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Chapter 7: Run Away

That was really a pleasant surprise. Even the ugly walking dead became a bit cuter in Zhang Mu’s eyes.

Zhang Mu slowly moved closer to them. The three walking dead were tightly tangled together and couldn’t move a step. Seeing this, Zhang Mu grew more guts and quickly walked towards them.

Zhang Mu walked to the fat walking dead and found that his Tang sword had almost been wrapped in its body. However, the fat walking dead had stopped generating more cuticles because its energy had reached its limit. Its body naturally stopped.

How could he draw his Tang sword out?

Zhang Mu observed the sword and tried several times. He failed. Even though he stepped on the fat walking dead’s neck and forcibly pulled the sword, it didn’t move a bit.

That mutated walking dead’s fat was really too thick.

Suddenly, Zhang Mu had an idea.

If he killed the fat walking dead, it would lose its regenerative capacity and its cuticle layer would become fragile.

Zhang Mu wanted to use his fist, but was worried about being hurt. That would put him in unnecessary trouble. Thinking, he put down his hand and looked around. He picked up a brick from the ground and smashed it on the fat walking dead’s head as hard as he could.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The fat walking dead’s survival instinct made it twitch on the ground, but its struggle was doomed to futility.

One, two… Zhang My knocked the brick at the same place dozens of time. Its face had been smashed into a chunk of minced meat. Finally, the fat walking dead lost its life and its cuticle layer stopped repairing itself.

Zhang Mu puffed. He didn’t dare to be careless because there were still two other walking deads.

The brick had been dyed black by the blood. Zhang Mu threw it away and wiped his hands on his pants, then held the Tang sword’s handle in his hands, trying his best to draw it out. The sword gradually loosened.

He broke out a loud yell, drawing out the Tang sword.

Fortunately, first-ranked walking dead’s’ blood wasn’t corrosive. Otherwise, he would’ve lost the sword forever and there would be nowhere for him to cry to.

The two walking dead were still struggling. The cuticle layer which bounded their claws had started loosening.

As Zhang Mu drew out his sword, one of the walking dead also drew its claws out.

Walking deads don’t feel tired. Since Zhang Mu was standing in front of it, it immediately pounced at him, trying to tear at his flesh.

Zhang Mu didn’t have time to take a rest. He immediately held the sword in his hand and turned to face his assailant. At this time, the tailored Tang sword’s additional 20 cm finally showed its use.

Before the walking dead reached him, Zhang Mu had sidestepped its claws and swung at its arm. He lifted his leg and kicked at its body. The walking dead lost its balance and was forced to step back.

Zhang Mu didn’t follow up the small victory with hot pursuit however. He knew that the another walking dead would get rid of its constraints at any time. Taking the opportunity that its claws were still struck, his sword cut through its neck.

The only hidden trouble had been solved. The remaining walking dead was already not a threat to Zhang Mu. As if it didn’t know that Zhang Mu had cut off its claws, it still rushed at Zhang Mu, waving its broken arms fiercely.

Zhang Mu casually brandished his sword, finishing the battle.

Zhang Mu found that the fat walking dead was too heavy to move. He had to chop off its head along the wound on its neck to searching for its crystal.

After taking out the three crystals from the three walking dead’s, Zhang Mu felt very tired. He staggered and leaned on the sword.

As he gasped for air, the ground suddenly shook. He looked up, then cursed with helplessness.

The walking dead on the square were all running towards him. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

Are you kidding me? How it possible that they all finished eating at the same time!

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