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Alex took a step forward and bent down and took the pouch that contained coins which fell on the ground and said”I am taking down what belongs to mine.”

The two looked at Alex with horror and held their throat trying to speak but Alex ignored them and walked past them.

Alex had already scanned the whole building and except for two squire ranks on the second floor, he didn’t find any awakened which could possess any threat to him.

“Follow me and leave them for now,” Alex spoke and took the stairs up and arrived before the door behind which two people stood.

In the room, a woman and a man were present who seemed too busy going through something.

Their levels were low and they didn’t even know that their two people had already been taken down.

Riya thought of knocking on the door seeing her lord’s gaze but she heard a cold voice asking her to break it.


Riya kicked the door, and with a loud bang the hinges of the door broke and the door flew towards the man who sat at the table.

The sudden attack took him by surprise and he wasn’t able to react at the speed at which the door came at him.

And he was slammed by the door which carried him towards the wall behind him and both he and the door crashed at the wall and he was plastered on the wall.

The table was blasted and the wooden door cracked and was flattened.

“Who?” The woman screamed in horror and took out the dagger and was about to move to attack when a drop of blood slid down her neck.

To her absolute horror, a dagger pressed on her throat and a woman appeared behind her without her notice.

Mordek’s jaw dropped wide open. He wasn’t able to catch the glimpse of the lady’s movement.

She was much stronger than him. He was still in disbelief that the lady that followed them was at a higher level than him.

Alex chuckled seeing Mordek’s reaction and asked him to take out the man who was struck by the wall.

Mordek was too shocked to grumble. If it was in any other situation, he would have scolded Alex for ordering him.

Alex sat down on the sofa, folding his legs while Mordek took out the man and threw him on the floor like a ragged doll.

The man’s face was haggard and some bones in his body seemed to be broken.

Alex activated the eyes of truth to find that the woman had low potential as an assassin and information gathering skills but the man…




Talent:Assassin and Information gathering.


The man’s information startled Alex.

The woman looked at the boy before him with cautiousness and asked”Who are you? What do you want?”

Alex looked at the woman and said”Nothing?”

Both the woman and the man frowned on hearing his words which caught them by surprise.

Alex’s gaze interchanged between the man and the woman and he spoke with a serious expression”The question shouldn’t be what I want, it’s should be what the hell both of you want?”

“Sending assassins for the King’s hand after taking money from the noble’s, so what is your goal?”


Both the man’s and woman’s tongues are tied on hearing the words and sweat starts to trickle down their faces.

Their heartbeat hastened as they knew a single wrong word can kill them.

After thinking for a moment, the man said, “We wanted to spread our influence.”

“Woah! That’s a nice goal but why kill the king for it.” Alex asked with a curious expression.

The man hesitated to speak but seeing Alex’s piercing gaze, he finally started to speak.

“I was a member of the Secret Night Order but I was backstabbed by one of them. I wanted to make an organisation equally powerful so that I have my revenge.” The man spoke with bloodshot eyes.

Alex’s burrows furrowed. After all, he doesn’t have much information about this world but seeing Riya’s horror-stricken expression, the things weren’t as simple as it looks.

“First thing, why are you telling me that and second thing, what that has to do with the assassin the King. Do you think killing the king spreads your name far and wide?” Alex asked though he had already guessed the man’s intention.

“I am telling you this cause you seem to be interested in my work. If not, then you would have killed us already. I can see that your group is related to the king one way or another.” The man spoke confidently.

“And if you are talking about why I accepted to assassinate the king because I thought he would be an easy target. Our organisation is just in the starting phase so we don’t have enough manpower but if we knew that the king had such individuals by his side we wouldn’t have taken the risk.”

“Tell me how did you know that the king has no guards,” Alex asked curiously.

“The nobles gave the information. Currently, the castle has lost a lot of personnel. There were still some royal guards and soldiers but the noble made false charges against them and charged them with treason and imprisoned them.” The man answered.

Alex’s expression became awful and his eyes became sharp.

Alex tapped on the armpit for a moment, looking at the man he fell into deep thought.

Alex took a deep breath and asked, “Work for me.”

“As for who I am, you will know in five days. You can decide what to do after seeing who I am.”Alex spoke in a cold authoritative voice which makes the other party hard to refuse.

” But let me tell you, you have two options: either die or work for me. And don’t think you can escape from me. As long as you are alive, you can’t run away from me.’

” In the meantime, give me all the details you have of the nobles who wanted to kill the King,” Alex ordered.

“But before that, you have to swear mana oath.” Alex smirked and further added, “You can refuse to do so but will die a brutal death if you do that.”

The man looked at the man and decided to bet all his prospects on him.

At first, it was just a plea to save his life but now it was a gamble to step forward towards achieving his goals.

After finishing the things, Alex stood and walked outside followed by Mordek and Riya but before exiting, a man appeared and seeing the two men passed out at the entrance rushed forward to attack.

“Riya let me handle this,” Alex spoke and stretched his neck.

The man holding the dagger slashed at Alex but Alex sidestepped and got a hold of his wrist and kicked his thigh.

As the man lost his balance due to the kick, Alex pulled the arm and wrapped it around the man’s neck and tried to strangle him, stomped on his other thigh and pinned him down.


Alex punched him in the back and knocked him down.

The man who attacked wasn’t an awakened one but still, he was quite good so Alex wanted to test his strength and he was quite satisfied with his development.

If this goes on, soon his physical strength would be enough to take down a squire.

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