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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 472 470:A Sight To Behold

Alex observed the woman walking towards him warily.

The Demons in her path made way for her and bowed their heads to pass through.

Many demons from afar saluted her with deep reverence which represented her status.

While many on the human side weren't able to take their eyes off her.

Her figure was quite bewitching which made many feel the growing bud of love inside them.

Even those who have reached Mythic rank and were quite old feel their desires being ignited by her presence.

Wilford who was seeing this could feel that this woman was quite dangerous and wanted to take her down as quickly as possible but his gaze met with Alex, who gave him a calm look and a signal to wait and observe.

Wilford decided to observe for now and strike if only something went wrong.

Magenta hair and pure white skin. Her body exuded a unique charm and she can be called a devilish beauty who could enchant any man as she wants.

The two small dark wings on her back flapped and her tail wriggled showing her excitation.

"Do you know how many years I have waited for this day?"

Alex frowned and gripped his sword. Although Alex had become stronger still the woman before him was nothing to scoff off.

She can fight against Willford equally and was at the border of Saint realm.

It doesn't matter whether Alex won here or not. What mattered was his condition.

The other side might be quite stronger. If he became half-dead here what could he do when he reached the other side?

Seeing Alex's cautiousness, Angelina smiled and said"You don't need to be afraid of this big sister."

Alex nodded his head blatantly. The woman disgusted him but he waited for an opening to attack.

"You as well as that old geezer might be wondering why I am still here."She smiled and looked at Wilford.

"That's because I am waiting for someone like you."

Everyone who heard her words felt this was a joke as this was neither a garden nor a place to discuss all these kinds of things.

"As a succubus, we have strong desires but for a perfect being like me, I can't settle for anyone less than perfect."

'How arrogant.'Alex thought inwardly.

"Though I had my fair share of fun as a woman, my heart always longed for someone special."

A thick vein bulged on Alex's forehead and unable to take in anymore, he shouted.

"So what does that have to do with that?"

Angelina smiled at Alex's response and muttered"Once I breakthrough to the Saint realm. I have to retreat according to the Treaty and since my freedom would be restricted, how could I search for my special one?"

"All those who have ascended to the Saint realm are nothing but old men with one foot in the grave. And after all those years, you were the only one that I can find who fit my criteria perfectly."

Wilford who looked at the scene with bewilderment and blurted out"So, you wanted to be an old cow who wanted to eat young grass."

"Sir Wilford!"Noah screamed to make Wilford come to his senses.

"And yeah don't give me that look, otherwise I will gauge those eyes of yours," Angelina spoke while staring at Willford coldly.

Angelina smiled and walked towards Alex.

Alex felt that her scent was getting stronger.

"I like your style."

"Can you smell my scent?"

"This fragrance flows from my body and paralyses a person's senses."

As if the words were true, Alex's eyes turned cloudy.

Riya who noticed this from afar shrieked with a worried tone and tried to rush forward but she was blocked by the Hillis.

Wilford was unable to endure more and decides to rush forward but he was stopped by three Mythic-rank demons

"Damn!"Wilford screams and looks at Angelina who seemed to be in her own world.

"It also serves to shake the mind so that I can infiltrate."

Angelina's eyes moved towards Alex and her scent filled the place.

"Before that let me look at what you are and know your desires so that I can fulfil them in future."

The Evil Eye Of Extermination.

It was a demonic eye that eroded one consciousness and could dive deep into a person's soul by looking at it.

On top of being a succubus Angelina waa blessed with this special power.

The effect was maximised with the magical scene emitted for her body.

Angelina grinned as she looked into Alex's eyes. They had lost their light due to the cloudiness.

She touched his chin and her spirits penetrated Alex's soul.

He penetrates his mind without any worry.

Evil Eye of Extermination which is one of the highest levels of magic eyes made her mentality almost invincible among her peers and those of higher beings.

However, at that time…..

'There is something strange.'

Every being has some barrier to the manifestation of certain things in consciousness which represent them or their behaviour or it may be also what they had gone through.

This appeared in various forms.

For some it may appear as a place of various landscapes, for some there may be overlapping images of certain creatures according to their behaviour or it may be a scene that they have gone through which had a deep influence over their body.

'Since he was a Stan and he is this strong while being at Legendary rank, his soul might be quite tough too.'

Still, for her who had delved deep into Saint and half Supreme soul to test her strengths, it wasn't anything difficult however she couldn't shake off the strange feeling.

That moment.


Angelina's perception that seemed to pass through a narrow hallway expanded in an instant by several folds and a vast world unfolded before her eyes.


A world covered in mist appeared before her.

It was at that time, Angelina looked around with a cruel smile and her eyes lit up seeing the welcoming light.



'Earthquake! What is going on?'

And finally, when she saw the scene, her body for the first time in her life she shuddered and collapsed on the ground.

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