humans.

They knew that it had become do or die.

The other demons have a bit of reason left in them trying to understand what was going on and how the situation became like this.

The figure of the young man filled their faces with horror.

It would still be believable for them if the man was at Mythic rank but he is just at Legendary rank so how was this possible?

To be honest, the current situation was beyond their expectations.

"Fret not!"

"Our numbers are still greater than the enemy."Diral, who was at Mid Of Mythic rank, stepped forward and shouted.

All the demons stared at him with the expression who are you to judge?

The Queen of Succubus was crushed even before she could put up a fight so what can you do?

Still, what could they do except for following his orders?

Diral summoned his courage to speak and looked outside and his eyes were filled with worry.

The man didn't kill many but he killed their morals as soon as he stepped.

The existence of small elite troops slaughtering their people came into his view.

Without the support of the Mage and Dark wizard corps, they were constantly getting pushed forward.

The miasma was also taken care of.

The difference between the two started to enlarge.

Nolan followed by his knights pressed forward.

The loss of many Mythic ranks in a very short time from the demon side was a huge blow.

With Angelina's death, there was no one here who could contend against Wilford. His presence was enough to deter any.

There were a total of 18 Mythic ranks on the Demon side and 13 on Arkham.

The three Mythic ranks who were blocked Wilford retreated with grave injuries. Wilford didn't pursue them alone and waited for Nolan to finish the things on his side and then they would surround them.

Whatever may be, he was sure about one thing.

The enemy's annihilation had been set in stone.

Alex just stood simply beside Angelina and didn't make any move. His work is finished here.

Through the barrage of enemies, Riya reached Alex and after ensuring Alex was alright, she turned her attention to Angelina.

Angelina who sat there like a helpless lady started to shudder as Riya pulled out her dagger.

"Stop!"Alex muttered and held her hand signalling her to calm down.

"Alex, let me kill her."

"No, Riya I have use for her."

"And more than that, can you feel the mana fluctuations?"

Riya gave Alex a weird gaze and closed her eyes.

" can this be?"

Riya staggered in her steps and looked at Alex with a shocked gaze.

"They are in trouble but how could a Saint interfere?"

"It is borrowed power and it's still not the power that can be displayed like a Saint."

"But we need to hurry, the situation on Kinley's side is getting worse."

Riya nodded and looked at Angelina. She finally understands why she is alive till now.

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