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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 473 471:A Sight To Behold

Angelina's eyes turned towards the sound and her jaw dropped wide and her eyes almost popped out of the socket.

Her body started to shudder as if it was about to rip apart.

It was an army.

No, it was something more than an army.

Millions? No, ten million or was it even more than that?

It was an endless swarm extending till the end.


The army filled the world by slashing its swords and spears endlessly to the ground.

Corpses filled the ground and blood from the corpses seemed to form an ocean of narrow depth.

The sound made by the repeatedly striking weapons and clashing of metals felt like a song made to praise something.

Her eyes were then drawn towards an overwhelming presence.

At the centre of such an army, a throne was present soaring into the sky.

And the man sat on the throne exuding Majesty incomparable to any.

More than anything in the world, the man's expression was covered with a sense of boredom.

The ringing sound all around seemed like an awe sent by innumerable troops that were only for that man to hear.

It was the worship for the man who seemed to be looking down on everything.

Before that man, everything seemed to be worthless.

"Ahhhh!"Angelina shrieked and gasped in fear.

Her voice shivered as if she had just witnessed a mythical sight and at the same time a taboo that shouldn't be witnessed by a mere being like her.

The man's suddenly bored eyes turned towards her.

That moment.



Everything returned to silence and at that time millions of eyes turned towards Angelina at the same time.

She felt an unfathomable killing intent locking onto her freezing her in that place.

And this was the moment she realised that she had touched something she shouldn't have touched.

It was a scene that she should never have witnessed.

Manifestation of a person's consciousness varied greatly from person to person but they had one thing in common.

All of them had a single entity of living being in the middle followed by a few around formed by a single entity having multiple entities but that doesn't mean the multiple entities cannot be extended hundred thousand.

There may be millions of corpses, weapons and all others but they were non-living.

The reason was that it was impossible to sustain such a vast world and on top of that the manifestation of multiple entities divides the strength of the soul.

"But why.."

She couldn't understand.

No matter how much she thinks, her brain wasn't able to comprehend.

Why does such an army exist in front of her? What is the identity of this person?

Even God may tremble before his sight.

Just a single gaze from the army was enough to make her body shake as if she would disappear from existence.

And the man looking down at her from the throne rose from his seat and a grin appeared on his face.

It was absurd.

"Out of all the existence of this world and maybe outside, you are fortunate one to see this but at the same time, you have the bad luck of plucking the strings that shouldn't be touched."

As soon as she heard the man's words, she felt a greater fear from that one man than the sea of armies.

It was quite exhausting and boring.

There was nothing more suitable to describe the expression on that man.

The man looked at Angelina and moved his finger slightly towards her.

At that moment the sea of armies began to move

From the end of the horizon to the limitless sky.

Everything shook crazily by the running of horses filling the whole place.

After that soldiers whose end was unknown follow them endlessly pouring out military praise to the Emperor.

Angelina's body stared at the sea of approaching army that was aiming at her.

A soul that had been strengthened by the Eye of Extermination. A beautiful body enough to cause war between nations.

The strength and skill accumulated over years.

Hard work to reach the stage with which she could trample over an army by herself.

But all this seemed to have been proved meaningless.

A Top Mythic rank like herself felt like a bug that couldn't even resist.

Weapons poured out from all directions and that one sided execution and abuse didn't last even for a second leaving emptiness and despair in her eyes.

"It seems the outside had finally reaped something to have fun. I didn't think that after countless lives, I would wake up again."

"It seems that the coward I have spared has grown enough to provide me some fun in this life."

The man sat on the throne with a hint of anticipation in his eyes and soon the entire scene faded and was replaced leaving a sea of corpses.



A huge amount of blood poured out from Angelina's mouth as she regained consciousness in her original body.

Her soul was almost destroyed along with her Eye of Extermination and the recoil causes tremendous damage to her body.


She groaned in pain and fell to the ground.

Her body wriggled and blood emerged from the seven orifices.

The emotion in Angelina's eyes was not the pain of her current state but rather fear.

'I must run away.'

'No, everyone should run away.'

The man standing in front of her was not a monster.

He was an existence that goes beyond.

He was an existence that she could never touch in her life no matter how hard try.

And more to despair, she was thinking of taking this man for herself before.

That's why she should run away and soon her instincts shouted in her mind, giving her a warning bell.

She screamed like a beast who is on the verge of death."Everyone ran away."

"Escape for your life."

"Don't fight with this man."

Angelina's scream echoed throughout the battlefield giving goosebumps to everyone irrespective of the side.

Even Wilford was horrified to see Angelina crying and begging like this.

It seems as if her pride had been crushed and trampled.

A being who was about to ascend to the Saint realm was reduced to this state.

While humans were perplexed, the Demons were horrified.

Angelina, whom they also called Queen of Succubus one of the strongest generals.

She is also one of the heads of the Ten Major Houses that rule the Demon land and a person of great importance.

However, at the moment they could only see a pitiful person.

"Please don't kill me."

"I will cancel the war. I would never raise my head nor will I ever step into human land. If you don't believe me, you can force a contract on me."

"Whatever may be, just don't kill me."

While she cried pitifully, Alex stood rooted in the place like a statute with a blank expression.

"I have a question."

At that moment a low voice reached Angelina's ears.

"Do you think I would just let you go after you touch me?"

An ominous smile built on Alex's lips.

At that moment, Angelina knew.

Those eyes...That expression.

It was the same.

The eyes filled with the same expression that he saw on that man in the soul world.


It was the moment her eyes were dyed with despair.



"Turn it off…"

"Don't look at me."

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