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After getting rid of the assassin and spending some sweet time cuddling with Riya, Alex opened the system and saw that he unlocked Eyes of Truth and Mana Sensor.

“Hey, system. Can I use it? I have not awakened till nownor do I have any mana.” Alex asked.

[Host, for eyes of truth and Mana Sensor you don’t need to use mana. Eyes of Truth and Mana Sensor are directly linked with the system. The reason why it was locked is that you need to have the strength to endure the burden. If you have used it previously, it would have put a burden on your eyesight and your mind.]

“Okay, by the stat points, will there always be two stat points when I level up.”

[Yes, Host. The stat points are the power that you have accumulated which is slowly given to you as stat points. But you can’t only rely on stat points to become stronger, you have to raise your rank in the traditional way, and the system will just provide an additional boost. You can’t become stronger if you only rely on the system.]

[Host, don’t forget that the strength provided by the system is yours, to begin with. It is your accumulation that you have accumulated while training in the Sanctum of Goddess. Moreover, the great boost the system gives mainly strengthens your base.]

Alex nodded on hearing the system words. The system can help him to build a strong foundation, no it can help him to build the strongest foundation.

Think of foundation as a base number and every time you rank up, your power doubles.

A person having a base value of 8 will get stronger and stronger than a person with a base value of 4 and the gap will widen and widen by a large margin in each rank up.

“Riya,” Alex called her as he decided to use the eyes of truth.

[Eyes of Truth.]

[Eyes of Truth allows one to see others’ potential and uncover their strengths. It can also see through the other person’s disguise and at a higher level, it can also identify whether one is lying or not]

[Mana Sensor]

[Allows the users to cover a wide area and sense other people’s presence and can also track and distinguish a person based on his mana signature on a higher level]

Riya’s figure suddenly flashed before Alex as she appeared as swift like the wind.

“She is quite strong.”

Riya had been trained from the day she was saved. The training was quite vexing and hard but Riya with her sheer will and determination was able to pass through the training.

Alex activated the eyes of truth and his red eyes glowed fiercely as his gaze fell upon Riya.



An embodiment of the Goddess of Lust


Talent:Assassin, Hypnosis by her Charm


When one casts Eyes of Truth, it shows a person enveloped by a certain colour.

Low potential with a red hue, average with yellow, high with green and superior with golden and Riya had a superior potential much to Alex’s surprise.

And to make matter worse, Alex had heard Goddess Rebecca saying that he had an average potential but it was his persistence and tenacity to climb higher that made home stronger


In the large training ground where not a single soul was present except the Alex and Mordek.

As soon as Alex held the sword, a notification flashed before him.



Reward:Thrust Level up.



Reward:Slash Level up.

No matter how many types of sword techniques are made, they all evolved from the five basic sword moves.

Slash, Thrust, Chop, Parry, Slice

When these moves are combined with the footwork, it creates a whole new set of sword techniques.

But if one master each of these basic moves by practising it to a higher level of mastery, he can just destroy his opponent’s formation and exploit his opponent’s weakness.

As Alex practised those basic sword moves and simple swings, he oddly felt irritated.

In the Sanctum of Goddess, he reached a level where he can slice an entire mountain with a swing but now, it would be too good if he can execute his moves properly but he could feel himself improving quickly with each swing.

He can feel the rushing of adrenaline and gain the strength to break the limits.




Talent:Teaching and Guiding


Alex looked at Mordek’s stats which were quite good for a ragged kingdom like his.

After finishing his practise with Mordek Alex spoke”Hey, Sir Mordek do you want to get back at the nobles.”

Mordek who was drinking water coughed, splitting the water when he heard Alex’s words.

“Rex, do you want to die? If any noble heard you, they will surely kill.”

“Do you think with a few days of training you can wipe out those nobles?” Mordek grumbled as was stunned to see Red trying to fly even before he can walk properly.

“You don’t need to worry about that. You just need to accompany me to a place. The King will handle the rest.” Alex spoke.

“Haha hahaha.” Mordek laughed as if heard the funniest joke of the century.

“That fatty can’t even handle his pants and you say he will handle the nobles. What a joke!”

Alex’s face became red with embarrassment and he gritted his teeth as he thought, wasn’t he speaking ill of him too much and this old man is exaggerating his previous idiocy behaviour to the next level.

Mordek grinned but he stopped in his words in the middle and asked with a stunned expression”Hey, isn’t that fatty in a coma, how will he handle it. Did he woke up”


“You misheard sir, I was talking about the Mistress, did you forget the King’s wife who came with her? ” Alex said with an embarrassed expression.

“Oh! You are talking about her. Isn’t she more like her caretaker? Many have rarely seen her as she always wore a veil when she came out.” Mordek spoke, rubbing his chin.

“Still, if you aren’t doing something risky and if it is for the good of Nevan, I will give a hand but what are you going to do,” Mordek asked.

Alex’s lips curled upwards sensing Mordek agreeing with him.

“By the way what are we going to do?” Mordek asked with a curious expression.

“We are going to wreak havoc,” Alex muttered in a soft voice.

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