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The man was already horrified by the brutal assault of the seemingly innocent woman.

He hadn’t even stepped foot inside when like a flash, this woman appear beside him and just a grip from her was enough to break his bones but what horrified him more was that this woman whose eyes were as sharp as a dagger has such a melodic and innocent tone and the way she behaves like a little innocent girl before this skinny boy.

“Idiot….what do you mean?” The assassin asked.

“It’s what you heard. Now Shall I give you a choice? Do you want to die by killing yourself or live by answering my question? But what is the use of dying when you can live a good life? Youdon’thave to return to the assassin organisation you worked at, I will give you some money to disappear and have a good life.” Alex spoke as he stood up and pulled a chair, sat on it folding his legs looking at the man for the answer.

“Oh! Yeah, I will also give you this healing potion, if you just take out everything you know.” Alex spoke with a smirk but in truth, the potion was just fake coloured water.


The man swallowed his saliva and thought about the tempting offer, he is just a mini squire rank assassin.

He was sent here to kill the King since the castle had barely any guards and was mostly empty so it was easy even for a lower level warrior to kill an ant-like the fatty King who is in a coma.

But he hadn’t imagined that he would meet a tigress here.

“What do you want to know?” The assassin spoke in a pained voice. The numbness which he was feeling from his broken limbs is disappearing and he is starting to feel a nerve-wracking pain.

“First, who hired you?” Alex asked with an authoritative tone.

“I don’t knowwho but it was noble.”

Alex rested his chin on his palm and closed his eyes thinking for a moment.

“Are you from Kinley? Did someone from Kinley hire you?” Alex asked.

Riya’s face became pale on hearing Alex’s words.

If someone from Kinley is behind the assassins, then they would surely be in trouble.

Though she is an Epic rank warrior, Kinley is a place where you can find many Epic ranks and it was a behemoth powerhouse on the whole world though it had been weakened by time, it’s still a force to contend with.

“Empire of Kinley.No….No.”

“Our Organisation just carries assassins in Nevan. We don’t have as much authority as you think.” The man spoke hurriedly.

“Okay, thanks for the information.” Alex smiled.

Seeing a bright innocent smile, the man heaved in a sigh as he thought he would be spared and finally live a good life but his hopes were crushed as a dagger flew out of nowhere and pierced his forehead, killing him in an instant.

Alex looked at the dagger another dagger he had in his hand which was Riya’s death kit and said”Your daggers are quite handy, even the materials used to make it are quite good.”

As Alex observed another dagger, a notification flashed before his retina.

[You have killed a low-level squire rank assassin. You have gained 150 experience points]

[You have levelled up]

[You have got two stat points]

[You have levelled up]

[You got two stat points]

[Eyes of Truth Unlocked]

[Mana Sensor Unlocked]

“Woah!” Alex exclaimed with joy and opened his status window.


Name:Alex Von Stan



Level: 3








Stats Points:6

Active Skills:Eyes of Truth[unlocked], Mana Sensor[unlocked], Emperor Charisma[Locked], Emperor Pressure[Locked], Lady Luck’s Blessing[Locked], Heal[Locked], Restore[Locked], Goddess Buff[Locked]

Passive skills:Piercing Thrust Level 0, Iron Heavy Swordsmanship Level 0, Abyssal Slash Level 0, Grand Martial Art Level 0, Mighty Punch Level 0, Spell[Locked], Five Elemental Breathing Technique Level G


Alex smiled as he looked at his stats, it was quite good and he had improved quite a bit in his few days.

Previously he used two stat points, he got from the first quest and used one after the second quest in Vitality, one in stamina, two in both strength and agility and now he got another two from level up.

Alex wanted to explore more and ask the system for more but stopped when he saw Riya’s saddened and sorrow-stricken expression.

Alex frowned as he saw her expression and thought that she might be sad because he killed the assassin.

‘Is it because she wanted to kill her.’Alex muttered but shook away the thoughts and called Riya.

“Riya, why do you look sad?” Alex asked.

Riya kneeled and put her head down, saying”My Lord, I made a mistake.”

“Mistake, what mistake did you make?” Alex asked.

” My Lord, there have been several assassin attempts on your life in the previous month. When I killed them, many were begging me to spare their lives in exchange for the information.”

“Since your condition wasn’t good and I can’t leave your side and kill the people who have sent them, I just killed them without taking the information but now I know, how grave a mistake I had made. If I had listened to them at least you would have the information of those who wanted your life.”

“Please punish me,” Riya spoke in a sweet seductive voice that can ignite a desire even of a man who had given up on worldly affairs.

Alex’s mouth twitched with the way Riya said to punish her.

Though he knew she referred to it innocently, her expression coupled with her voluptuous body made it hard for the other side to hold his desire

‘God had made a mistake. He must have wanted to make her a succubus but by mistake he made her born as a human. Even unknowingly she can seduce anyone with her sweet talk. When she gets control over her charm and uses her seduction skill…My god one day I am gonna burst out,if this keeps going on.’Alex thought inwardly.

“Riya get up,” Alex spoke in an authoritative tone.

Riya stood up but she didn’t look at Alex’s eyes in fear she had angered him.

Alex smiled seeing her shy and meek behaviour and wrapped his hand along her waist and pulled her down on his lap.

“Hey, Riya put your hands across my neck.”

As Riya put her hand and wrapped it around Alex’s neck, Alex caressed and stroked her hair and spoke”Oh! Riya what can I do except fall for you.”

Alex caressed her and lifted her chin to look at the plum cherry lips and kissed her much to Riya’s surprise.

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