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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 453 451:Fighting Against The Giant

The expression on the huge face of the giant distorted and it shifted its huge body over to the other side to spot a tiny human being looking down at it with a large grin.

A huge shadow was cast over Alex as the giant moved towards him and the entire area around him turned into darkness.

The eyes of the giant flickered and countless hands converged following which a beam of destruction was shot towards Alex.


A terrifying explosion crashed onto Alex which emitted destructive shock waves rampaging throughout the place.


Noah led his men outside the cave and heaved in relief seeing none of them lost their lives.

They were just slightly injured which cooled his heart but the thought of the inhumane figure being blocked by Wilford and Alex made his heart tingle.

"Your Highness, what are we going to do next?"

"We can't let that giant roam free as it may cause huge destruction in the neighbouring kingdoms."

Noah who was in deep thought suddenly felt rumbles one after another which made him lose his footing.

The Knights also tumbled and held onto the edge of the rocky mountain walls.

At that time one of the knights raised his head upward and his eyes widened as he saw a rocky mass of rubble falling on them.

"Your Highness!"

"Be careful!" 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯπ“ͺ𝐝 cπš˜π’Ž

One of them screamed and swung his sword, drawing a long arc that clashed against the rocks falling over them, mashing them into dust.

Noah's body stiffened and he looked up to see the mountain crumbling and large vibrations transmitted over the surface.

Noah was instantly alerted and swung his staff to destroy the debris falling over them.

"Let's leave this place," Noah shouted.

The knights immediately marched off but they stopped as they saw the path through which they came was starting to crumble.

Noah gritted his teeth and shouted"Jump into the river quickly. We will swim across the lake and move towards the surface."

The knights obeyed the command and jumped into the huge lake without any hesitation.

As they swam across the lake, the sky above their head suddenly turned red and everyone's bodies froze at the sight that greeted them.

The mountains weren't quite tall and were a little over 150 metres and from the middle of the lake, they could catch a glimpse of the giant fighting on the other side while stammering on its way.

But what bewildered him was a huge fiery mass heading straight towards them.

"Damn!"Noah screamed as the fire descended into the lake.


The entire lake shook and water splashed all around like a tsunami and passed over the surface.

As the waves crashed onto the land and retreated, a few figures were thrown out like trapped fish who coughed violently to take out the water that was chugged down their throat forcefully due to the explosion.

Noah ran his eyes over everyone and fortunately, everyone was there before him.

The explosion caused a huge surge of water to push them to the surface and now they were over the other side of the lake near the end of the mountains and could catch a glimpse of the battle raging ahead.

Noah staggered as he tried to stand up and his eyesight caught the sight of the giant glaring down at something angrily and then whacking a series of places.

And the one at the receiving end was none other than Alex who seemed to be provoking the giant.


Noah's breathing halted and he froze at the sight as he saw explosions erupting like volcanoes one after another decimating everything that they struck.

It was a terrifying scene where loud clouds of dust and smoke rose along with the explosion.

But what he was surprised about was the scene that played before his eyes after the dust dispersed which forced him to blurt out"Madman like you surely don't die easily."



This was also the same for the giant that let a surprised shriek out of nowhere.

He turned his face right where the barrage of spells struck and there was nothing left there.

The place had been flattened to the ground and the only thing left was flames and scorched earth. The fiery sparks accompanied by lightning looked like a sight where a meteorite had fallen off just now and at the centre of this stood the figure who stood still in burning pain right now or should have been wiped out but with a smug smile, he held a huge sword covering him like an umbrella.

There was no trace of destruction in the area underneath the huge sword he held.

While giant eyes focused on Alex with a glare that looked as if its eyes were going to pop out of the socket.

A flash of light appeared behind his back.

"Did you forget me, shithead?"Wilford spoke in Alex's way and drew his blade.

An enormous arc was drawn in the air which struck the giant's back extending towards the shoulder, almost cutting the hand.


The gap between the shoulder and the arm created due to the attack started to close off as various stretched meat erupted from the shoulder and mingled with the arm painting a grotesque picture.

"It can even regenerate!"Wilford spoke with a grim expression. The situation became messier than he thought.


The giant responded with a bestial shriek and agony.

Hundred of lips opened up and a soul wrenching scream echoed as if it was a shout coming from a banshee.

Even Wilford felt uncomfortable due to the scream which almost made him deaf. Many lips screaming at the same time made it look like a sound attack from the giant.

The patched face of the giant started to crumble with an expression of torment which made it lose its temper and forget about the existence of Alex.

It raised its other arm which held enormous strength and descended on Wilford trying to smash him down to the ground without any mercy.

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