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Alex picked up the fiery Tear Of the Isle and held it with his palm while sitting cross-legged.

His figure was already red and he was sweating profusely due to the intense pain.

Some of the nodes in the vessel were unable to expand and the vessel tore whose pain transmitted whole over his body.

The internal tear in the vessels was quite agonising leading to clots and seizures in the flow of blood.

Alex cast a healing spell on himself at regular intervals when the situation was quite severe.

Vermouth who was overseeing the whole situation suddenly felt his scale going numb as he saw Alex taking the Tear Of Isle.


The fire spread and engulfed Alex all around.

The temperature around Alex rose by several degrees and a frightening burst of fiery mana spread all around which even caused the soil to burn.

"Hey, Alex, what are you doing?"

Vermouth asked in a panicked tone and was ready to interrupt at any moment if something went awry.

He had already prepared tons of healing elixir. From the description of the training, Vermouth knew that it was quite dangerous which challenged the extreme limit of one mental state.

But now seeing the scene through his eyes, he felt a shiver down his spine.

Generally, Tears of Isle were in the form of dew which is used to concoct potions and elixirs…

If it is in the condensed crystallised form then it is broken and grinded into pieces and then a pinch of it is used in a potion and taken.

But this man is drawing the mana into his body directly which is invading its vessel and even burning through the skin of Alex.

"Madman!"He muttered inwardly and screamed.

"Alex stop, you are going to die, "Vermouth muttered, rushing in to extinguish the flames.


A painful voice was heard from the dense fire which forced Vermouth to stop in his tracks.

Vermouth stared at the scene with disbelief and his jaw dropped wide.

Alex's whole body was on the blaze.

Alex's short hair burnt and he became bald, and the upper layer of Alex's skin had already burnt and become charred.

As the gentle wind blew, the charred skin turned into ash and was blown away under which burnt muscle appeared along with blood oozing from all around.

Alex activated the blessings and his body was repeatedly healing and regenerating again after being burnt.

The torturous process went on again and again

Alex bit his lips and gritted his teeth to stop his fading consciousness.

His vision became blurry and all his muscles were begging to stop the process.

'I can't lose my consciousness or I may die for real.'Alex muttered inwardly and clenched his fist tightly.

The Tear Of Isle allowed him to not only increase his mana but he can also work harder on his body and muscles while burning away all the impurities present in his body.

Moreover, his rapidly regenerating skin and muscle would become tougher and firmer as well as his mana which would increase by leaps and bounds after absorbing the Year of Isle.

His body had already become numb due to the rapid influx of pain from all parts of the body.

Vermouth swallowed his saliva.

His back was drenched in sweat and his heart was beating wildly.

Just seeing the horrible scene was arduous for him.

It seemed so painful that many may even faint just by witnessing the scene.


A portion of Alex's body exploded abruptly which made Vermouth flinch back.

A wriggling mass of flesh emerged and started to take shape in the form of the limb and a few moments after this another explosion took place.

Soon, a series of explosions started to take place one after another and the torturing session of Alex continued along with Vermouth whose legs turned soft noticing the splattering of bones and meat again and again.


In Leonhart, the preparation for the impending war was in full swing.

"Have you checked the equipment? How is it?"

"I want our men to be equipped with the best equipment we have," Catherine spoke.

"I have given the best one we have available with us. Are you doubting me?"Yvonne asked, raising her brows.

Catherine smirked and spoke, "Did I say, I am doubting you?"

"I am just asking Christina to make a final check," Catherine spoke and stared at Christina.

As usual, when both of them bickered with each other, Christina busied herself sharpening her blade.

After Alex's departure, the little bit of colour that had been painted in her world seemed to have faded and she had gone back to her previous state where she engrossed herself in training or sharpening his weapons while preparing herself for the upcoming battles.

It seems as if she was doing her duty faithfully every day and there is nothing else in the world for her to give some time to.

"Just how much are you going to polish it, Christina?"Catherine asked with a helpless look.

"Until I am satisfied," Christina muttered.

"This blade is not an ordinary artifact. It was the weapon blessed by the Goddess Of War."

"I am not able to wield it and draw its full power but at its prime, it was said that my father cut through the entire defence line with a slash," Christina muttered with a saddened expression.

"That licking dog was head over heels with this blade because of its reputation."

"Wait...Wait.."Yvonne felt her brain freeze on hearing Christina's words for a moment.

"Didn't Shen get that blade?"She asked with a confused expression as she felt something was wrong in the story.

"No, what he got is a cheap copy of this? Not the original one. My father sealed its power and sent it back secretly."Christina answered with a bitter expression.

"Did he know about it?"Catherine asked with a wary gaze.

"Who knows?"Christina muttered and shrugged his shoulders.

"The reason he is trying to kill me is that he thinks that he can't use the power until I am dead."

"Poor him drowning himself in fantasies."Yvonne chuckled.

"Christina, you are going to lead the troops tomorrow. You should take a good nap today."Catherine persuaded her.

Christina put down the blade and asked with a sole expression.

"Catherine, will we use that gunpowder and the weapons made from that?"

Catherine didn't have any definite answer and pondered for a moment.

"Alex had closed himself in training so I didn't want to disturb him ans Riya said that all the decisions are in my hands."

"But you know that thing is a bit special."

"I don't think it's time for that thing."Yvonne refuted.

"You will find all kinds of scum there. They may try to look into this and we will attract too much attention from everyone."

Catherine looked at Yvonne and Christina's expressions who nodded their heads.

"So, we will leave that thing for now."

"Christina, take care of yourself and Athena on the battlefield."

And the next day…..

Christina led the troops towards the Western Front with a parade for everyone in Leonhart to catch a glimpse of their army.

The remaining 15 days passed in the blink of an eye and another stage for a fierce war was set

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