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With a huge bang, the huge old wooden door was blasted away and the entire colourful atmosphere inside the house descended into silence.

The music played by the women and the singing and dancing on the stage halted immediately and they stepped back on seeing someone blowing away the door.

As they looked ahead, they saw a faint shadow walking in and soon a man stepped out of it.

A man wearing pitch dark clothes which seemed to mix with the darkness of night, along with blood-red eyes walked slowly and he was holding an axe in his right hand that swung loosely along with his body motion.

The entire hall descended into silence at the entrance of the man.

As Alex entered he saw many people sitting at the tables with wines and drinks while on the stage, many women wearing quite revealing clothes were entertaining them which was making the men lose their sense.

Some were even salivating seeing the woman and many were engaged in drinking.

The air seemed full of nasty smells of smoke and the smell of wine.

“Truly an atmosphere befitting that of a brothel,” Alex muttered as he walked straight without waiting for anyone’s response.

Alex rolled his eyes and activated his mana sensor to look for the prey for whom he came.

As he located it, he looked straight at the stage where the women were present.

Seeing the man’s gaze, the women flinched a little and shuddered and cuddled with each other subconsciously.

Alex smiled under the veil and walked onto the stage.

The drunkard shouted when they felt something was odd.

“Who stopped the music and singing?”

“Hey, why aren’t you dancing?”

“Haven’t you received all your money?”

They were too drunk to understand the situation and shouted like a madman.

As Alex walked forward, someone suddenly grabbed his shoulder from behind.

When Alex turned his head only to find, a rotten pungent smell assaulting him as the man who was smoking blew air to Alex’s face and said.

“Son of a bitch, who the fuck are you?”

“Why the hell are they ruining the fun here?”

Before the man could utter a few more curses, he felt a hit on the cheek and his body spun and rotated in the air a few times and crashed on the table.

Alex didn’t waste time and gave a tight slap to the man knocking him out.

And he resumed his walk as he got on the stage, the women trembled and their bodies jerked seeing Alex coming.

“Why are you doing this?” The women present out there muttered after mustering his courage.

“Please don’t kill us. We are…”

But before the women could finish their sentence, they heard a loud authoritative voice.


The women quickly moved to the side subconsciously on hearing his words as if their bodies naturally followed his order.

“We will talk after I finish my things here” Alex muttered as he found a door at the back of the stage and opened it.



In a dimly lit room which was filled with pleasant scents.

A lady who seemed to be in 20 lay on a bed whose eyes were full of tears.

Her legs and hands were tied and she was forcefully brought here.

Her family was in debt but as they are unable to pay the debt, the people dragged her away after beating her family and sold her to be used as a prostitute.

A click was heard and a man with long black hair with a large grin entered and seeing the girl’s beautiful body laughed loudly.

“Oh good material!” The man smirked as he moved toward her.

The lady’s body jerked and she mumbled.

The man took out the clothes stuffed in her mouth and asked”What were you saying?”

“Please don’t do this, I beg you?” The lady cried.

“Please have mercy for God’s sake.”

“Hahaha!What a joke!”

“Don’t worry it will be a nice session and you by yourself will beg for more after a few rounds.” The man laughed and pulled the lady into his embrace.

He held her chin and forcibly brought her closer to her mouth.

“No…..” The lady screamed but everything fell on deaf ears.

The man laughed cruelly and seemed to be enjoying himself seeing the girl acting tough.

As her screams echoed in the room and the man was about to forcibly kiss her.


A small bang was heard and an axe appeared out of nowhere and struck the man’s head and blasted him to the wall.


The wall shook as the man’s body slammed against the wall and a huge axe stuck on his head and blood flowed from the grotesque corpse and formed a puddle.

The lady’s leg gave in and she fell onto the floor with an eye full of shock and horror. She wanted to scream but her voice was stuck in her throat and no matter how much she tried, it didn’t come.

No, it’s as if her voice refuses to come out for fear of being killed by the unknown entity.

She heard a subtle clicking sound and looked at the door to see a small hole in the shape of an axe appearing in it and as the door opened a silhouette appeared who asked her”Are you alright.”

“I….I…” She tried to speak but couldn’t so in the end she just nodded her head.

The man walked past her and pulled out an axe from the man’s head and tore the man’s cloth, wiping the blood with it.

“Miss, tell me. Are there many like you who are forced to do this?” Alex asked with a soft stone hiding his underlying burning anger.

“I think. Many are dragged here like this. Those who were able to adapt finally accepted their fate and those who weren’t able to adapt were used till they died and were thrown or burnt.” The lady spoke and sobbed.

Alex took a breath “Miss, don’t worry this nightmare is soon going to be over. I promise.”

“And Miss, please make sure, you do not leave this room. I will come to fetch you after finishing a task.” Alex spoke and was about to leave.

“Sir, what is your name?” The lady asked after muttering her courage.

“I have many names.”

“But for today, you can call me, Night Reaper, the one who will reap away the darkness prevailing here,” Alex spoke with a small cruel smile under the veil.

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