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The Hero Returns

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Are they fostering new clan members? Some awakeners created guilds through mutual cooperation. They were a kind of faction; they were also created for more effective dungeon attacks.

Having a great awakening was also directly connected to the guild’s status and power. As a result, guilds also recruited awakeners and even trained budding rookie awakeners.

Blue Dragon, Paradise, Association... Quite a number came.

Though he thought this would happen, the reaction came earlier than expected. Not even a day had passed and there was already a post about him.

True, the points themselves were quite ridiculous.

The person who ranked first before Su-hyeun had recorded 940 points. Since the difference between the first and second place was huge, it was expected that the appearance of divinity would appeal to many.

Still, there is a difference between the present and the future.

In the future, a system was made to optimize data compiled on awakeners who were heading to the next floor. It was the result of a long period of countless guilds and organizations studying the awakeners. But that system had not been created in this world yet.

In fact, if anyone who challenged from the second floor onwards recorded 1,000 points, it would be of note to them. Even if it were the same floor, the standard would be different.

This isn’t good.

Su-hyeun did not want his name to be known so soon. If his name were made known, problems would become inevitable; additionally, he did not want to worry Shin Su-yeong too much.

There are not many benefits.

No matter how amateur an awakener was, there was something for one to benefit from by joining a guild. The resources and items related to the Tower of Trials would be of enormous help. But to Su-hyeun, that information was not required. Instead, they needed help from him.

“There’s not much they could tell just by my name....”

He ignored it for now. Su-hyeun had no intention to join any organization or guild from the start. Su-hyeun ideally wanted to be a mercenary soldier, not belonging anywhere.

It was best for him since he knew about the future. Su-hyeun, who had decided his path, turned off the computer and went to bed. Now, what he needed most was not a guild, but rest.

Act 5

Kim Su-hyeun. The name that excited many guilds. The second floor’s new awakener, who just stepped into the tower. It wasn’t enough for the guilds to notice someone usually; instead, it was because of his record and ranking.

“Hak-joon, do you know of a guy named Kim Su-hyeun?” Ares Guild’s leader, Jung Dong-yeong, asked.

Hak-joon, who sat on the hard sofa in a spacious office, shook his head. “I don’t.”

“Really? I heard that he just entered the second floor like you.”

“The second floor is so vast. Although it’s incomparable to the upper floors, what would the probability be of me meeting a certain person in that vast city?”

“Hmm, is that so?” Jung Dong-yeong lightly smacked his lips. It seemed that he was also coveting for the new awakener, Kim Su-hyeun. Hak-joon could easily sense that.

“So, what happened to the third floor’s attack?” Jung Dong-yeong asked again after organizing his thoughts.

Hak-joon was one of the new awakeners that the Ares Guild was supporting. They were supporting him with various information as well as equipment. He had the talent and had already proven it on the first floor. He, too, knew that he was supported by the Ares Guild.

“There’s no one suitable to join me yet. If I can’t get someone by tomorrow, I might have to head up myself.”

“Really? Good. If you maintain this, just head up till the tenth floor. Until then, we’ll give you our full support.”


“You know what to do next, right?” Hak-joon closed his eyes and nodded at Jung Dong-yeong’s question.

Of course he knew. How could he not know? He had been asked countless times. Did Jung Dong-yeong like the obedient Hak-joon? Jung Dong-yeong put on a satisfied expression and waved his hand.

“Go on. Let’s go over it again a week from now. If possible, try to beat Kim Su-hyeun.”

“I got it.” Hak-joon slightly bowed his head and hurried out the office.

Kim Su-hyeun, Kim Su-hyeun... The name was left in his head. At the same time, a familiar face appeared in his mind.

Could it be him? The guy whom he approached to join hands together. Hak-joon had a sudden thought that he might be Kim Su-hyeun.

He couldn’t be. Even if he was right, there was no way to verify. Hak-joon shook his head.

No other thoughts were needed. He just had to focus on his goal now. Now, he was exhausted just looking after himself.

* * *

Plat, plat, plat—


Countless arrows fell overhead like rain. To avoid them, Su-hyeun hid behind a tree.


Pong, pong—!

Due to some of the Shayres’ special items or energy, a few arrows made a large hole in a tree, but Su-hyeun was no longer behind the tree that they were targeting.


Su-hyeun sneaked up on the Shayre who had used magic and slashed its neck using the sword in his hand. This was the priority of a fight: when there was one that used magic, exterminate it immediately. Su-hyeun was reminded of it the moment he encountered them.

Creak, creak—!


With a grotesque cry, the Shayres drew their swords. Su-hyeun distanced himself from the Shayres and looked at the gigantic Shayre standing amongst them.

The Shayres’ chief.

The ruler of this vast forest.

It looked at Su-hyeun with terrified eyes. The Shayres here were the remaining ones who survived after a month-long battle. If they were considered seasoned troops, the Shayre chief was the final boss of this trial.

“Why don’t you fight me head-on?”

Though he did not expect it to understand his words, he was confident that his intention was conveyed. Sure enough, the Shayre chief raised its hand and walked towards Su-hyeun.

Creak, creak—


The Shayres that stood between their chief and Su-hyeun started murmuring. They were possibly saying that there was no need for the chief to do it personally. But it seemed the chief had no wishes to lose more men, and he asked them to step back as he walked up to Su-hyeun.

Stomp, stomp—

The size of the nearing chief was enormous. Unlike a usual Shayre, who was a head taller than a grown man, the chief had a build that was many times taller than Su-hyeun. Furthermore, its body was entirely made of muscles.

“You should have done this earlier,” Su-hyeun said, but he was glad to see such a reaction from the chief.

I’ve waited for a long time.

It had been an entire month. Su-hyeun was buried in the second floor’s trial while moving between reality and the Tower of Trials during this period. It wasn’t easy meeting the Shayres’ chief. Their chief was surrounded by numerous Shayres, and the chief seemed to have no intention of taking the first action. Eventually, Su-hyeun made the decision to wipe them all out.

Creak, creak—

The chief said something to Su-hyeun. Of course, Su-hyeun could not understand. But he understood the gist of it.

“Are you saying that you’ll avenge your men?”


The chief nodded. Su-hyeun turned speechless. How did he understand my words enough to nod his head?

He didn’t understand why he was trying to communicate with a monster. Su-hyeun sighed and picked up his sword. “Forget it...”

Pat, pat—

“I’m sick of this. Let’s end it.” Su-hyeun leaped and jumped a few flights of stairs in a flash.


The chief’s ax blocked Su-hyeun’s sword. As his magic-filled sword and the chief’s ax struck, a sharp pain was left on Su-hyeun’s grip.


The chief swung its ax again, this time passing by Su-hyeun’s eyes.


A thin cut. At the same time, Su-hyeun shrunk his body downwards.


Stab, stab—

Su-hyeun’s sword stabbed deep into the chief’s shoulder.

Splash, splash—!

Su-hyeun stabbed the chief continuously, but none of his blows were deadly. If he got ambitious, the chief’s ax might still swing towards him if he wasn’t careful.

Slowly, steadily. No matter how small the stabs were, if they accumulated, the chief would eventually fall. If the opponent were superior in health, Su-hyeun would merely crumble when going head-on. Thus, he needed a more flexible fight.


The chief couldn’t stand it any longer and had an outburst. At that moment, the chief had gotten more agile. His pure white skin turned red.


Soon enough, the chief dashed towards Su-hyeun and swung its ax widely.


Su-hyeun’s body flew up as the strong wind ripped the still air. The faceless Shayre’s chief looked up following Su-hyeun’s body. The chief stepped back and took out a huge bow and arrow in its hands from behind.


The bowstring was stretched taut and aimed at Su-hyeun. A force was applied on the bow, which was similar to the magic that awakeners use.



The arrow flew at a terrifying speed too fast to avoid. However, Su-hyeun wasn’t looking at the chief’s arrow, but its hand.


Su-hyeun’s body bounced forward. The repeated leap was not restricted to just leaping upwards. It was possible to go in any direction one wanted.



A bow that he picked up from one of his previous fight was in his hands. Su-hyeun held the bow at the chief’s head the moment he reduced the distance between himself and the chief.



The arrow went flying as soon as the bowstring was released.



The chief grabbed the arrow stuck in its head and screamed.

Swash, swash—

The other Shayres who were watching started to move. As it wasn’t a fair fight from the start, the Shayres came forward to protect their chief.

It was expected.


Su-hyeun grabbed the spear from behind him after releasing the arrow.

“I said to end this quickly, right?” This time, Su-hyeun’s body became the bow. He widely swung the spear and released it.

The magic filled spear smashed the chief’s head. It was a moment when no other Shayres could have helped. Suddenly:

[You have gained 300 achievement points.]

[Your Health has increased by 1 point.]

[The Shayres have been defeated. There is no other enemy who can harm you.]

[You have perfectly passed the second floor’s trial.]

[Your achievement will be ranked.]

[You are ranked first.]

[Your Strength has increased by 2 points.]

[Your Agility has increased by 1 point.]

[Your Reflex has increased by 1 point.]

[You have gained 25,000 achievement points.]

[Your Magic Factor has increased by 3 points.]

[You have obtained the Shayres’ treasure.]

[Will you advance to the next floor?]

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