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In the deathly silence of Night.

Alex stood before the window and stared at the city. His sharp gaze seems to penetrate deep into the city even from a distance. There was no hustle and bustle and everyone seemed to have gone to sleep.

There wasn’t even the presence of thieves and thugs who were usually active at night.

Unlike the usual crowds at night in big cities, it looked quite dreary and desolate as if the city was a haunted place and people are forbidden from going out of the house at night.

Alex looked at the desk where a stack of documents was placed. Alex was already having a headache looking at each document and verifying it.

Riya was out to carry out the task which she was ordered so he was feeling quite lonely.

Alex looked at the two maids and asked”Is it done?”

“Yes, your Majesty. We have sorted it out.” Lora spoke, bowing her head.

“Were you able to separate them? Are there even good people among them?” Alex asked with a mocking smile.

“Your Majesty, there are only three that we can find out,” Layla spoke.

“Three, that’s more than enough for now.”

As Alex was going through his plans, the door opened and Riya came in and bowed down”My Lord, it is finished.”

“How many?” Alex asked, raising his brows.

“Around a hundred but the quality we have surely overrun their quantity,” Riya spoke.

“By the way did the noble accept the invitation for the gathering,” Alex asked.

” Yes, My Lord. Except for Count Hamilton who is busy defending the Western region from Monster, everyone has accepted and will be coming tomorrow.”

Alex smiled and interlocked his fingers and rested his chin on them and said”Tomorrow, it’s going to be fun.”


Alex took a deep breath, standing before the huge door which had been polished recently.

He was trembling a little. One may think that he was afraid and nervous but this conclusion was wrong.

He was so excited that he couldn’t get a hold of himself after all today he was going to get back at those bastards.

His blood was boiling like teenagers who are out to live their life.

Alex’s eyes shone gleefully and beside him stood a lady wearing a veil and a white noble dress that was overflowing with radiance.

“Are you ready? Try to act as naturally as possible.No one knows her very well. So, don’t be nervous.” Alex advised the lady.

He signalled the two men who stood before the door guarding it, to open the door.


The huge ivory door with gold engravings opened and rays of light fell on Alex which highlighted his black noble attire which had a golden hem in it.

In his left hand was a metallic staff which was a sign of the King in Nevan.

Alex didn’t wear the crown because he wanted to prove himself worthy of being the king of Nevan first and then wear the crown.

The Throne room of Nevan Palace summons up the history and pageantry associated with the working of the Monarch like no other place in the castle.

All the walls inside it were lined with basic relief decoration and had painted plaster and bricks decorating the upper part of the wall.

When entering, the visitor was confronted with many images across the entrance which was filled with images depicting the rich historic heritage and the glory of Nevan.

When looking straight, one can see a long red carpet heading straight to the stairs like a mound leading to a platform on which an oversized bejewel chair was present which was decorated with all types of ornaments and jewels, The Throne of Nevan, the chair that depicts the position of authority and power.

On both sides, there were seats for the attendants of the royal court.

As the door opened many people were lined up who stood to see the King enter.

Alex looked at their smile and disgust appeared in his heart and he clearly remembered how these bastards with their sweet words fooled him and got his approval for doing all the dirty work behind his back when he was an idiot.

While all had smiles on their faces, they were stunned when they were summoned as they couldn’t believe that the idiot had even the brain to do this and thought that someone was using him as his puppet.

That’s the reason why they all have appeared after all. If it was before they would turn a blind eye to this piggy who had slimmed down.

Moreover, they were surprised to see the fatty who had been skinned down and had a mature aura and were afraid that this idiot might have become normal but they were worried it wouldn’t last long.

Alex smiled like an idiot and as he walked on the carpet, he accidentally slipped and crashed onto a noble.


With a small thought, Alex fell on the man taking another three with him.

Alex tried to get up and cried”What is this? Some are playing push, push, without informing me. This is blatant cheating.”

“Cheating, Cheating.”

As Alex’s shout reverberates across the room, the entire room bursts into laughter seeing his behaviour.

“An idiot will always be an idiot.”

“Even after becoming slim, he still stammers like usual.”

“What good is the body when one has no brain.”

While many commented, the nobles and guards surrounded Alex and pulled him up along with the others who gathered to help.

The black-haired woman wearing a white dress walked gracefully towards who was sulking and pointing to the throne and spoke”We have to reach there, My Lord.”

“Hold my hand and follow me.” She spoke.

Alex nodded and holding her hand was led to the throne.

The nobles looked at the lady whom they had rarely seen. She is the fifth wife and caretaker of this idiot.

No one knew much about her. They don’t even know about her name and as they scanned her, they could feel that she had no sign of mana.

Alex touched the throne and thought inwardly, ‘Thank God! Those bastards hadn’t sold it.’

Who knows these greedy nobles may one day scrape the gold that is engraved in the walls and doors of the castle and sell them.

Alex sat on the throne and slid his finger on the armpit laid on it and patted his stomach and said”Nanny, I am hungry. Let’s finish this quickly.”

The nobles didn’t look surprised at the idiot’s words and thought that in just a few days of eating this idiot is going to turn into a piggy again.

Alex stuffed a jerky into his mouth and spoke while chewing it”Let the show begin.”

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