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On the street, three silhouettes walked slowly and steadily.

Alex walked in the middle with Riya and Mordek beside him and all of them wearing cloaks, to hide their presence but no one found their suspicions because the people’s lives here were too messed up to notice and waste time on observing others.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle one can expect while walking in the capital city of the kingdom, the atmosphere was quite gloomy and gave one a deary feeling of grief and sorrow.

Alex looked at the old shabby house, broken down shops and the unclean roads.

Most of the shops were closed and seemed to be in dilapidated condition.

There was no proper sanitation, nor any workers to clean the streets.

Though the streets were quite wide and maybe once, it basked in glory and was full of people who walked on it with mirth and joy, now only the lingering suffering and misery were left behind on it.

The places were in dilapidated condition, and there was a lack of proper ventilation, while the rich got richer the common poor people got poorer.

Alex’s eyes became numb as he saw their condition and gazed at the area which looked as if he was in a slum.

Instead of the joy and laughter of children ringing in his ears, he could see them begging with lifeless eyes.

Alex clenched his fist and asked”I know the king is an asshole and unfit but can’t the noble at least spare a penny for them. Can’t at least provide them with jobs and a steady supply of money”

“After all, increasing the wealth of common people can help them to increase their wealth through tax and production of other things. If things were left like this and if one day this kingdom is taken over by another, wouldn’t they also suffer and their titles would be stripped.” Alex spoke with anger that was about to burst forth from his body.

Riya looked at Alex and wanted to soothe his pain and help him calm down but she knew nothing would calm him down until the things changed.

“That’s where you are wrong Rex, do you think they are fools who can’t even see this coming,” Mordek spoke with a solemn expression.

“Then why,” Alex asked with a confused look.

“Cause, they can always surrender to the neighbouring states” Mordek answered.

Alex burrows furrowed and looking at Mordek, he asked”But there are chances of their titles being stripped even after being surrounded.”

“Rex, why did you think the nobles didn’t ally with another vassal state to take over the kingdom,” Mordek asked.

Alex didn’t answer but looked at Mordek for an explanation.

“The first reason is the King. Though they were already looting the treasury, it got worse with his coma and not only that, they even dispersed the soldiers and guards and took the money for the military uses and after that, they started to reap from these common people.”

“And the reason why the neighbouring kingdom isn’t attacking is that they are waiting. They are waiting for these leeches to eat the Kingdom from inside and when the Kingdom will be on the verge of collapse, they can take over it quite easily and the nobles can offer them quite a sum of money to keep their titles.” Mordek explained.

“By the way, where the hell are we going?” Mordek asked as he saw they had already crossed the central plaza and now heading towards the alleyway, they had arrived in a run down shady building.

“We are going to have some fun,” Alex spoke as his lips curled upwards with a beautiful smile.

They had arrived at the address that they got from the assassin.

He didn’t know whether the information he got from him was true or false. Furthermore, he was not afraid of any trap as the woman beside him was currently the strongest in the Nevan.

Moreover, even if the information was false, he had other reasons to come outside to search for talented people.

He was sure there were many sleeping dragons and Phoenixes in the city

Though in the current period, even a couching lizard and hens are better than having none.

Alex stepped forward and knocked on the door.

A small lid opened from the door and they heard a voice from it.

“The Sun is over the head.”

Alex heard the man’s words carefully and said”Those who try to raise the head will find it rolling down on the feet.”

It was some sort of security check that one had to go through.

Alex’s crew could have made their way by wreaking havoc and beating the shit out of them but if the leader escaped or was not present in this base and heard the news, then it would be quite troublesome.

After all, Alex was sure these minions knew nothing and were just cannon fodder.


The door opened, emitting a loud screeching sound.

Two men stood behind it and looked at the trio with a suspicious gaze.

“Hmmm. I have never seen you here. Who are you?” One of the men spoke in a rough tone.

“Relax pal. We are here to get a commission so we wanted to meet you, leader.” Alex spoke with a smile.

“Do you have the money?” One of the men asked.

Alex took out a pouch and threw it toward the man and said”You can see it by yourself.”

The man caught the pouch and shook it.


Sounds of coins striking each other rang in his ears and took out a coin and he was astonished to see so many gold coins in it.

Even Mordek was stupefied for a moment seeing the number of gold coins.

Previously his salary was just two gold coins but now he barely gets two or three silver coins.

He hit Alex with his elbow softly and whispered”Kid, where did you get so much money?”

“It was my savings,” Alex muttered softly.

He had around five hundred gold coins which were saved by Riya and now he brought around 20 gold coins.

“Now, have you seen, can you give the money back?” Alex asked.

“Hey, shit head. Didn’t your mother teach you that one shouldn’t ask for the money once given?” The man grinned and laughed evilly.

“Ohh! I didn’t know that.” Alex spoke with a gentle smile showing his pearl white teeth that reflected the rays of light while he made a symbol with his fingers.

Riya, who was boiling with anger on hearing the men cursing at her lord, moved like a gale of wind and crushed Adam’s apples of both the men in an instant.

Both men didn’t die as Riya just broke their neck Adam apple.

They wanted to scream and cry in pain but no words came out of their throat.

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