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Chapter 3: Tailored Tang Sword

After walking into the back room, Zhang Mu saw Xue Liang holding a metal handle on the ground. When the handle was lifted, it revealed a deep hole with a wooden ladder. He didn’t hesitate and climbed into the hole. Zhang Mu followed him down.

It was a basement. As the wind blew from inside the hole, an incandescent lamp swayed in the room, emitting a dazzling light. After a while, Zhang Mu’s eyes adapted to the light and barely managed to open them.

The basement wasn’t big. He could see everything with a glance. There was a very conspicuous work table in the middle that occupied most of the space in the room. It was cluttered with a variety of semi-finished products and tools.

Zhang Mu looked up and saw various knives and swords hanging on the wall.

Zhang Mu was speechless. He quietly looked around and spotted dozens of straw rice bags and other heaps of food in the deepest corner.

So this was how Xue Liang had survived through the most difficult time after the catastrophe. When it happened, many people had starved to death in their rooms because they were too scared to leave their houses.

Xue Liang showed a confident smile on his mouth after he saw the surprise on Zhang Mu’s face. In this room, he was the king of his territory.

His degenerate look disappeared, speaking to Zhang Mu with a smile, “Brother Zhang, which knife or sword do you like? They are not tailor-made tools, so maybe you will feel a little uncomfortable using them. Anyway, you don’t look like an expert in the use of the knife. In that case, it should not be a problem to you.”

Zhang Mu looked around but didn’t find a suitable one. Finally, he moved his eyes to a long sword hanging in a corner of the wall.

The sword blade was slim and narrow and had a sharp tip. The most important thing was that it was about 1.2 m long with a cold light flashing through its blade.

Zhang Mu felt an itch in his heart. He pointed at the sword and immediately said, “This one. I want this lengthened Tang sword.”

However, Xue Liang showed an embarrassed look on his face.

“Well, Brother Zhang, you have a pair of sharp eyes. This Tang sword is indeed one of the best weapons I have made. However, it was customized for someone else. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been twenty centimetres longer than your average Tang sword. It has been edged according to that person’s habit. It isn’t right for you. Not that I’m unwilling to sell it to you, however, it has been put in the corner of the basement for half a year, for that person only paid me two thousand RMB for the deposit and never came here after that. You should listen to my advice. It’s too long. You won’t feel comfortable when using it.”

Zhang Mu knew that Xue Liang’s words were sincere, and he was slightly touched in his heart. However, he still waved his hand and said, “Since the person had breached his promise, it’s better to sell it to me than to just putting it there. Besides, it has been edged. That saves me a lot of time.”

Xue Liang didn’t know what this young man was thinking. From the way Zhang Mu’s spoke, he knew that he wasn’t a layman. However, why didn’t he know this general knowledge of the sword?

“I honestly think that you should think it over.”

“No, thanks. How much is this sword? Tell me the price and I will buy it.”

Xue Liang knew that Zhang Mu had made his decision and wasn’t ready to change it.

He told him the price, “Since it isn’t a reserved sword anymore and it’s really been pleasant talking with you, I can consider this earnest request of yours. Give me two thousand and five RMB and it will be yours.”

Two thousand and five RMB. That sure was a cheap price. In other cases, he wouldn’t be able to buy it at that price.

Zhang Mu was glad about his luck. The 3000 RMB was just enough. He appreciated the unlucky man whose money was just stolen by him.

Even though Zhang Mu’s instinct as a merchant was wriggling in his heart, he still didn’t negotiate the price. He knew the meaning of “enough is enough”. He couldn’t take the risk of breaking their friendship which they just built. Besides, if Xue Liang was annoyed due to that and refused to sell him the sword, that would be his loss.

Zhang Mu immediately gave Xue Liang the money.

“Very well. You’re big-hearted. Little brother, the sword belongs to you now. As for me, I will go to write a receipt for you.”

Zhang Mu smiled and waved his hand.

“No, thanks. I don’t need any receipt.” 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

He walked to the wall and took the Tang sword, holding it in his hands.

He gently stroked the cold blade. For the first time after returning to the past, his heart felt at ease.

“Well, since you don’t need me to write the receipt… I can return you a hundred RMB.”

Xue Liang felt strange in his heart, but he didn’t think too much. He gave Zhang Mu a hundred RMB.

Zhang Mu didn’t refuse him. He did need the money right now.

Zhang Mu wanted to check the Tang sword more carefully but suddenly saw the clock on the wall. He frowned, then sheathed the sword and held it in his hand.

“Boss Xue, I have something else planned. Goodbye!”

After that, Zhang Mu hurriedly climbed up the ladder and ran out of the shop.

Before Xue Liang realized it, Zhang Mu had run away. This big guy stood at the same spot and whispered, “Well, Brother Zhang is really… unusual.”

After leaving the alley, Zhang Mu ran holding the long sword in his hand. He ignored other people’s surprised eyes and ran into a second-hand market.

The second-hand market was pretty famous in the people who were in the bottom of the society of Luo Yang City.

Although the stuff sold here were second-hand goods, most of them were authentic. Besides, they were really cheap. Zhang Mu searched his pocket and only found six hundred RMB. He must spend them it carefully.

Zhang Mu had a deep impression of this place. Although it was just an unremarkable place now, in the future, due to the practical goods and the several grain stores in the market, it was quite the treasure in the eyes of the several forces in Luo Yang City.

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