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Inside the Castle’s office room.

Alex stood before the table leaning on it with the back of his hands resting on the table.

Riya looked at Alex with a worried gaze as it had been a long time since he stood there with a lifeless hollow gaze that wanted to devour everything before him.

Riya bit her lips and finally asked”My Lord, are you okay?”

“Yeah!” Alex spoke with a heavy angered tone that made Riya shudder.

“My Lord, are you angry at something?”

“Angry…Hahahahaha.” Alex laughed but he didn’t want to say the reason for his anger and made her more worried.

He can feel that Riya is angrier than anyone else. If not for the current situation, she would have hacked him into pieces and fed the dogs.

But Riya could feel underlying burning anger in his voice when Alex laughed.

“Angry…I have never been so angry like this.”


Riya swallowed her saliva on hearing him.


“Your Majesty, Kajar wants to seek an audience.”

“Oh! He’s here.” Alex spoke.

“Riya, I am going out for a bit to get fresh air. You can finish the task along with others.”Alex said and moved towards the servant.

” My Lord, where are you going?”Riya asked

Alex halted his steps and spoke with a gentle smile that didn’t look gentle” I am going to collect some debt while enjoying a bit.”

“My Lord, let me accompany you.”


Riya’s whole body froze on hearing Alex’s cold voice.

“Riya, you have another task to do.”


In front of a huge house which was in a deserted place and quite away from the city.

A man wearing a black uniform and wearing a half mask knocked on the wall.

The mask covered the man’s face in half from nose to neck.

“Who!” A man from inside asked.

“I am here to collect my debt.” The man wearing a mask spoke.

No sound was heard for some time and the world descended into silence.


With a metal screeching sound, the wooden door opened and a man with an ugly looking face spoke in.

The man rubbed his nose and looked at the man observing from head to toe and said”From the appearance, I can say you certainly belong here.”

“So, say who’s debt are you talking about?”

“I have a debt with Larry,” Alex spoke with a smile.

The man was yawning because it was already late at night but suddenly woke up from his laziness and shouted”What did you say?”

“I have a debt with Larry?”Alex replied calmly.

” Fucker, do you know whose name you are talking about it.”The man shouted.

“I am fully aware of it.”

“Oh! Since you are aware of it then die.” The man spoke and jumped on Alex.


A subtle cracking sound of bones reverberated in the dark pitch of the night.

Alex extended his hands at the incoming attack of men with one hand and gripped his neck with the other, grasping it with the right hand, he twisted his neck.

Killing the guy, he threw the dead body to the side.

As he walked forward, he suddenly halted his steps and looked at the man with confusion.

“Didn’t he die?”

“Hey, a system where my experience points and levels up?”

[Host, now do you want to experience killing ants]


[That pitiful guy is just a level two warrior while you have reached level 7. Nothing except squire rank warrior will give experience now.]

“Hey, isn’t this cheating?”

[Host, are you kidding. If you are allowed to gain experience from a low level like this then wouldn’t you reach a level similar to Overload rank just by killing moles and ants and getting five experience points]

“Hehehe!” Alex laughed bitterly and scratched his head in embarrassment.

Now, that makes sense, if the system allowed us to collect experience from killing ants, wouldn’t the world be broken like this.

Alex walked towards the huge mansion which looked dark from the outside but from the inside, the place was quite colourful.

It was a secret brothel made by one of the disgusting nobles to use others as playthings and Alex came to find the man and make him repay his debt.

As Alex walked toward it, he saw a large incinerator which was burning with huge flames.

A man was sitting beside it and was eating something. Alex subconsciously felt a creepy feeling crawling from his back at the scene.

‘There is something wrong,’ Alex muttered.

“Hey, what are you burning,? Alex asked.

” The corpses of the girls who can’t provide any more service here.”

“Huh!” The man who subconsciously answered as he was lost in eating turned back to see a black-clothed man.

Alex’s eyes opened as wide as a saucer as he looked at the meat. He can see that it was a roasted finger seemingly human.

Alex gritted his teeth and his eyes became blood red.

Before the man could stand up and do something, he heard a sentence that froze his entire existence

“Fucker like you should be burnt alive.”

With this sentence, he felt hit in his chest by a strong kick that sent him flying in the air and his body spun and collided with the incinerator.


A crackling sound was heard and the incinerator burst and flames exploded and a heart-wrenching cry was heard.

The man shouted at the top of his lungs and screamed as he was burnt alive. There was no change in facial expression as Alex looked at the man’s inhumane torture.

A disgusting and foul smell started to permeate the air as the man was burnt alive.

Alex stood there motionless as he saw the man dying till the last moment and chuckled.

“Just because I am behaving like a child, smiling and joking around, this world is seeing me as soft rice.”

“What pain in the ass.” Alex laughed a little and then his expression turned sharp.

His red eyes glowed under the pitch dark of night making him look as if a bloodthirsty demon has crawled out.

“This is going to be the start of the story which will be written in blood and can’t be continued with ink.”

Alex took the axe that was at the side and kicked the wooden door and opened it with a loud bang.

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