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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 463 461:Internal Conflict

Antwan crushed the Minotaur's head and beheaded it after tearing its limbs.

The bullhead demon was certainly strong but not at that level where he could pose a threat to him.

Antwan who stepped forward suddenly felt his senses tingle and he reacted immediately by raising his axe to shield himself from it.


Antwan struck away the arrow which was loaded with mana and exploded after coming into contact.

As the dust dispersed, Antwan's unscratched figure appeared and he looked around with bloodshot eyes.

The arrow came from the back and was the one used by their force. Due to winning the fight, he had let down his guard a bit and it was quite difficult for him to sense the arrow coming from somewhere, he hadn't expected it.

His blood boiled with anger and he stared back at the archer's party and roared in anger.

"Who is that bastard who shot me?"

His roar only caused the archers and soldiers fighting around him to look at him only for a moment but soon all of them went back to deal with the enemy.

One of the soldiers passed by Antwan and said"It must be a mistake, don't lose your focus."

Antwan was about to refute when he was attacked by another demon charging straight at him.


Swallowing the bitterness in his heart, he prepared to deal with the demon while unaware of the fact that he wasn't the only one who suffered like this.

Ben jumped on the corpse while brandishing his sword. He was surrounded by a group of undead led by Death Knight.

While he clashed against the Death Knight, he felt a sword on his back and retracting his blade he jumped to the side immediately.

A huge greatsword struck The Death Knight, almost cracking its hand.

"What the hell?"Ben yelled.

"Sorry, I was just trying to help after seeing you struggle."

"Are you blind? I was winning..."

Ben's words were cut abruptly as undead filled with skeletons attacked them from all around.

Situations similar to this were happening around Leonhart's soldiers.

At first, they deemed it a coincidence and thought that it was due to a lapse of teamwork but later realised someone is targeting them and trying to take them with the enemies.

Each Kingdom force was given a particular region to fight. There may be intermixing due to chaos but it is still the new faces they found among themselves whom they never knew.

The most frustrated one was Albert who was unable to deal with the monster. He wanted to deal with a large area of damage but the bugs were coming in between him and implicating him by interfering in his battles.

If it was any other situation, he might have frozen them or killed them for sure but he can't commit a mistake in such a perilous situation where great harm might occur due to his mistake, so he tried to suppress his resentment for now.

The Commander of the Kingdom who was coordinating the troops with a smirk stared at the side and froze as he felt a deathly chill radiating from the woman who stood beside her.

Christina's eyes became sharp as if she could just make holes in the enemies with her gaze.

Her killing aura was slowly rising without any halt.

Overseeing the situation, she sighed while turning his head towards the commander who stood beside her.

"Is this how you want to play?"

Zion smiled mischievously and spoke, "What are you implying, Lady Christina?"

"We are fighting for our lives here. How can you address us as playing around?"Another commander spoke with a sneer.

Christina glared at them.

"I am asking for one last time. Do you want to keep going?"

"Please speak clearly Lady Christina. We can't understand your round talks."

Christina muttered, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

"It's fine if you don't understand. It's better to show you rather than speak."

With a stomp, Christina's figure jolted towards the battlefield.

The Commander frowned and looked curiously at Christina while feeling a bad premonition in their heart.

Christina landed on the battlefield and killed her away, arriving at a high point from where her troops could see her.

She struck her sword radiating a strong bright aura which caught everyone's attention.

"There are some bugs here who are hindering us so isn't it better to get rid of them.'' Christina's voice amplified and an uncanny smile appeared on the troops of Leonhart.

Ben's heart boiled with excitation as he waited for Christina's next command.

'All they needed was a simple gesture, to begin with, and now since they have got it they could deal with the pests.'

Christina raised her palm and hit it on the shoulder blade and then clenched it.

Many soldiers who were looking at her became dumbfounded at the sign, unable to discern it.

Only Leonheart's forces knew what the sign meant.

Christina made a series of hand signs and the formation deployed around the face instantly changed.

The first sign asked everyone to form a group of ten and as the Leonhearts immediately moved, those who were foreign to them were left alone.

Segregating others while keeping in mind those who attacked them, they began to counterattack.

Ben who was fighting against the Death Knights could feel the man drawing near.

As the man behind him waits for Ben to make a move, Ben's image blurs and appearing behind him, he kicks that man towards the Death Knight whose sword hit him as he was taken by surprise.

Antwan who was swinging his axe suddenly stumbled and a wind blade was thrown back and slammed against the soldiers sending them flying.

Albert raised his sword, coating it with an icy aura that blasted all around him, freezing everyone who was within the radius.

The soldiers who were interfering with the battle were frozen into statute along with demons.

While Allbert destroyed the demon's sculptures, the monsters around the place tried to take out the opportunity of soldiers frozen in the statue.

The soldiers of Leonhart pushed the others to the front while keeping themselves at a safe distance.

The entire scenario of hunter and prey was reversed.

Christina stepped back and gave the Commanders a cold look making them shiver in fright seeing her merciless tactics.

"Your troops seem to be quite useless!"

Christina spat coldly causing the commander's face to swell in anger but no words came out from him as his troops were getting hit.

"Stop it!"

"Do you think you will get away like this?"One of the commanders shouted.


"What do you mean? It's clear that your troops are quite weak to handle the enemies on top of that there is no proper coordination among them."Christina muttered and her aura burst forth locking them.

The commander's face became pale as they were no match against Christina.

"Even if you all die, so what? It just means you aren't capable enough to protect yourself."

"Stop all of this! We were forced to do all this?"Zion muttered while sweating profusely. He didn't doubt that they might die if Christina turned her back because the enemies were quite strong.

"I will tell you his name, "Zion shouted with embarrassment.

Christina's lips curled upwards as she spoke.

"I don't need it."

"Cause I already know."

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