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In contrast to Alex’s warm greeting, he was greeted with a cold snort from the man.

Alex looked at the man who seemed to be quite irritated as he scanned Alex from head to toe.

‘Why is he so irritated.’Alex muttered inwardly and wondered.

Alex had changed his appearance so he wondered if the man was able to identify him.

The instructor who was in charge of training the recruits had an awful expression as if Alex had stolen his wife and ran away.

“Sir, is something wrong?” Alex asked humbly.

The man spoke in an angered tone” When I was called, I was told that you are going to be the King guard but after taking a look at you I feel I have wasted my time.”

“You are just a sack of bones. I thought I could finally nurture a good one, a talented one but have looked at yourself, can you even lift a sword without falling”

Alex scratched his head in embarrassment, true to the man’s words, he had tried to lift a sword a few days before but he wasn’t able to, he couldn’t even lift a sword of 15 kg.

Though Alex’s complexion hadn’t undergone a drastic change, he was sure that he can now lift and fight with a sword.

“Sir, I am serious about learning swordsmanship and training to be a strong Knight,” Alex said, giving a resolute expression.

“Hahaha. Are you joking, you want to be a knight?” The man laughed and spoke, “It had been years since Nevan had given birth to a knight.”

A Knight is a soldier or warrior who had achieved the rank of Epic before 25 years of age.

You can obtain the title of Knighthood only if you can clear the conditions before reaching 20 and Alex had already stepped onto the age of 19.

“Listen, lad, the first thing, your body is not in a condition to learn the sword. First, you need to become physically fit or you have to meet a prerequisite requirement .”

“If you were an awakened one, I could have taught swordsmanship at the beginning or at least if you had a good physique but…”

The man pulled Alex and held his palms and then his legs, and hands and examined something and frowned.

“Hey, you.” The man yelled.

“Yeah.” Alex took a step back seeing his furious gaze.

“Have you ever walked or run in your life? After examining I can feel your structure has recently been changed. You were just a fat pig who rarely walked just like that dumbass King who does nothing except eat, play and sleep.”

Alex’s eyes glimmered as he looked at the man, the man had a talent in this field, he could tell his body condition just from touching it, though he is quite harsh, he is quite good at his job.

If it’s come to teaching, this man maybe a hundred years to teach him. What can anyone teach Alex when he had been trained and taught by the Goddess of War herself.

The reason, he asked for the instructor was to test him. Whether the man is useless like the nobles and leech off the money or he is fit for the job.

“Sir, why did you stay here instead of going to Wright following the Queen,” Alex asked.

“Haaa….It’s not that I don’t want to go, but I can’t leave even if I wanted. The Nevan kingdom is already on the verge of collapse and if I leave, who will train the soldier, if by chance there will be any?”The man spoke with a sorrowful expression.

“Every day, I woke up with the hope to see a recruit would appear and I could train him but alas no one appears and the remaining soldier have all been taken by nobles and became their slaves. Those assholes had been tainted by corruption and greed.”

Seeing the man’s expression, Alex’s heart teared up with sorrow.

Riya said that the kingdom’s finances were so bad that we couldn’t even recruit any soldiers.

But in truth, it’s not we who have no money, it’s the nobles who are leaving no place to leech off.

After his coma, they didn’t let a single opportunity slip by, to accumulate wealth and empty the resources.

Alex knew that he was not a good king before and also knew that he couldn’t be blamed for this as he was not in a position to be king still he felt great guilt every time he heard about the situation.

He wanted to rush quickly and start the management but without sufficient strength and preparation, he would be playing into their hands, as the nobles wouldn’t let him do as he pleases and would either hire an assassin to kill him or do something else to keep him down.

Alex clenched their fist tightly and looked at the man with a serious expression.

If it was just about swordsmanship, Alex can be said to know superiors’ techniques more than anyone else in this world.

But he wanted to see the instructor who is responsible for reaching them and maybe he can teach the man some moves, making him the foundation of the future soldiers of Nevan.

If Alex had the eyes of truth, he could see the man’s potential but he hasn’t unlocked it even without it, he can see, that the man had good potential, it’s just the lack of resources had dragged him down.

The man flinched a little seeing the boy’s gaze whose innocent eyes suddenly became sharp.

“Sir, please help me. If you don’t want to teach swordsmanship, it’s okay but help me become stronger. I want to change this kingdom and help it rise on its feet once again. My contribution may not make a big difference but at least I could say proudly that I had raised my hand in times of trouble while others defected and ignored the Kingdom’s call.”

“This country is my motherland and I swear I will make my mother proud more than any other.”

“Mother, your son will surely prove his world so that you can look up, raising your head high.”

Alex’s fiery speech made something awaken within the man as he looked at the boy and he felt that he failed to judge the boy.

“Just like others, I had also given up hope. Instead of wasting my time, if I would search for children and people who wanted to fight and train them, I could have surely been able to put up a squad but I gave up and left everything to fate.”The man said with an awful expression.

“Boy, let’s begin our training. We can’t waste our time on those fiery speeches only.”

“You mean, you will teach me sportsmanship,” Alex spoke, trying to act as if he was quite happy and excited about it.

“No, first I will train you physically.”The man spoke and gave him a routine.

As soon as the man’s words finished, Alex saw a screen appear in his vision.


Run 5km

Do 50 pushups

Do 50 pull-ups.

Do 50 jumps.

Do 50 squat

Lift weights 50 times.

Time:1 Day

Reward:3 Stat points and Mordek trust.

‘Woah!” Alex exclaimed with a surprised expression.

Though the training was difficult it wasn’t impossible. If it was a few days ago, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to continue this regime but now the quests were just harvester of stat points for him.

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