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The lady nodded on hearing Alex’s words and spoke loudly.

“All of those present out here.Thanks for responding to the call and taking out your precious time to gather on such short notice.”

“The reason why all nobles are called is that there had been big trouble as a precious thing had been stolen and if the culprit is not found, the entire Nevan will be destroyed.No innocent will be spared if this matter is not solved quickly.”

As soon as the lady’s words fell, the entire throne room descended into silence. The nobles were stunned by the sudden revelation and didn’t know how to respond.

The nobles frowned and looked at each other with a wary gaze. They suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

“When King Alex was banished, he was given a ring by the Emperor of Kinley but now the ring is missing. We have searched all over the palace and were unable to discover it. So, we have gathered you all to ask for help and investigation. The Emperor of Kinley had clearly warned that if the ring is lost every one of the King’s subordinates will be killed whether they are nobles or servants.”


“What does that have to do with us?”

The nobles may be shrewd but hearing the name of Kinley, they lost their calmness.

After all, what was Kinley?

The strongest and greatest Empire was able to survive the flow of time and maintained its strength for centuries.


A man in his forty stepped out and said”Lady Caretaker, as per your words you are indirectly saying that one of the nobles has stolen it. Are you accusing us of this?”

The man spoke with a smile but sneered inwardly and wanted to show them that even if one of the nobles had stolen it, so what, what can you do? What proof and authority do you have to condemn us?

Alex understood the man’s implications and looked at him and sneered inwardly ‘As expected of the sly fox. The man who was the Prime Minister of Nevan, Count Bassie.’

“It’s not that we are doubting you but we are helpless as we can’t find it anywhere so we have no choice but to search for it among the nobles.” The lady spoke.

The nobles knew that the lady was just a caretaker, a maid who had no real authority.

Originally the administration rights should have gone to Catherine and military rights would have gone to Christina but they were able to trick the king and manipulated him to sign the document and stopped his wives from getting the power.

So, now seeing a maid entering here and speaking out loudly boiled their blood.

After all, how can a filthy maid stand in front of nobles and speak haughtily?

The King may be stupid and an idiot but still, he had royal blood in him but a maid standing beside the throne and speaking with arrogance.

No way.

They have to show her the place where she belongs.

“Hey, what do you think of yourselves?”

“Know your position girl.”

“You belong under our foot, not over our head.”

The nobles mumbled and started to curse.

“Hey, what the hell is happening. Let’s get this over quickly. Guards quickly search the nobles and finish it, I am hungry,” Alex ordered and stuffed some meat jerky into his mouth but his inside was boiling with anger.

“Hahaha hahaha. Hey, pig, what the hell is this?” A man came forward and insulted Alex.

Alex rolled his eyes towards the lady.

The lady noticed his meaning and whispered in a small voice, “He is the famous Marquise Sten.”

‘Oh! So here comes the scapegoat. Alex’s eyes glowed and a mischievous smile appeared on his face.

“So, are you going to comply or not,” Alex asked playfully.

” No, we will not.”

“Moreover, do you even have guards and manpower to bind us?” Sten asked raising his brows

Count Bassie frowned and thought Sten was carried away too much by his arrogance and he may have also drank a little before coming here and the situation is going astray.

Still, Bassie smiled seeing the atmosphere as it could give a glimpse of how the idiot going to react.

Alex got up from his seat, slapped his thigh and shouted, which frightened the nobles for a moment.

“What the hell! This man is not complying with King’s words.”

“He is openly disobeying the king. This man wanted to rebel. He should be charged with treason.”Alex shouted and spoke hurriedly throwing many accusations at once.

The man was so caught up in the moment that he didn’t weigh his words and spoke” So, what if I am going to rebel. What are you going to do?”

“No, in fact, what an idiot like you can even do except eat and play?” The man spoke and burst into laughter.

“I am saying openly. I will rebel and openly commit treason. What can you do?”

Alex suddenly made a crying expression and asked “Why? Are you all also going to rebel?”


“Woof.Woof.These nobles are going to rebel, please do something.”Alex spoke while crying like a child and threw a tantrum.

Bassie heaved in relief and for a moment he thought that the king had become normal.

Fortunately, it was just his delusion.

Many nobles burst into laughter while some were at a loss for words about what was happening and sighed.

They knew that something like this was going to happen and looked at the King’s childish behaviour.

The lady tried to calm Alex down but Alex in a sorrowful voice pouted and asked” Why are you all laughing. Are you also going to rebel?”

“My King, it’s nothing like that.” One of the nobles tried to mediate but Sten was in too high an air and said”Yes, they are also going to rebel.”

“We are going to play a game whose name is Rebel against the King.” The man smirked and spoke, “Are you also going to play, Your Majesty.”

Hearing his words, Alex nodded in satisfaction and smiled evilly.”Since all of you have witnessed this man’s words who openly wanted to treason I can openly use my power now.”

Alex’s gaze became sharp and the playfulness in his behaviour disappeared and he shouted in a cold authoritative voice”Execute him.”

As soon as Alex’s voice resounded, a figure appeared in a flash and with a small thud, a headless body fell to the ground and blood spurted.

The nobles flinched and took a step back in fear as they saw the scene and looked at the scene with horror and disbelief.

A lady wearing a black assassin dress with a mask covering her face appeared out of thin air and cut Sten’s head and walked over his dead body arriving under the Throne.

In one hand she carried the head of Sten and said”My Lord, your loyal guard is paying her respect with the rebellion’s head.”


“Black dressed big sis that was awesome.”

“We will play catch-catch with that head later,” Alex spoke and clapped.

As Alex’s voice echoed across the room and his voice permeated into the noble’s ears, they suddenly felt a sense of crisis and felt that today is going to be a bloodbath.

Their bodies trembled thinking about the naive boy who is u knowingly dead and set on digging their grave.

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