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The man’s lips twitched uncontrollably hearing Alex’s words.

As soon as Alex spoke, the man pulled down his cloak and his old face appeared with a small wrinkle.

“Your Majesty, you surely jest a lot.”

“Who am I to suggest and give my opinion about the play and who am I to judge your greatness? Still, it was quite marvellous, “Bassie smirked.

‘This sly fox.’Alex muttered inwardly.

“So, how are things on your end,” Alex asked and his playful expressions disappeared.

“Things are moving out as planned for now. On your call, I had instigated the nobles to rebel but it will depend on them how will they proceed with this matter?”Bassie spoke.

” Hmmm..” Alex tapped on the table and thought for a moment and asked”Count Bassie, tell me. Are you betraying your commands in the arms for good of Nevan or are you trying to get through my defence and find an opening to backstab me?”

Alex spoke in a cold tone and looked at Bassie with a sharp gaze which made him step back a little.

Bassie himself was a squire rank but when he saw Alex, he felt as if he was a mouse standing in front of the lion who could devour him any moment.

“Your Majesty, I have devoted my loyalty to you. I swear on the name of my household.” Bassie said in a fearful tone.

Seeing Alex taking back his gaze, he wiped off the sweat from his head.

Alex had only exchanged letters with Bassie, he wasn’t sure about his loyalty and had already calculated a route to take if Bassie betrayed him but fortunately, it didn’t seem like he had to take that route.

Moreover, in the meeting room, he could feel that Bassie was judging and observing his every action.

“So, Bassie, why did you backstab your comrades? Don’t you have a hand in the fall of Nevan making it stand to where it is today?” Alex asked with a solemn expression.

Mordek looked at Bassie’s facial expression. Even he was wondering about it.

Bassie along with that shithead finance minister started the Kingdom’s downfall.

Bassie’s expression didn’t change but he just sighed”My Lord as you know, there is no absolute good or evil and everything is relative.”

“After you were banished here. I thought that Kinley had some hidden motives and there may be the possibility of our titles being stripped. So, I advised accumulating as much wealth as possible.”

“I even took control of the documents to stop Queen from merging Nevan and Wright but it was the worst mistake of my life,” Bassie spoke with a sorrowful expression that Alex could tell from the glance was genuine.

“After the Queen was unable to merge it and took the soldiers, the situation became quite worse. You know how the other nobles drowned in greed and did everything they could to reap.”

“It’s okay to be greedy to some extent but they have crossed the line. Disposing of the soldier and army, raising taxes, and promoting slavery.”

“You want to reap money. Okay, that’s fine. But at least, the kingdom still needs to earn money before you can hoard from it. And don’t talk about tax, you are forcing a man who earns five copper coins to give 4 coins as tax.”

“Isn’t this blatant injustice? They are drowned in the flowery dreams of becoming as rich as the bigger Tier Kingdom nobles but they don’t even know the immensity of the sky. Even a Count of Kinley earns more than the entire wealth Nevan earns.”Bassie spoke clenching his fist

“I tried to talk about it with the Finance minister but he didn’t listen. Frustrated and cast away, I can only help the people of my estate and make my land tax-free.”

Alex chuckled and said, “That’s one of the reasons why your head is still intact instead of rolling down in the throne room.”

“Thanks for your kindness,” Bassie spoke.

“After this is over, quickly get back to the post. We have quite a lot of work to do.”Alex spoke and further added,” Okay, have you brought the things I have asked for?”

Bassie nodded and pulled a pile of sheets and on it, a picture along with details of many individuals were written.

Riya took the document and handed it to Alex.

“With this, Plan A would be quite easier, ” Alex muttered as he took a look at the documents.

“Wait, can someone tell me. What are these Plan A and B?” Mordek asked with a curious expression?

“Uncle Mordek, you don’t need to get into too many details,” Alex spoke, waving his hands and putting the papers to the side.

“Uncle Mordek, how many forces do we have,” Alex asked and his expression became serious again.

“Previously, we had around a hundred in the castle and after you infiltrated the prison and freed them, we had around two hundred, “Mordek replied.

” How many do the nobles have at their disposal now?”Alex asked.

“Around three times,” Bassie replied with a grim expression.

“Let’s make it more than three times. The capability of the ones from prisons are quite good while the castle’s guards were worthless before but now being trained by Mordek they are one by four as good as the other bunch.”


“Uncle Mordek, take Max and reinforce the castle walls with Soldiers and start guarding it against now. Start preparing against the battle from now.”

“Tomorrow morning or by far in the afternoon we are going to have many uninvited guests,” Alex spoke with a sharp tone.

Mordek and Bassie did a salute and left.


In the Morning.

Alex had just woken up and stretched his body when he heard a loud knock.

With Alex’s permission, the servant came rushing toward Alex, the servant’s face was pale and he was out of breath.

“Hey, what happened?”

“Take a deep breath,” Alex spoke seeing the man panting heavily.

The servant shook his head and said”Your Majesty, we are in trouble. Many people have surrounded the castle.”

“Ohh! So, they have finally come.” Alex spoke and his red eyes glowed with excitation.

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