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In the outskirts of the forest of the Capital of Nevan.

A boy with long blonde hair and red eyes walked on a small narrow trail which might belong to a beast who walked on it.

He followed it to track the beast.

As he transversed through the forest, slowly and steadily, the nerves in his body tensed and his muscles bulged a little due to the tension.

His breathing became slightly heavy as he heard a faint voice of a small creature and he turned quickly to see a small beast the size of a mouse running through the woods.

Alex’s eyes locked on the small mole and he dashed toward it.

The mole noticed it and jumped on him but the small prey was nothing in his eyes and was cut even before it could reach it.

[You have killed an otter. You have received 1 experience point.]

Alex laughed bitterly as he saw the experience.

All the creatures who hadn’t obtained a rank and are weak give him just one experience point.

According to the system, an early squire ranked Monster or human had a stat of level 5 when only stat points given by the system were considered.

Alex had plenty of fighting experience but all his fights had been spar and he hadn’t fought a single proper battle or in a life or death situation.

Though it was similar, Alex knew unless one had an inkling of fear of death it cannot be called a deathmatch.

While coming to the forest, Mordek had told him that a normal fight can provide plenty of battle experience but what he wants is level experience, not a battle experience.

Moreover, there was something he was confused about. There was a forest nearby the capital but till now he hadn’t heard of any beast entering the wall which was already on the verge of falling.

As Alex searched around, he heard a loud rumbling noise of a beast

Alex frowned on hearing the sound and looked around with excitation.

Alex lunged forward towards the source of the sound. He didn’t fear risking his life as both Mordek and Riya are keeping a tab on him.

They would just watch from the sidelines and unless the situation gets out of hand, they wouldn’t intervene.

Alex jumped out of the bush and arrived before the beast to see a wolf trying to kill a small lion cub.

The lion cub was drenched in blood and was in a pathetic state.

Alex activated the eye of truth and noticed that it had just broken through squirt rank recently but still it was at a higher level than him.

Alex had managed to reach level 5 and his strength and agility had surpassed 20 points.

20 points were the threshold for a squire ranked beast or human might have.

Alex looked at the twin-tailed wolf with his hawk-like gaze while the wolf growled at Alex.

The wolf howled and opened its mouth. It then blew forth a stream of fire from his mouth which quickly engulfed Alex’s whole vision.

The flame was more or less conically shaped and the wolf directly moved his head aiming at Alex to grill him, the attack was quite similar to a large flamethrower thrown by bazookas.

Seeing the heat coming toward him in a concentrated form. Alex didn’t step back.

Practising his thrust ten thousand times, it had already reached the rank E.

Alex pulled his right leg back while pushing his left leg towards the front, he shifted his centre of weight forward.

Pulling his right hand back a little and tensing his muscle to the max, he thrust his sword toward the incoming blast of fire.


The air that was in front of Alex was torn and like an intangible shadow that can’t be seen by the naked eyes, a highly concentrated beam of pressure in a straight line shot like a cannon that made a hole in the incoming flamethrower.

An invincible burst of force made a hole in the flamethrower and blew away the fire and extinguished it.

But the momentum didn’t stop here and concentrated pressure hit the wolf, knocking it back a few steps.

The wolf groaned in pain and felt something hit him and tear his mouth and while it was wondering what happened, a figure flashed before him and raising the first, he punched.


Alex’s fist was shot like a whip and his punch connected with the wolf’s body sending it flying in the air.

The body of the wolf shot like a cannon after being hit by Alex’s punch and it slammed against the tree with a loud thud.

The wolf wriggled in pain as it felt his bones had been broken. It groaned in pain and before it could react, a sword appeared out of nowhere and pierced his head.

[You have killed a squire ranked twin wolf. You have acquired 150 experience.]

[You have levelled up]

Name:Alex Von Stan



Level: 6








Stats Points:6

Active Skills:Eyes of Truth[Unlocked], Mana Sensor[unlocked], Emperor Charisma[Locked], Emperor Pressure[Locked], Lady Luck’s Blessing[Locked], Heal[Locked], Restore[Locked], Goddess Buff[Locked]

Passive skills:Piercing Thrust Level G, Iron Heavy Swordsmanship Level 0, Abyssal Slash Level 0, Grand Martial Art Level 0, Mighty Punch Level 0, Spell[Locked], Five Elemental Breathing Technique Level G

Alex looked at the screen and nodded in satisfaction. He was quite happy with his progress.

With this kind of stat, he can handle the squire ranked warrior who had 20 stat points if combined with mana.

Alex looked at the cute little lion which looked like a puppy. Alex walked toward it and picking it caressed it.

Though this cub may grow up and start hunting others and may even kill humans for now it was an innocent quite fun whom Alex had taken a liking to.

Its breathing was quite thin and seeing his injury Alex concluded that if not treated quickly, it may die.

“Riya,” Alex shouted.

A thin silhouette materialized before him wearing a black dress.

“Riya, take care of it,” Alex spoke and passed the little cub.

Even Alex himself didn’t know that this little cub was on his deathbed would become a symbol of his Empire.

Along with Alex, its notoriety would spread far and wide whose name gonna terrorize Alex’s enemies.

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