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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 465 463:I Am Not A Grass Grown In Glass House

The morale among the Kinley forces wasn't good. It was natural since most of them had fought with the discarded armies instead of demons' enemies.

The casualties weren't that great but who knew how much this state could be maintained?

The Demons had a great number of Necromancers who were using the undead that had been dying on the battlefield. Since these cowards were staying in the back, things were getting difficult to deal with.

Even if Kinley's forces manage to deal severe damage, the Demons were making up the numbers somehow.

On the other hand, Kinley's forces maintained the numbers while staying near the man-made barriers and were only being attacked.

Since they didn't have much knowledge about the other side, Sean didn't push his troops into a death trap so the stalemate continued.

It was also the same for the Demons who were finding a way to break through Kinley's formation.

"This is the summary of damages we have suffered so far."

"That's not a lot of casualties, "Shion grumbled wondering why the situation was quite tense.

Another person adjutant to him spoke"I think it's time to advance. We have Lady Athena and Saintess covering our backs."

"Yeah, let's just stop being a coward. We should push our way through those filthy demons."

Like usual Shion spoke with a haughty stare looking down at everyone.

Usually, Sean would have asked him to shut up but the situation was as it sounds.

"They need to make a breakthrough somehow. Prolonged war will only be advantageous to the demons who would feed on the corpses of our men and make them undead."

"Where are Hex and William?"

"His Highness Sean is maintaining the magical formation while Highness William is checking at the frontlines."

"Hmm!" Sean nodded and thought for a moment, spoke"Ask Hex to enlarge the formation of the Mages. Call in more Mages."

"Ask William to prepare the troops and head out. We will attack this time. Also, asked a few Mythic rankers Knight to accompany him."

"Now any suggestion?"Sean asked and looked at everyone in the tent.

One of the generals stepped forward and said"Your Highness, we should ask for more troops to be on standby and increase our patrol. I believe the demons might act shady and sneak attack on us."

"Do it."

"Your Highness, I think we should also burn the corpse of the deceased. In this way, the Necromancer wouldn't use the dead number to their advantage."

"Prepare a Cemetery and ask a squad to collect the corpse and also ask Lady Athena to prepare thoroughly. We need her support more than ever. Tighten her Security."

"Tsk! Shion clicked his tongue and muttered"Why are we wasting soldiers on her when she is already protected by the Paladins as well as those so-called Goddesses? Since she is the child of the Goddess, why did she need protection?"Shion expressed his dissatisfaction.

Everyone knew Shion's hatred towards Alex and anyone who was involved with him still it was too much to show hate in this type of situation.

Sean sighed and gave Shion a cold look and murmured"That's because she isn't useless like you who is loitering around on the battlefield."


The frontlines relentlessly charged forward, crushing all the opponents before them.

William commanded his troops and a few noteworthy individuals who led the front to pierce through the oncoming horde of enemies and the gap that was created was widened by the flowers.

The troops charging towards the Necromancers were facing strong resistance from undead troops.

Dark mists followed by hurls of curses fired by the black wizards and Necromancers hit them attempting to stop their charge.

Warm golden light showered them and guided their path and neutralised as many enemies' attacks as possible.

Still, some of them made their way and hit the troops.


Soldiers hit by the curses groaned in pain and fell. The curses dealt great damage and if not for the holy light shining upon them, they would be dead for sure.

Each one of them was equipped with holy water in the canteen which they poured on their wounds.

In the middle of the group, a huge number of priests stood joining hands.

"We lost the effectiveness due to the absence of Lina. That double-faced bitch retreated as soon as she heard we were going to charge towards the enemy."Ophelia grumbled with a dissatisfied tone.

She knew that Lina was a profit seeker hiding a venomous face under her veil still abandoning the front and going to the rear to treat the wounded ones personally which she always hated was just a way to stay away from danger.

"Stop it, Ophelia."

"Goddess is watching. Whether she is right or wrong the Goddess will punish her. At least she is doing some service at the back."Athena spoke with a wide smile.

"Sister Athena, you always forgive that girl. Who knows whether she is treating them or just relaxing and wasting time."

Athena shook her head with a smile and looked at the deadly battlefield.

There had been an intense war going on and blood was being splattered all around like water.

Athena's gaze which was scanning throughout the battlefield suddenly noticed something amiss.

A frown appeared on her face and she shouted abruptly, surprising Ophelia and the other priests beside her.

"Ophelia takes others and steps back."

"Step away from me."

"Huh! I can't do that. I need to support you."

"Ophelia, listen to what I am saying. There is no time to argue. Retreat quickly as soon as possible."Athena spoke with a cold gaze that made Ophelia shudder.

She wanted to voice out her thoughts but seeing Athena's gaze, she knew something bad was going to happen.

Ophelia followed Athena's instructions and took the Priests away from Athena.

Meanwhile, William who was leading the charge started to feel uncomfortable.

"What is bothering you, Highness?"A man beside William asked.

"Don't you think things are going too well according to the plans? We have reached here too easily?"William replied while feeling as if it was a trap as the battle raged on and he finally found what was going on but it was too late.


The elite fighters of Kinley blocked the barrage of arrows that flew over them but something went past them to which they weren't able to react quickly.




Groans echoed through the place and soldiers started to fall. A dark aura passes through them and everyone's eyes widened as demons wrapped in darkness charged toward them.

"Be careful!"

"These Demons are odd!"

The soldiers didn't stop moving, rather they tried to attack the new group aggressively but those who weren't able to react quickly were trampled easily.

When they blocked the claws aiming at them, another claw went past them appearing from their body and soon they saw the shady demon's capability to make many hands shaped as weapons.

They were violent and fierce rampaging through the place. The situation became worse to the point that Legendary ranks had to step forward and William had to participate in the battle himself.

"Raise your guard! Strike them down as hard as possible."William gritted his teeth and engaged with the one that appeared before him.

Numerous hands attacked him and he found it hard to react but who was he?

He was the third prince, a Legendary rank at the age of 27. Blood of gods flowed in the veins of royal members.

Annoying bugs like this don't stand a chance.

Mana surged and he kicked the shadow demon and jumped down on the battlefield.


Loading his sword, he cut the upper half of the shadow demon swiftly.

The Mythic rank Knight Hedge also engaged as he senses the strong mana and suppressed them.


Winds swept by as the sword collided with the claws. The well-trained Knights under William's command started to clear the battlefield.

The newly appeared enemy was quite difficult to deal with but it wasn't at a level that made it impossible for them to fight.

William who struck his sword into the head of the shadow demon suddenly tilted his gaze and his eyes widened as he saw a huge number of enemies taking the opportunity of the chaos or sneaking in and the position they were heading was towards the group of priests.

William's face became pale as sudden realisation struck him. The enemy's target was never him but rather them.

The Priest was the backbone with which the whole army may collapse. More than that it was Athena's presence that overshadowed all the Demon's strategies so their primary target must be Athena.

William pulled out his sword and roared"Everyone protects Lady Athena."

"No matter what, don't let those bastards approach her."

William's voice rang across the battlefield and garnered everyone's attention.

A large number of enemies slaughtered their way stopping at nothing. Some even offered their way and self detonated taking out many while making way for others.

The Legendary rank Paladins rushed forward and tried to defend them. They fought bitterly burying some time and asked Athena to escape.


"Lady Athena, please leave. Our worthless life is nothing compared to yours."A paladin muttered while pushing the enemy.

However, before they could buy more time.


Explosions erupted engulfing the Paladins in flame and two black figures rushed towards Athena with a swift speed.

Everyone starts to panic and pushes their way towards Athena.

As the two shadowy figures reached Athena and were going to extend their claws at her, their body was hit with a burst of light.


The two shady figure bodies burst as something flew through them and then soared into the sky following which a cold voice resounded.

"Did you think of me as the grass grew in the glasshouse?"

"Not only can I protect myself but I can also kill the roaches."

An unearthly aura erupted as everyone saw a sceptre floating in the air and landed in Athena's hands which shocked everyone out of their wits.

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