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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 466 464:Decimating Everything In The Path

Any lady who was chosen as a candidate for Saintess had a guard assigned to her who would protect her secretly.

Both Ophelia and Lina had protectors who would step forward to save them in times of crisis.

Initially, Athena was also assisted by a protector but it was removed later because under the white robes and innocent looks lies a fierce warrior.


As the Legendary rank monsters appeared before Athena, with a speed that couldn't be seen by naked eyes Athena threw the Sceptre which burst its way through the Shadow Demons.

And hovering in the air it returned to her hands.

The Sceptre shined and turned into a spear and the red jewel embedded in it shined and dozens of starlight poured out of Athena the Priestess robe worn by her disappeared and armour of light appeared over her body.

Her figure was so enchanting that many lost their composure for a moment.

Previously Christina was praised as the flower that bloomed on the battlefield but seeing Athena in Knight's suit with a strong sharp gaze cast a deep influence in everyone's hearts.

Even the Shadows Demons were taken by surprise seeing the sudden transformation and finally erupted into a scream.

"What! How?"

Except for spending time with Alex, Athena's life consists of two things.

Prayer and Training.

To stand up to his side, she knew she cannot be a weak lady in the damsel. She needs to have the capability to protect herself.

The Paladins and Inquisitors of the Church use the power of mana and a small amount of Divinity to strengthen themselves but what would be if someone had divinity as the ocean?

For example, the Pope is revered throughout the world and cannot be a weak figure. He needs strength to back himself up so how can they get stronger when Priest and Priestess weren't trained?

The answer was divinity. A shortcut to get stronger.

Divinity is a more potent form of energy that every believer gets after being blessed by the Goddess. One can strengthen the body or boost the strength according to the presence of her divinity.

But Athena hadn't completely relied on Divinity and had trained both her skills and mana to the absolute. Because of the vast and bountiful divinity, no one was able to guess her realm.

In fact, even though she doesn't know how much strength she has, she was sure that she could at least fight equally with a Mythic rank.

Demons and the soldiers stared at her with a confused gaze.

To their answer, Athena jumped from her place and threw the spear which shot like a comet and blasted away a group of Demons.

The Shadow Demons were blasted away by the spear that poured out light like a bright sun.

Athena's figure appeared near them and looking around everyone, she shouted"I will make the way so follow me."

What is she trying to do? Why is walking forward and approaching the enemy lines?

Isn't this suicide?

Countless questions flashed in everyone's mind but they were stupefied to ask the question.

While everyone's voice was filled with such thoughts.


Divinity erupted from Athena's body. The stigma on her back burst and four angelic wings appeared on her making her body glow like a sun that radiated light all around.

The undead, monsters, demons and anything that had darkness in them started to recede as the bright light was burning them.


All the Priest and Paladin's bodies at the back reacted to the bursting divinity.

A divinity that was crimson red as if it was blood itself started to erupt, taking over the golden light and giving everyone an eerie feeling.

The divinity engulfed the entire place.

"I am going to attack with all my strength."

Athena spoke with a soft voice. However, even that soft voice contains a sense of intimidation as if engulfed the whole place.

As her hands stretched out, all the divinity around her condenses and is sucked into her hands forming a spear.

A spear with an ominous feeling that stimulated one's survival instincts.

Everyone followed Athena's line of sight wondering whom was she going to attack and although the front line was occupied with strong enemies it wasn't to the point that she had to attack with such strength that was even giving them chills.

And soon their eyes fell on the Necromancer and a group of black wizards.

Attacking them from this distance.

Just this thought was enough to make William feel his blood freeze.

Athena drew the spear and took her stance.

It wasn't clumsy in any sense and looked like a warrior who had fully mastered the art of throwing the spear.

"May you Rest In Peace after death."


Athena's lips curled upwards and her eyes flashed with killing intent. What followed after that was a rapid throw with a speed that couldn't be followed by everyone's eye.

Her hand shot like a whip and it was just a simple swing after which silence lasted only for a moment which was then followed by a roar.

A terrific roar that generates repeatedly ringing sounds in everyone's ears that resounded through the space.

With the world as a painting, a red line was drawn between two points.

Everything between Athena and the Necromancers vanished abruptly in the wake of the divinity shooting out of the realm.

The land, the vegetation, the beings, and the clouds that obscured the sky as if never existed were obliterated in a straight line.

The spear reached the other side and soon a strong burst of divinity erupted and everyone's vision became blank due to the eruption of light.

And what reflected in their eyesight after this was a pure mass of destruction with no remaining in sight.

The glow around Athena disappeared and she fell to the ground.

Sweats drenched her whole body.

"Athena are you alright."Christina appeared beside her and supported her.

Christina, who was quite far away from there, felt the divinity of Athena and quickly rushed here wondering if something bad might have happened.

"I am alright. I just over-exhausted myself a bit."Athena spoke with a tired voice.

William quickly snapped out of his thoughts and ordered to advance. They have got the breakthrough they required and now they just have to push forward.

"Marvellous!"The man behind William shouted.

William glared at him and shouted"You should be ashamed of yourself. The things that should be done by Mythic rankers like you are done by the lady who was a Saintess who shouldn't even know how to fight."

William scolded them and looked at Athena with a curious gaze.

Along with respect for Athena, many mixed feelings for her flashed in her eyes, making him a bit uncomfortable.


While Kinley seemed to be in an advantageous position, the other side of the border was really in disarray.


There was a constant roar coming from the battlefield.

Because undead swarmed through the place pounding the Arkham army.

Arkham forces may not be as large as the Kinley due to all kinds of loss they have suffered, but still, it wasn't weak to the point where they were pushed back.

The battle stayed in stalemate at the beginning but the arrival of certain forces of the undead caught them by surprise.

The undead that they were fighting now was none other than the soldiers who had lost their lives in the previous battle with Kinley. 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

Riding horses and armed with weapons, a man leads the undead army with a half-torn Arkham flag.

It was a disgrace.

A complete humiliation for them.

As much as they wanted to tear them apart, this also made them grieve in sorrow and many were heavily broken to the point that it took them some time to attack.

A gap had been created during this time which was used by the enemy to penetrate their defences.

The Saintess and Priests of Arkham were trying their best to support and contain the miasma which was quite dense and thick.

Even if they managed to strike back, they were forced to step back again by the presence of succubus which caused many to lose their senses.


"Stop! We are on the same side."

The weak-willed ones whose levels were less than Epic rank were caught up with the succubus hypnosis and attacked their army.

"Damn it! Once I get rid of them. I will burn those whores."A knight muttered and he tried to knock down the horde rushing towards him.

Noah and Nolan who were overseeing the situation were quite worried and were constantly thinking of a way to stop all this.

Seeing the situation getting out of hand, Noah thought they had to break the enemy formation and kill the succubus who was heavily guarded.

"Wilford, it seems you have to engage early. If this goes on we will pile up a huge amount of loss. We need to stop them."

Milford nodded and stared at the scene with a solemn expression.

Succubus may not be strong in combat but their overall power was quite great.

Enchanting and trapping others in illusion may kill the weak will ones.

"Leave this to me."Riya dashed forward leaving behind a message.

"Will it be okay?"

"If something happened to her, we are going to be in trouble," Nolan said with a worried expression.

"She will be alright," Noah assured him and looked at the battlefield while hoping for a miracle to happen.

Riya stepped forward and released her aura which attracted everyone's attention and all the soldiers who had lost their senses rushed towards her.

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