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Two men covering their faces holding daggers jumped through the window and entered a big spacious room decorated with luxurious things.

The walls were decorated with gold, paintings of the ancient era were hung on the wall, and on the big bed made of jade lay a figure sleeping.

His body looked like a dried twig and he had sunken cheeks and large dark circles in his eyes. His skin was already pale, devoid of blood. One can even see his collar bones and count the rib he had.

The boy on the bed was barely hanging on to his life.

“Tsk. This imbecile is already dying. Why do we have to waste time on killing him?” One of them spoke.

“Cause it’s easy money, you idiot.No matter whether he is an imbecile or not, he has a royal bloodline flowing through his veins.” Another man spoke.

“Royal, my ass. Have you seen the situation in the castle? I could hardly find any strong guard. What a piece of shit did the Emperor has given birth to.”

“Let’s not waste any more time.” He spoke, taking out his dagger to kill the boy.

As he took a few steps, he frowned as he didn’t get any reply from his partner and turned back to look only to find no one behind him.

“Where did you go? Stop playing hide and seek.” He muttered slowly asking his partner to stop playing tricks.

But before he could utter any more words, he heard the faint voice of a woman that send a chill down his spine.

“Ohhh! So you are here for my lord. I have been pretty bored lately.” She spoke as she placed the dagger on the men’s throat.

The man’s back was drenched in sweat seeing the women appear out of thin air. He knew that he was no match for her.

“Please spare me. I can tell you about the client who had sent me.” He spoke in a pleading tone.

“No need. You can take the information with you to hell.”

“By the way, please repent there.”

This was the last thing the man heard before his vision turned dark.

“Haaa.This has already happened for the 4th time. Can’t the royals stop trying to kill him? Lord is already an imbecile and now he is in a coma. Just how can his life pose a threat to them. Those bastards just wanted to get their hands on the lord’s wife.”

“I wish I could tear them apart. But if I do that, my Lord’s life will be in danger. Oh!! Lord, when will you wake up?”

“I wish I could see a day when lord not only show the world his valour and might but also lead the kingdom to a prosperous era.”

The woman muttering her grievances turned back only to be shocked. Her jaw was wide open as she turned back to see the lifeless lord who had been unconscious for months sitting up and staring at him.

“Riya, it’s been a while.” The boy spoke as he tried to put the best smile he could muster on his face despite in his pitiful condition.

His body looked like a dried twig which was devoid of any energy. Even putting on a simple smile was too taxing on his facial muscles.

The girl looked at the boy and suddenly broke out in tears as finally, her prayer for the safety of the Lord was answered.

She removed the veil and her figure changed into an extremely seductive lady with a body full of curves, she ran towards the boy as her big black gentle eyes filled with love, met with the lifeless gaze of the boy which could even melt the heart of a man, made of stone.


Six months ago.

A huge ceremony was held on this date when the kingdom was founded many years ago.

On stage, many people sat on chairs made of gold as they munched on the food.

In front of them, many girls were dancing and entertaining the noble because of the festive occasion and they cast playful smiles enough to bewitch any man.

The higher authority were nobles they gathered here to celebrate and the money for this grand ceremony was leached from the kingdom treasury.

While the nobles were enjoying and throwing their money, the commoners gathered there looked at the nobles with the hope to get the leftover food thrown away by the nobles.

In the middle of the stage surrounded by many nobles, a huge chubby boy of 19 years sat who was eating pig trotters. His hand had been stained with oil and his hairs were untidy. Pearl’s blonde hair along with red eyes make him look like a disgusting pig.

Anyone who looked in his direction had an urge to vomit. The nobles always had an urge to slap this pig but they knew they couldn’t because he was soon going to be the king and was their golden duck.


The boy patted his huge round stomach giving a satisfied expression, then he looked at the girls.

He pulled the man that sat beside him and asked”Why are they dancing like these and what is the occasion today? This looks so colourful.”

The body asked curiously as he didn’t even know what he was doing here.

“Your majesty, today everyone is celebrating the founding of the kingdom. Everyone is here to take a look at their great king whose tales of bravery have been spread far and wide.” The man beside him spoke.

The man was the finance minister of the kingdom but instead of improving the revenue of the kingdom, he is dead set on improving his wealth.

“Oh!!! Great, Great” The fatty boy spoke.

Seeing the king was happy, the man spoke”By the way, Your Majesty, don’t you feel the ceremony is lacking.”

“It’s lacking. Hmmm, how?”

“Yeah, now that you have said there is not enough food.” The fatty boy spoke, rubbing his chin as the fat on his body rippled.

“I think your majesty should spend more money. Please allow this humble servant to make the ceremony grander so that it can benefit your stature.”

”If we don’t spend enough, everyone will think that the king is a miser and is just saving money.”

“What!!! How can it be? Take all the money you want, Make it grander. Spent everything.No need to save, you have my full support. ” The fat boy spoke as he went back to eating the snacks.

The man grinned as he cast a wolfish smile and looked at others signalling that their plan succeeded in forking out the money from this piggy.

Just as they were about to celebrate their success, thick dark clouds appeared in the sky covering it.

The sky became pitch dark and loud rumbles of thunder were heard.

The people started to scatter as a huge storm appeared and the high-speed wind started to blow from all directions, followed by lightning showers.

But no one paid any attention to the Piggy king who was unable to understand the crux of the matter and thought, they were playing some games.

The people on the stage started to run and the guards who were in charge of protection moved toward the king to protect him as they saw the idiot was busy eating even in this situation but before they could reach him.

A huge bolt of lightning flashed which brightened the whole area and turned everyone’s vision dark by the sudden flash of light.

As the brightness subsided everyone’s eyes widened with horror as they found a black charred figure looking at them with his mouth wide open.

The lightning had directly hit the king.


Everyone shouted in panic as eerie screams and the shrill of people resounded in the whole area.

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