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The entire atmosphere seemed to freeze for an instant.

It took some time for them to process what happened here.

Just a moment ago, Marquise Sten was verbally abusing The King who was thought to be an idiot and another moment his head was chopped off from his body.

The nobles thought that they were just joking and playing around with the King who had the intelligence of a five-year-old kid.

With a trembling voice, a noble shouted which woke the others from their stupor.

“Do you know what sin you committed? You bastard, do you know the repercussions you are going to suffer for your actions?” The noble screamed at the top of his lungs.

Alex rolled his eyes and searched in his memories for the man and getting the green signal from his brain, he shouted.

“Big Sis, that one is threatening me. I am afraid of him.”Alex spoke with a fearful voice but his tone changed in the next instant.

“Big Sis,Bring me that fucker’s head,” Alex shouted pointing his finger at the noble who tried to threaten him.

“Nooo…” The noble screamed and was about to flee when the black-haired assassin who stood under the throne disappeared from her spot leaving a blurred image of her.


A nerve-wracking scream resounded across the whole room which terrorized those who were present out there.

With a small thud ahead rolled on the floor and rolling onto the ground it reached towards one of the men who stood near the noble who was killed.

The man flinched and fell on his back as he felt that he lost the strength in his legs after looking at the terrified expression on the detached head.

A deathly silence permitted again in the room. Some of the nobles started to tremble in fear.

They were not afraid of the idiot but rather the black-haired assassin lady.

Only a few nobles have awakened and only a handful of nobles at Disciple rank were present in the throne room.

Others may not feel it, but they can feel overwhelming pressure from the lady.

Seeing her killing them like ants, they felt that the woman was sent by Kinley to take care of the matter which frightened them more because the ring which claimed to be stolen by one of the nobles was present out there, only god knows what fate awaits them if what that girl said became true.

One of the nobles looked at the pale faces of others and thought of a plan and start to run towards the door.

He thought that if he could escape and reach his household this punny King and that woman wouldn’t be able to touch a single strand of his hair after all the woman was alone while he had quite a several guards.

The guards accompanied their masters and followed them.

While many nobles were dumbfounded by the noble running away and thought of doing the same if the man succeeds to escape, Alex looked at the scene with an amused expression.

Many thought that the woman would disappear and then reappear with the head of the man who wanted to flee but contrary to his expectations, a loud bang was heard.


A silhouette of a man flew in the air and fell to the floor, his figure slid against the red carpet leaving behind a trail of blood that was flowing from the headless corpses.

The noble’s eyes widened with horror and looked at the entrance and saw a huge bulky man walking toward them.

With one hand, he dragged a broken beaten body and with his other hand, he held a giant axe making him look like a grim reaper.

The man threw the body to the side and arriving under the throne, bowed down on his knee and put down the huge axe.

“Your Majesty, your loyal subordinate Max is at your service.”


” Who!”

The nobles started to mumble among themselves as they saw the man whom they never heard about.

While the king was in a coma, they had made sure to pull out the remaining loyal warriors and break their spirits or imprison them charging false crimes on them so where did this son of a bitch sprout from.

Alex nodded and lay on the throne.

“Quickly finish this matter, I am feeling sleepy,” Alex muttered and started to yawn.

The noble’s lips twitched uncontrollably as they saw the idiot, how can anyone have a mood to sleep after causing so much chaos.

The white-dressed lady clapped her hand and ten guards came out and started to search for the nobles.

The nobles wanted to grumble and complain but seeing Max’s fearsome gaze quietened down.

Though Max isn’t an awakened one and can’t use Mana his physical strength is alone enough to match a squire ranked warrior.

Moreover, with Riya acting as the assassin of Kinley even if there is a Master rank warrior, he would have pissed his pants.

Alex investigated the background and got to know that except for Mordek there was only one Master rank in the nobles that is Count Hamilton who is guarding the borders and there are no strong ones in the remaining soldiers on the nobles’ side at present unless the nobles had played a hidden card.

The guards who searched after finding nothing moved to the next man.

As the guard came before a particular man, Alex’s red eyes glowed and he smiled.

The guard searched for the man who was in his late 50s. As he searched his pocket, he felt something odd and as he pulled it out he saw a ring with royal insignia and in it, King Alex’s name was engraved.

The guard shouted “My Lord.”

The man from whom the ring was found screamed in horror and his eyeball contracted.

“Your Majesty, this is a trap. Someone had set me up. I am the most loyal retainer of you. Did you forget, I am the Finance Minister and was the one who always spent time with you and accompanied you.”

Dorda, the finance minister of Nevan shouted at the top of his lungs trying to prove his innocence.

“Ohh! So you are the one who always accompanies me so that you can steal that royal insignia and use it for yourself.” Alex spoke as his lips curled upwards casting the smile of the devil.

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