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Outside the huge wall of the castles, a huge group of people had gathered armed with weapons.

Seeing it, one may think it was an occasion of parade and celebration as all the men present out there were armed with weapons.

The Castle was located in a corner of the city and was isolated from the Main City. The huge gathering caught many people’s interest and many stood on the sidelines to know what was happening.

A platform was made in the middle of the masses and an old man walked on it and shouted”Soldiers, can you see?”

“Beyond the huge wall, lies a malevolent King. A king whose tyranny has reached no bounds who dared to defile the holy throne by killing people in the throne room.”

“It was only yesterday, I saw his children playing and wife bickering with him but now she had become a widow and the shadow of the father over the children was taken away by the King. This is not a rebellion but a fight for justice for Sten.”

“Falter not, I Droga along with all the good citizens of Nevan will bring you justice.”

“Everyone, raise your voice with me. We need the King to beg and apologise.”

“We need the King to beg and apologise.”

Like a wildfire, the words erupted from everyone’s mouth and spread across the whole people surrounding the castles.

The shout started to gather momentum and slowly the guards of the Nobles started to become frenzy and the entire ground shook with their protest.

Mordek looked at the scene and sighed”These nobles can twist white into black and black into white.”

Mordek stood on the top of the Castle and shouted “Quite.”

His words rang like thunder in their ears. Even among the huge sound of protest, his voice which has been further enhanced by mana cut off a part of the shout.

As their voices slowly quietened down, Mordek asked”What is this? What the hell are you doing?”

“Sir Morderk, don’t come in the way?”Dorda spoke with a wicked smile.

” We are here to seek an audience with the king. We want justice.”

Mordek sneered at his words and said”You want to seek an audience with the king by gathering a huge army in front of the castle.”

“Whom are you kidding? Do I look like a five year old kid to you?” Mordek spoke with a disgusted expression.

“Sir, Mordek you got it wrong?” Another man walked out of the crowd and spoke.

“The army we have gathered here is for our protection. You know there is a tigress inside, we don’t want to be killed worthlessly before seeking justice on behalf of Sten and Garrison.” The man spoke.

“What is your intention?”Mordek asked with a stern voice.

” We just wanted to have an audience with the king. We will just have a nice and friendly talk with him.”Droda spoke with a smile and clapped his hands.

From the crowd behind, a man wearing chains was brought forward and thrown before them.

The man had dishevelled hair and his body was stained with blood from cuts all over his body.

Mordek frowned as he looked at the man. Though he wasn’t quite sure, he remembered that the man was a good soldier but he disappeared after he got into conflict with a noble’s son.

Mordek thought that he escaped from being threatened but seeing him with Droda, he was now sure that he was imprisoned and tortured.

“Pfttt.” Mordek almost stumbled and lost his footing when he heard a sudden laugh from behind.

Alex dressed as a normal guard and covered his face with a full drawn helmet, stood at the wall and was observing the scene but he was unable to hold his laughter as he heard Mordek and their verbal exchange.

“This fool, he just played right into my hands,” Alex muttered with a smile as he looked at the man.

Alex rejoiced to see the man bound in chains because the man had a talent for leading and average talent in swordsmanship coupled with average potential.

Alex still now hadn’t found many multi-talented individuals. Even Riya is only good at fighting while Mordek has a talent for guiding and doesn’t have a good talent for fighting.

By the way, Alex himself doesn’t have any talent. It was his hard work and persistence that had brought him where he was.

Mordek nodded at Alex’s gesture.

Mordek stood at the side and Riya walked up the wall covering her face with the veil and said”Sorry but my Lord can’t meet you today.”

“Hey, girl. Shut your mouth.” A man appeared from the crowd and spoke bluntly.

“You have no right to meddle here. Just go and do the house chores.”

“Moreover, we don’t need your permission to meet him.”

On hearing their criticism, Riya’s expression didn’t change a bit and she said”My Lord can’t meet you because he is unconscious.”

“What!” Everyone screamed at the same time.

“What do you mean by he is unconscious?” The people shouted in a loud voice.

Riya, hearing their question, replied”As you saw, my Lord fell from the throne and hit his head. He had passed out from that time and hadn’t woken up till now.”

The entire crowd mumbled at each other while nobles had sour expressions. All their efforts were wasted and if they knew about it, they would have started the march after he awoke.

Riya asked them to disperse but the nobles decided to put pressure and stay there. They didn’t want an all-out war as it would be detrimental.

If they wanted, they could breach the castle wall easily but they decided to wait for that idiot to wake up.

As Riya was about to turn and leave, she heard a voice among the crowd.

“Hey, girl. I heard you are the wife of that idiot.” The man spoke with a large grin on his face.

Riya halted her steps and turned back and asked”So.”

“Why don’t you leave him and marry me. You can’t do anything with that punny.”

“I will make sure to satisfy you in bed.” The man smirked and licked his lips as he looked at Riya’s curvaceous body.


The entire crowd went into silence and then burst into laughter and weren’t able to hear the sound of something breaking.

But Mordek, seeing the scene, took a step back, as he saw the ground crumble under Alex’s feet as he looked at the man with a ferocious gaze.

His red eyes glowed with crimson and the anger in him seemed to condense surrounding his body with a crimson glow that scared the shit out of Mordek.

A silent raise was seething inside Alex. It was like a volcano, building up its fury which is about to burst.

“Shit! This monster is going to rampage.”Mordek cursed as he looked at the man who had a cruel fate waiting for him.

” Please give him some brain in his next life not to mess with a mad man like him if he had the next life.”

“And not just him, these noble also,” Mordek spoke with a heavy sigh.

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