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Alex walked in the narrow hallway only to stop when finding a target to kill.

The place was utterly disgusting. He didn’t dislike brothels nor did he have the authority to stop this kind of thing but this place was full of scum and pests that are asking him to get killed.

On the outside, this looks like a simple place for a man to gather and drink with his fellow mates and enjoy it like a public pub house.

But inside it, horrendous deeds were done.

Here girls were kidnapped and are used as prostitutes with or without their permission.

Only VIPS and nobles have excess to this place who came to enjoy here to their heart’s content and treat girls like garbage and speck of dust.

“They should be happy that I was the one who came here otherwise if Riya stepped here, I fear she might cut off their things and hack the one into pieces who has a hand in managing the place,” Alex muttered, wiping off the sweat from her forehead.

Alex finally stood before the door where that bastard was present. Moreover, that bastard was quite enjoying the moment.

Alex didn’t wait for the bastard deed to be finished and kicked the door.

The door broke and flew in the air slamming against the wall.


“Who the fuck?”

Screams were heard as Alex entered where he saw a naked woman and a naked man screaming and got up and wrapped a bed sheet around her.

She looked at the men with a venomous gaze.

“Hey, who are you and how did you enter the place?” The woman asked with a threatening tone.

Alex didn’t speak anything and his image blurred. He appeared behind the woman and he hit her neck and knocked her down.


The sound of a loud slap reverberates across the room

The man was still in a drunken state and was oblivious to what was happening but he came to his senses after being slapped by Alex.

“You bastard, son of a bitch you dared to ruin my intimate session.”

“I will kill you.” The man screamed and shouted, “Assholes where the hell are you all”

“Kill this man.”

On hearing the man’s order four assassins appeared and surrounded Alex.

Alex looked at the four squires ranked assassin and his eyes glowed with excitement.

He had already sensed them but was waiting for them to appear.

Instead of worrying, he became quite anticipated as he muttered”Exps.”

The assassin’s burrows furrowed as they looked at the man with a weird look.

One of them moved toward Alex and raised his dagger and slashed at Alex.

Alex sidestepped and avoided the attack and kicked the man in the gut and sent him flying.

While another man appeared behind Alex and raised his dagger aiming at Alex’s neck and slashed.

Alex didn’t need to turn back and as if he had eyes behind his head, he just raised his axe to block


A loud metallic sound rang out as the tip of the dagger collided with an axe.

The man’s expression stiffened and he jumped back, but Alex’s hand moved faster and caught the man’s leg and threw it at the other assassin who came toward him.


An assassin jumped at Alex and slashed but his dagger met empty air.

He quickly raised his dagger when his senses screamed in danger.

Alex’s figure appeared above the man and he raised his dagger in a V shape to defend but Alex with his physical strength tore off the man’s defence and cut off the man in two halves.

[You have gained 50 experience points]

Alex nodded in satisfaction seeing the experience points.

Though he hadn’t ranked up and achieved squire rank, his strength had reached the peak of squire or even surpassed them in terms of stats.

So, now he can be said to be a pseudo squire rank warrior who cannot just use mana.

The remaining three were horrified seeing their comrade dying easily while the man screamed and took a step back in fear.

“Kill him…Kill him.”The master shouted

“Three squires can’t even kill a punny man.”

“Why the fuck was my family raising useless people like you.”

The assassin’s face became red with anger. They had never felt such humiliation in their entire life.

Their entire life was smooth and they enjoyed their work it.

Till now these greenhorns only fought and crush ants and didn’t know what was true despair when facing a strong opponent.

Killing weaklings had already distorted their senses which to think assume themselves as strong warriors.

But they didn’t know what they thought the peak of the chain was the bottom of the strength chain until they met a top predator like Alex.

Feeling the fear, all three of them jumped toward Alex at a time.


Alex didn’t even flinch or took a step back from where he was standing but three figures were shot like a cannon when they met with Alex’s fast punch and slammed against the wall.

Before they could even get up, Alex appeared before them and swung the axe towards their heads.


Like a soft blowing wind, the axe went past their head like butter and blood-splattered and a head fell on the ground with a thud and rolled on the ground.

The other two were frozen and before they could know what was happening, Alex killed all of them.

Three notifications of 50 experience points appeared before him.

Alex after finally killing the appetiser, walked towards the delicious main course

“Who are you and where did you come from?”The man shouted and fell to his knees.

” Isn’t it obvious that I came from my mother’s belly?” Alex answered with a wide grin that made the man tremble in fear.

The man’s back was drenched in sweat as he looked at the blood dyed face and red eyes that make the man look like a demon crawled from hell.

“What do you want?”

“Do you want money, land, girls?”

“I will give you anything as long as you don’t kill me.” The man spoke with a trembling voice.

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about you?” Alex spoke, shaking their head and took off his mask-like veil which shocked the man as he found his face was similar to a certain idiot.

“Hey Larry, didn’t you say, you wanted to sleep with my wife?” Alex spoke with a wide grin.

“Don’t worry I have come to take you to my wife.”

“But before that, I am going to give you a beauty treatment and you are going to enjoy it,” Alex spoke with a smile like a devil as let himself loose while he took the axe head from the axe and raised the stick towards Larry.

A piercing and heart-wrenching cry echoed which shook the whole mansion and the screams didn’t stop until the arrival of dawn.

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