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The Hero Returns

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Chapter 26

Instead of answering Lee Ju-ho’s question, Su-hyeun looked at his face for a while.

The heated surrounding and tense atmosphere around Lee Ju-ho was suffocating enough, and it was Lee Ju-ho who was unilaterally frustrated.

He knew that the atmosphere was somewhat different, but he did not know that Lee Ju-ho would be fearful of it.

It wasn’t just the level of magic concentration; the skills Su-hyeun had were also of a different class from his.


Su-hyeun spoke as he looked at Lee Ju-ho’s face, which was struck with fear.

“Yes, that’s right.”

There was no need for Su-hyeun to come up with more excuses or to beat about the bush.

As Lee Ju-ho had seen his original self, there would not be any use to try to deny it. On top of that, it wasn’t his name that Su-hyeun had wanted to hide.

Lee Ju-ho’s eyes widened at Su-hyeun’s answer. It seemed that he was still quite surprised even after hearing the truth from him.

Su-hyeun pressed hard between his brows.


He had not expected Lee Ju-ho to return to the dungeon. Su-hyeun let out a deep sigh and spoke while dangling his sword in his hand.

“I’ll ask you again. Why did you return?”

“Well, that...” Lee Ju-ho spoke after a moment of contemplation. There was only one thing that he could answer. “Because I was ashamed.”



“About what?”

“That I abandoned you and ran away myself.”

“Was it solely because of that?”

“It wasn’t all because of that...”

How should he explain himself? Conscience? Or embarrassment? It seemed better to say that his feet didn’t allow him to go too far.

<> Su-hyeun originally thought that Lee Ju-ho probably sensed that he had hidden his actual skills and came back to check.

Su-hyeun nodded his head while looking at Lee Ju-ho, who was scratching his head dully.

“Well, forget it.”


“What else can I do now? I’m sorry to have lied to you.”

“Ah, it’s alright. Either way, the rest of us were able to survive thanks to you...”

There were definitely a lot of strange things in the dungeon. It had a weird format different from the normal dungeons, and the difficulty level on the outside was vastly different from the level on the inside.

If it weren’t for Su-hyeun, it would have been impossible for them to clear the trial, and no one would have survived the trap that Kim Ye-eun had set up. In other words, they were able to survive because of Su-hyeun.

“Mister Su-hyeun is our benefactor.”

Su-hyeun felt slightly relieved after hearing Lee Ju-ho’s words.

It didn’t seem like Lee Ju-ho would rashly spread the news about him either. He didn’t seem to be that kind of person.


Lee Ju-ho was a veteran who had been working as an awakener for an extended period. It would be even easier to get more accurate and various news from Lee Ju-ho directly instead of searching through Abyss Online.

As said before, although it was true he had owed him a favor, their relationship in the future wouldn’t be bad.

“Don’t feel burdened by it. I’m not trying to erase the debt; I’m only doing what I should have done before,” Su-hyeun said and flopped onto the floor.

He would, of course, be exhausted after clearing out hundreds of monsters single-handedly. On top of that, Su-hyeun’s Flame skill was one that would use up high amounts of magic concentration at high speeds.

As the supply of magic got cut off from his body, the flames around started to die down.

Lee Ju-ho watched, fascinated, as the fire around him died down and flopped next to Su-hyeun.

“It’s quite an interesting skill.”

“It’s the type that devours magic.”

“What level of magic is required for this skill?”

“Although it’s a level 4 magic skill...” Su-hyeun’s words trailed off. It’s too obvious and thus unnecessary for him to continue the sentence.

“What in the world...”

Lee Ju-ho, too, was a B-rank awakener, with level 4 magic. Lee Ju-ho’s primary skill, Swift, was also one of the level 4 magic skills. It was a reasonably useful skill that boosted the overall speed on skills, magic usage, and physical stamina.

But compared to Su-hyeun’s Flame, Swift was nowhere near as helpful.

“Awesome. Although you must have heard it countless times... It’s for real.”

Kim Su-hyeun. He had heard of this name countless times.

A unique awakener who had cleared the level 10 trials of each floor while climbing the Tower of Trials.

A divinity that had been breaking records on each floor.

There were many divided opinions on how strong he had become after a year of awakening.

It was also because he had never shown his face before. There was nothing else made known to the public besides his name.


Su-hyeun had been talking to Lee Ju-ho for a while now.

Amongst the topics was one about Lee Ju-ho, who hadn’t been climbing the Tower of Trials for quite some time. Many didn’t climb the Tower of Trials as they valued their own lives more. No, more accurately, it was most of the awakeners.

How many awakeners had failed to pass the trials while aiming for levels higher than their actual capability?

In fact, up until now, the awakeners’ causes of death were mostly from the Tower of Trials. It was a given to value their own lives more, but Lee Ju-ho even valued others’ lives as much as his own.

It wasn’t common to find such a person like him in this stark and shriveled world. Thoughts like, “As long as it isn’t me,” or “It’s just me by myself” were more prevalent in this world, but having a person like Lee Ju-ho was not bad at all.

“Tsk. Anyway, why did Kim Ye-eun betray us? I didn’t expect that she would pull a suicide stint on us.”

“She didn’t pull a suicide stint.”

“Then what?”

“She pulled a team kill on us.”

Lee Ju-ho was horrified by Su-hyeun’s blunt response.

Up until now, Lee Ju-ho had thought that Kim Ye-eun’s action was that they should all have perished together. But to think that she had the intent of killing them?

“Do you know about Dump Guild?”

“Dump Guild?”

He seemed to be unaware.

Su-hyeun continued on.

“It is a guild made up with homicidal maniacs. Not just homicidal maniacs, but there are also others with conflicting interests gathered there.”

“There is such a guild?”

“You would not be aware since they are not widely known.” Su-hyeun, who was speaking as he walked, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“In fact, we can say that those who have known about them have all died.”

“Wait, what?” Lee Ju-ho’s face went white as paper.

That was even more horrifying than what he said before. That those who knew about the existence of the Dump Guild had died.

In other words, he wouldn’t know what would happen to him.

“S-so why are you telling me this?” Lee Ju-ho asked Su-hyeun, who continued walking again. He would have preferred to not have known about this at all.

Su-hyeun replied to Lee Ju-ho, who gave a massive reaction with a huge grin. “Aren’t you an adventurer who isn’t afraid of death?”

“No, but even so, why is there a need to kill when we’ve survived?”

“Did I say that I killed them? Perhaps Dump Guild would send someone to do it.”

“Didn’t I say that earlier!” Lee Ju-ho tore his hair out, screaming. He seemed to be quite frightened at Dump Guild’s name.


Technically, Kim Ye-eun wasn’t a member of the Dump Guild.

To join Dump Guild, there was a special mission that potential candidates had to clear. It was a concept similar to the trials.

And Kim Ye-eun was right in the middle of clearing it. In other words, she wasn’t an official member of Dump Guild yet.

Perhaps, Dump Guild might have considered this as a failed mission. They could also be afraid that their guild’s existence would be exposed to the public.


He felt apologetic to Lee Ju-ho.

Because of this, Lee Ju-ho would be more interested in the Dump Guild as well.



Dump Guild. It was the worst criminal syndicate guild, and in the future, a group of murderers who were even more dangerous than monsters.

Punishing them was one of Su-hyeun’s goals. It wasn’t easy digging the Dump Guild out as they were intentionally hiding from the public.

In that case, he needed something that would make them surface.

Su-hyeun wanted this to be the starting point.

“Stop it and come quickly,” Su-hyeun said, looking back at Lee Ju-ho, who still had his head hung down.

“Shouldn’t we see the end of this?”

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