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Max was the only son and his parents were woodcutters.

They used to bring wood from the forest and cut it for sale to the bakeries, blacksmiths, bars and taverns.

They would earn a decent sum of money from selling woods and were quite happy with their lifestyle.

Though Nevan wasn’t a high-level kingdom still it was quite good but it all changed when the idiot was banished here and was crowned as the King.

The current royal family of Nevan died mysteriously and after the idiot took the reins, the economy of Nevan crashed.

All those whom his family supplied wood stopped buying the wood as their business went downhill and closed down.

In the current period, it was hard to earn even a single copper coin for common people.

A thousand copper coins would equal one silver coin and a thousand silver would equal one gold coin.

And now, a kid appeared out of nowhere and offered him five silver coins as if money was growing on a tree that he could pluck and throw at him.

It made him so angry that he wanted to chop this kid but he controlled his anger.

Alex smiled and took out a gold coin and tossed it in the air before Max and surprised him.

Max frowned as he looked at the coin and thought that it might be fake.

“It’s not fake,” Alex smirked and tossed the coin to Max and said, “You can check it.”

Mordek face boiled with anger as he saw Alex tossing the coin”This fucker.”

‘If you have so much wealth and want to flaunt your money why don’t you toss a coin to me. Should I snatch a coin or two?’Mordek cursed inwardly but he was too embarrassed to snatch the money from this kid.


Max swallowed his saliva and looked at the coin and took a small bite and it was really.

“For fucking sake, it is real,” Max shouted at the top of their lungs.

Mordek took his stance seeing Max going crazy after all who knows that man might go insane after seeing the money and attack them to rob the money.

Alex smiled seeing his reaction, he was not worried about being robbed, rather it would be good if he attracts the attention and who knows he might come across a golden goose.

“Hey, Max work for me. I promise you that you will earn more than that.” Alex spoke, pointing his finger towards the coin.

Max’s hands trembled while holding the coin and his gaze interchanged between the coin and the kid.

“I need to calm down.” He took a deep breath and managed to control his greed and spoke.

“What work do you want me to do?”

“But let me remind you, I will not put my hands in some shady business,” Max spoke with resolution.

No matter how poor he was. He will never do something illegal. Even though he was poor, he had a conscience of his own.

“It’s nothing difficult, you just have to chop for me,” Alex grinned.


After talking with Max, Alex roamed the street again.

Without using the Mana sensor to cover a large area, he had to look at each individual to find someone worthwhile.

But he found nothing.

Most of the people he saw didn’t have any colour.

They don’t have the potential for anything. That doesn’t mean they are worthless.

Potential signifies talent, if you don’t have it, you have to work harder just like him.

He knew, he was also no good. If it was anyone else besides him who was taught by Goddess, he might have achieved more than him.

The training at the Sanctum was brutal and tested one’s will.

Since it was one’s soul, one doesn’t get time to eat, one doesn’t get time to rest and sleep.

Except for training, there was hardly anything.

If not for the Queen Goddess’s love and care, he would have gone mad from the insane training.

Alex and Mordek sat before a shop which seemed to be selling bread.

The one who was in charge of the shop was an old lady and her granddaughter.

“Brother, do you want some bread?” The small girl came toward Alex and asked.

Alex looked at the girl who was wearing ragged clothing which had been patched up in many places.

Alex activated the eyes of truth but found nothing. The girl looked at Alex with the expectation and hope that the man might buy bread and they could learn something.

Seeing her lovely cute gaze, Alex smiled.

“Girl, what is your name?” Alex asked.

“Sylvia.” The girl answered.

Alex patted the girl and said, “Sylvia, can you bring two loaves of bread, please.”

She smiled like a bloomed flower which grew in the wilderness.

Her sweet innocent smile had a different and unique charm of her own. A flower which makes one protect it, instead of plucking it.

“Okay, just wait a minute,” Sylvia spoke and ran into the shop.

And after a few minutes, she came with three lines of bread.

“Big Brother thanks for buying. This extra bread is a gift from my grandmother.” Sylvia spoke with a lovely smile.

Alex took a lobe and passed one to Mordek.

Alex looked at the bread, it was going to spoil soon and it was hard but it was edible.

Alex took a bite and chewing it felt a sweet-savoury flavour coming from it.

He kept the third lobe for Riya and muttered”The less, the people have, the more they give than why the people who have more don’t like anything.”

“That’s how the world is Alex, the more one has, the more he wants.”

“A man who earns 10 silver coins will strive for 11 coins next month. A King who has one Kingdom will want more kingdoms under him. Greed knows no bounds. Once the soul has been tainted by greed it will know no bound.”

Alex carefully pondered Mordek words. He wasn’t sure if he would ever be tainted by greed.

But for now, he had one greed, the greed to make his Nation stand on its feet again.

As Alex spoke, he saw a group of children playing with sticks and he was stunned for a moment because all of them had a golden yellow aura surrounding them.

“I found it,” Alex shouted.

“What!” Mordek was stupefied for a moment by Alex’s sudden scream and almost fell on his back

“Our golden goose.”

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