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In front of the huge castle walls.

The darkness of night was cast away with the arrival of dawn as the rays of the sun shook away the darkness announcing the arrival of a warm and bright day.

The day holds a great significance which will decide the future of Nevan.

The nobles and their army had formed a stronghold before the castle.

The noble spies had informed them that the Idiot King had woken up and would make an appearance before them today.

The noble aimed to humiliate the king and show him who is the real boss. This needs to be done so that what happened in the throne room wouldn’t happen again.

And if worse comes to worst they would just sell the entire Kingdom to other Kingdoms by colliding with them.

The nobles walked up onto the stage which was set before.

They walked on it and sat down on the chair with a large grin thinking about the scenes which will entertain today.

Moreover, they have added another goal to their list. To take down Mordek and bring that bitch who stood by King’s side on her knees and would use her as a slave.

They had a meeting and all agreed on teaching that bitch who doesn’t know her place a lesson.


With a loud screeching sound the huge door of the castle opened.

And wearing a white noble attire, The King walked out of the Castle followed by Mordek and Riya.

After them, a huge lineup of a hundred men walked in a coordinated manner holding weapons.

Most of them didn’t have armour or protection helmets but the noble didn’t have time to linger about that as they felt quite unusual about the scene.

Because all of them were led by the Idiotic King.

And much to their astonishment, the king’s face had a mature appearance and his walking posture had changed, his idiot’s eyes which wander here and there were focused while he looked at them with a sharp gaze.

Anyone whose gaze met with Alex felt a chill down the spine making them shudder in fear.

Those ferocious thirsty eyes seem to be screaming for blood and sacrifice.

Alex stood before the nobles. Facing them, he rolled his eyes to get a glimpse of noble’s strength along with their minion’s.

14 disciples rank and 213 Squire rank. That was the core of the noble’s army.

While on Alex’s side, he had Riya and Mordek along with 128 squire ranks whom he had rescued from prison and some of them were leftovers of the castle guards.

Others are useless pieces of trash who just lazed around whom Alex had to give a proper dose of punishment.

“I heard, you all wanted to talk with me,” Alex spoke with a serious expression.

The nobles frowned when they heard his voice but shook it away thinking that, what an army of ants could do in front of them.

“Your Majesty. We ask you to address our grievances and give us justice.” One of them spoke.

Alex nodded and asked them to continue.

“As everyone here has seen, you have killed Sten and Han quite brutally who were innocent and devoted citizens of Nevan.”

“Their family sacrificed everything for Nevan and that’s how they got the noble title which you stripped. I don’t know if it was your decision or if someone influenced you to do it.”

Alex sighed and spoke, “What compensation do you want?”

The nobles laughed thinking about how easy it was to fool the king.

“Talking about the first thing, we want you to return their titles which respectfully belong to them.”

“Second, we want compensation for the loss and mental damage. We also want a share of kingdom finance.”

Mordek sneered and his face went red with anger, if not for Alex’s warning, he would have rushed and plummeted this man ‘Fucker you have already looted the kingdom money unofficially and now you want to official horde the money by taking rights on an official document.’

“Only this much,” Alex asked curiously with a surprised expression.

“No…No..There is the third thing we want.”

“Ohh! What is it?”Alex asked.

A man clapped his hand and the soldier beside him subsided and five beautiful women appeared. They didn’t dare to raise their heads and just stood up silently without speaking anything.

” We want that caretaker of yours. She failed as a caretaker. We will take her and give you these five beautiful ladies.”

“These ladies have all been trained in caretaking idiots…I mean children. They will devote their heart and soul to taking care of you.” The man spoke with a small smile.

“Now, your majesty, do you agree with the terms?”

Alex closed his eyes for a moment. The entire place descended into silence seeing the King pondering about it.

The nobles were already sure that the king would accept the term or if he wouldn’t, then they had no choice but to beat him up.

While many didn’t know what was going on, only those who are close to Alex knew that it was just calm before the storm.

The silence before the eruption of a volcano that was gonna shake this entire land today as they knew the anger that Alex had been holding and suppressing in his heart was about to erupt.

Alex opened his eyes which glowed with blood-red as if it was thirsty for blood.

“Just because I give you a chance, you want to dance on my head now.”

“I had enough of your falsity.”

“Hey, fuckers.I will give you the last chance.”

“Go to your house and take out all the documents and the key to your treasury and give them to me in two hours.”

“Obey and submit to me or I swear that I am gonna kill you all or I will peel each of your skin and roast you alive.’

“Even if you die, you will not get a proper burial. I will strip all your dead bodies naked and will hang them on the city wall setting an example”

“Your death will be my Kingdom’s nourishment.”

Alex’s words rang like thunder on the eardrum of the people present out there. They felt as if a huge bolt of lightning struck them and their expression crumbled apart.

Suddenly, a man raising his trembling finger pointed at Alex and said”This can’t be…He is not an idiot anymore. He has become normal.”

“Correct,” Alex smirked and said, “Now don’t test my patience anymore, you assholes cause when I lose my patience many people will surely lost their presence.”

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