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Alex followed the training regime for 10 days. He got the stat points after finishing the training regime on the first day but after repeating it, the system didn’t give him any more stat points nor did he get any quest updates again.

His body had recovered and except for his health, all his stats went beyond ten with some stat points still being left.

Now as his body had gotten close to normal and his constitution had improved a little bit, it was time for him to work on his mana.

To become awakened, one needs to feel mana and store them in their vessel.

After training, using a good breathing technique will give a significant boost.

Alex had a good breathing technique that will not only increase his mana recovery but the mana he inhaled will be purified and flow through his body and alter the structure and increase his body physique.

It means, his body will not only be strengthened but also many impurities that are accumulated over the course will be removed from his body at the same time as the breathing technique can cleanse the impurities as well strengthen his internals and visceral.

The name of the breathing technique was Five Elemental Breathing.

Here five elements signify the five natural elements, wind, earth, water, fire and lightning.

Alex closed his eyes and tried to use the technique he had been taught but he didn’t feel any changes for minutes.

But after a few minutes, he felt something.

Slowly, he started to feel a tingling sensation in his lungs and the air he breathed, flowed through his body giving him a warm sensation.

[You have learnt Five Elemental Breathing Techniques]

[Five Elemental Breathing Techniques ranked up from none to rank G]

Alex was caught by surprise by the sudden notification and nodded his head in satisfaction after seeing it but he got another notification again.

[Host, are you going to awaken like that or do you want to build Mana Heart]

“Mana Heart!” Alex muttered, raising his brows for a moment.

As he thought about it, the information about Mana Heart suddenly clicked in his mind.

“Haaa.I don’t know how many ages it has been since I heard the term and it slipped in my mind.” Alex chuckled at his naivety.

When one awakens as you know mana is stored in the vessel and the user manipulates it to do many things and rank up his level by increasing its amount.

A mana heart, as the word sounds, it’s not a heart of mana; rather, it enables one to use his heart as a reservoir of mana.

Like in cultivation people have dantian, the people in this world have mana vessels but that vessel is different from blood vessels.

Generally, the heart just pumps blood and but a mana heart enables the user to store mana in his blood also and his heart serves as a reservoir and as it pumps blood, it also pumps mana in the process that is taken from the air and mixing with the blood make an efficient transport of mana.

Some people can’t use or manipulate mana, it’s not that they are incompatible with mana, rather their bodies weren’t able to awaken mana due to their structures of vessels.

Such an example is the species of the Barbarian race who don’t have a vessel to store mana but in exchange for using mana, they have got a huge boost in their physical strength and Constitution.

With the system, Alex can also walk on the path of the unawakened warrior training his body to its very limit but he didn’t want to do that instead if he was able to make a mana heart, he could get a strong physical constitution as his mana heart will gradually increase his physique.

But the problem was, you have to make a mana heart before awakening so that it can start once you awakened and the process can’t be left for later and making a mana heart is quite a troublesome and odious task.

That’s why it was used in ancient times and as people didn’t want to spend time on it in later generations, they cast it away as a result one can rarely find one with Mana Heart now.

A person with a Mana heart will have at least twice the amount of mana compared to one who doesn’t have it.

Alex sighed”It means, it gonna take some time for me to awaken.”

Generally, if a child starts training at the age of 9, it would take two or three years to feel mana and if one wanted to create a mana heart it may take years.

Even with his superior technique and experience, he can reduce the years to the months only.

But Alex wasn’t worried about it as with the system, he can increase his strength until he awakens but he had to hunt the monsters to level up making it a pain in the ass as he was too weak to hunt them.

Alex who was meditating in his room suddenly felt a sense of deja vu…

The faint tapping sound didn’t go unnoticed by Alex after all, even though he is weak, his battle sense and instinct have been trained beyond the limit.

“Don’t kill him, bring him here.” Alex’s voice resounded across the room.

And like a flash, a painfully shrill cry was heard and a body dropped before him with a thud.

The man’s hands and limbs were broken by Riya and he was screaming quite pitifully.

Alex’s mouth twitched as he saw the man’s condition and looked at Riya with a questioning gaze and asked”Why did you do that?”

Riya understood what Alex was asking and said “My Lord, I don’t want to take unnecessary risk. What if this man suddenly sneaked to attack you?”

Seeing Riya speaking with a worried tone and thinking about his safety, Alex’s heart warmed up a little.

“Who are you? Where is this place?” The man screamed as he scanned the room.

This should be the room of the king but he only saw a skinny boy sitting before me and his hair colour and facial features seems to be different from the details he got so who the hell was he.

Alex heard the man shout and replied with a smirk.

“I am just an idiot.”

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