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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 447 445:Experimented Humans

Alex's blade struck the lower torso of the man whose body started to deform.

Seeing the man contorting expression, Alex twisted his sword and stepped back while clicking his tongue.

The man before him suddenly became stronger and was transforming at an astonishing rate.

A crackling sound due to the breaking and joining of bones was heard.

His body started to enlarge.

His arms started to bulge and claws extended from his hands. His face became hairy and a snout of a wolf appeared.


It lets a loud bestial shriek which was akin to a beast.

Everyone flinched back a little on hearing the sharp cry.

Noah, who was taking on the others, shouted in panic"What the hell is that thing?"

Wilford stared at the monster calmly and appeared before Noah as he sensed that the transformed man was dangerous.

"It's just a puppy who had lost his home," Alex spoke as he rushed towards the man.


It was hard to believe that this battle was between humans. They heard monstrous shrieks and then saw a red shining blade intercept the violently swinging fists.

Their collisions created strong ripples one after another. It was even amazing that the place was still holding itself instead of getting demolished.

The man relied on its brute physical state after transforming to take Alex down.


Alex dodged the man's attack which drilled a hole in the back of the walls. While running around, Alex saw many people rushing to the place, and each of them felt quite bizarre.

Maybe each one of them can transform like this or maybe not. There is still a darkness pill that ought to be used by these scums which would surely increase their strength.

Alex after defending himself from the vicious attacks found that the man had many openings. Due to his large body and terrific strength, he aimed at pummeling his opponent.

Alex ran closer to the man who threw his claws straight at Alex.

It was quite fast but Alex evaded it by tilting his head though it brushed past his cheek with a small cut.

Seeing Alex drawing near with a sharp gaze, his bestial instinct screamed in panic, and he slashed it's another claw at Alex.


His other hand met empty air as Alex bent down on his knees avoiding the blow and then jumped up towards the man and stabbed his sword.

The bestial man wasn't able to escape from this close range and Alex's sword pierced its stomach.

"Ughhhhh!"He groaned in pain and his hand flew towards Alex but Alex evaded it by simply arching his back while pulling out his sword and then striking his sword into the monster's thigh.


Blood spurted out from the monster but the monster endured and it tried to hit Alex as if it was its last resort.


Alex increased his grip and the mana raged violently on his blade and he twisted his blade. π‘–π“·π˜―rπžπšπ—±. π™˜om


The leg Alex's sword struck exploded abruptly.

Blood, skin, and bone fragments shoot out and Alex backs away to avoid them.

The man cried and groaned in pain while his body went back to normal.

As Alex walked closer, the wall which was a few metres away from him vibrated again and many robbed figures appeared.

"Leave him and we will grant him easy death."One of them screamed and was about to lunge forward when he was hit by a frightening brush and was thrown away.

The newly arrived men were welcomed by arrows and spells showered by Noah who looked at Alex and shouted to carry on.

One of the figures was burnt to a crisp under Noah's barrage who stepped up while incantation spells one after another.

"Damn it!"

"Someone cover for us. We need to transform to get rid of these people."

The men spoke among themselves and closed the door to take cover. Four of them already died due to Noah's frightening assault which angered them greatly.


Each of them seemed to be similar to the man whom Alex was fighting inside. Their bodies started to convulse and pulsated while veins bulge.


The pain caused them to shriek.

"Just wait, I will slaughter each of these bastards."One of them roared in anger as his body went through a terrific transformation, however before it could be complete, the door made of a material that could take a strike from legendary rank burst open suddenly with a loud blast throwing them into disarray.

Their eyes widened with horror as they noticed the rank of the human appearing before them.

It was Peak Mythic rank.

Even if all of them ganged up on him after transforming still there is no chance.

Wilford walked towards them coldly with a menacing gaze and muttered"Menace of the society."

"Let me give you a choice."

"Die peacefully after telling me about your leader or die shedding tears of blood under my sword."

"The choice is yours, "Wilford spoke with a vicious smirk that sent a chill down their spine.

Noah walked through the door and his body stiffened after hearing Wilford's words.

He wasn't surprised by his words but rather by that expression that Noah had seen many times recently.

'It seems that he had been affected by Alex.'He muttered inwardly and looked back at Alex who said similar words to the man who was rolling in pain.

Alex approaches the man rolling in a pathetic state who was murmuring something.

"I am asking you for the last time. Do you have something you want to convey to me?"

The man raised his head and spoke with a fearful tone"You will die and torture us by our hands."

Alex pierced his sword into the gash of his stomach created previously and as he pulled out his sword, the man's intestine spilled.

"Before that, you are going to be tortured to death by me."

"You will face the wrath of Omen."

"Your death will be ominous."

"What!"Alex asked and held the man's neck and stared at it but the man finally lost consciousness.

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