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In a dimly lit room which was lightened by a burning lantern.

Riya took a towel and soaked it in warm water.

After the towel was soaked in water, she took it out and squeezed the water out of it and patted it on Alex’s forehead.

Alex, who was busy going through the documents, snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Riya with a curious gaze and raised his brows.

“Riya, what are you doing,” Alex asked.

“My Lord, I was just patting it so that if there is a pain in your head due to hitting on the floor, then it will disappear quickly,” Riya spoke with a worried tone.

Alex chuckled and spoke, “Riya, you know I am strong enough and a simple fall will not damage anything.”

“Still, My Lord was it really necessary to act like this and fall from the throne,” Riya said with a sorrowful voice and looked at Alex with puppy eyes.

“What if, you would damage your head,” Riya spoke and pouted seeing his lord’s uncaring look as if it was just an insignificant thing.

But for her, it was a big matter after all who knows he may have gone back to being an idiot after hitting his head.

“Riya, it was necessary. I didn’t do it to make them think that I am still a fool. It was done to give an excuse for the next step.”Alex spoke as he rubbed the small horn on his forehead.

“Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether they think of me as a fool or not, “Alex spoke and patted Riya’s head.

“Thanks for all the hard work. The way you killed them must have planted fear in their heart. Your act of killing was top notch.” Alex spoke with a pleased tone.

“My Lord, why did you kill those two only? Weren’t there several nobles whom you wanted to kill?” Riya asked with a confused tone.

“I had planned to get rid of many in one go but someone advised me not to do so otherwise things may get worse. Moreover, I only killed those who have crossed the limit of humanity and the leftovers will soon accompany the dead.” Alex spoke as his voice became cold and sharp.

“Ohh!” Riya exclaimed and cast a look as if she understood something.

Alex pulled down Riya on his lap and stroked her hair much to Riya’s amazement.

Riya was shocked for a moment at Alex’s sudden advances and wanted to get up but feeling Alex’s touch, a warm sensation spread through her body.

“Did you calm down?” Alex flashed a smile, seeing which Riya’s heartbeat hastened.


‘Why is my heart beating fast and it’s not even the first time he acted like this, still why am I feeling like this.”Riya thought, putting her hands on her heart.

While Riya was lost in her thoughts, Alex looked at Riya’s cute gesture with a pleased expression and continued to caress her long and silky black-haired hair which smelled like lavender.

Seeing Riya’s face from this close, Alex fell into deep thought.

If one asked him, did Alex love her?

If it was anyone else, he would have said yes without any hesitation.

But Alex was clear that he still hadn’t fallen for her. The thing he is feeling now was nothing but infatuation. Moreover, he feels lost when he sees Riya.

Riya was so gorgeous and accompanied by her voluptuous body along with her curves it would be weird if a man doesn’t lust over her body.

When he accepted the fact that he was married to five beautiful ladies and thought about the memories of losing the one whom he loved the most, Alex accepted the fact and decided to look after his wives out of responsibility.

He didn’t know whether he could truly fall in love with them or they could fall for him but he had promised to give his all to make them lead a fulfilling life.

In the World of Political benefits, it’s okay to have a marriage without love as long as both of your interests are aligned with each other and both of them can lead a happy and fulfilling life.

But after spending time with Riya, Alex can feel that he is slowly falling for her charm.

He can feel the familiar feeling of having butterflies in the stomach and a flower sprouting in the heart which would grow and bloom to spread its lovely fragrance.

‘The feeling of love is unique and mystic, those who have it are burnt in its sweetness while those who don’t have it thirst for it in their parching heart.’Alex muttered as he was mesmerized by Riya’s alluring expression.


A loud knock on the door woke up both Riya and Alex from their sweet dreams and Riya got up from Alex’s lap hurriedly and stood at the side of the table with a red-faced full of embarrassment.

Alex coughed and spoke, “Come in.”

Layla opened the door and seeing the weird atmosphere thought that she might have ruined their sweet time.

‘Will they be angry?’Layla thought. After seeing Alex’s brutal behaviour, she changed her views on the innocent little lamb to a tiger pretending as a sheep to catch and pounce on his prey.

“So, what happened,” Alex asked with a stern look.

“Your Majesty, A man with a cloak came with Sir Mordek.”

“I asked for the man’s identity but Sir Mordek vouched for him,” Layla said.

‘So, he came.’

Alex nodded and spoke, “Okay, bring him in.”

A man wearing a cloak whose facial features were hidden walked alongside Mordek and kneeled on one leg and greeted Alex.


As neither of them stood up, Alex spoke with a smile”Sir, Mordek how was the show.”

Mordek laughed bitterly on hearing his words.

When he came to know that Rex was Alex, he felt as if he had been hit by lightning.

He just wanted to find a hole to bury himself as he thought about all the things he had said about him.

And Alex wasn’t a person to let the matter go and would always tease him ‘Uncle Mordek, you know I can’t handle my pants, can you help me.’

He was starting to have nightmares where Alex taunted him in his dream.

Alex laid back on the chair and said”So Count Bassie or should I call you Prime Minister of Nevan?”

“So tell me, did you like the play?”

“Please give me your honest reviews so that I can improve myself for the next play.

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