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Chapter 25: Role Play

In the end, he didn’t feel the pain of being torn up. He had prepared to be killed, but after hearing Zhang Mu’s words, he opened his eyes as quickly as if he was a drowner who just caught a life buoy.

After realizing that he was still alive, Wang Liang relaxed. He gasped on the ground and gazed at the five headless walking dead, a complex feeling brewing in his heart.

A few seconds later, he finally realized that Zhang Mu was still looking at him. He turned back and looked at the man, the man who smiled with a small beetle on his shoulder, the man who just killed the five walking dead.

He quickly calmed down, adjusted his glasses and asked, “Thank you for saving my life. May I know your name?”

“My name isn’t important. I want to know your answer first. Tell me, do you regret your choice?”

He was frightened by Zhang Mu’s tone and expression. Zhang Mu realized it and immediately eased the pressure.

Wang Liang thought for a while, then answered Zhang Mu slowly, “No, since it was my own choice. It was not for saving their lives, but mine. I had bet that I could trap the five walking dead together and I won. I just didn’t expect that these wastes wouldn’t even dare to attack the immobilized monsters. They are fools. Without my help, they were nothing, but food of these monsters. Yes, if I abandoned them, I could run away alone, but… if we don’t help each other, how long can we survive in the world? Unfortunately, I teamed up with a group of idiots. Hehe.” Wang Liang laughed sarcastically. It seemed like he had recovered a bit of his energy, as he slowly stood up.

He is a smart man. Zhang Mu thought and looked into Wang Liang’s eyes. The man had a clever brain and was also an earth-type evolver. He should be qualified to help him do “that thing”.

Right at this time, the three walking dead in the front of the company had followed the noise to this place and found them. After seeing Zhang Mu and Wang Liang, they immediately roared and rushed to them.

Without any more words, Zhang Mu sped to the three walking dead.

Drawing out his sword, he brandished it and then sheathed it. Zhang Mu finished the three steps in a second.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The next second, three heads fell down to the ground.

Zhang Mu did it on purpose. It looked very easy, but in fact, Zhang Mu had tried his best to behead the three walking dead at the same time.

Of course, his efforts were effective. Zhang Mu became more mysterious in the man’s eyes.

“If I was as strong as you, I wouldn’t be put in that tight spot!” Wang Liang gazed at Zhang Mu’s Tang sword eagerly.

Zhang Mu lifted his sword and smiled, “What? You want my weapon and power?”

“Of course!” he answered subconsciously and immediately added, “And what, sir, must I give in return?”

There is no such thing as a free lunch in the world. The man with glasses knew the proverb very well.

“Don’t worry. Let me introduce myself first.”

Zhang Mu deliberately said in a solemn tone, “I’m a merchant from Era Trade Caravan, not a human belonging to this world. Your world had been chosen as a testing field. After the test started, I came to this world.”

“You are not a human?”

Wang Liang looked at Zhang Mu up and down. He found no difference between Zhang Mu’s appearance and a normal human’s, but he didn’t mind if Zhang Mu was lying. He only wanted power.

“My name is Wang Liang. Tell me, what is the price I have to pay to become as strong as you?”

Wang Liang was eager for power. He knew that the world had been changed. Only people with power could survive.

Zhang Mu didn’t answer his question. Instead, he picked out a crystal from a walking dead’s neck and showed it to Wang Liang, “Look, you can find crystals like this from the walking dead’s necks. It is our currency. If you can gather one thousand crystals in a month for me, I will grant you my speed in exchange for them.”

Wang Liang looked at the crystal with curiosity. He wanted to observe it more closely, but Zhang Mu had already put it back into his own pocket. Wang Liang smiled embarrassedly.

Zhang Mu loved crystals as much as his life. Even though Wang Liang was useful to him, he wouldn’t give him even a crystal for free.

Wang Liang threw up his hands and forced a smile, “I don’t know why I suddenly obtained my super ability, but it isn’t very powerful. I can only kill one or two walking dead at once. As you have seen, it is impossible for me to collect one thousand crystals within a month. I want power, but… sorry, it is far beyond my capabilities.”

Zhang Mu couldn’t help laughing. He said, “Don’t worry. By tomorrow, these monsters will only retain 30% of their current power. They will only be slightly stronger than ordinary people.”

A flame of hope ignited in Wang Liang’s eyes again. He said to himself, “30%… Yes, it isn’t too difficult.”

Zhang Mu smiled and said slowly, “Not only power. I can provide you with a lot of other things including food and weapon and they are very cheap. Don’t hesitate, go to look for crystals! You will be able to get whatever you want!”

At the same time, Zhang Mu snapped his fingers. A bag of bread suddenly appeared on his hand. In order to fool Wang Liang, he must use his Merchant’s Ring.

Wang Liang was shocked. He was sure there was nothing in Zhang Mu’s hand a moment ago.

Zhang Mu threw the bread to him.

“Remember, you can use crystals to exchange for power from me. A month later, I will wait for you here. I hope that you won’t disappoint me.”

After he finished speaking, he walked away without looking back.

Wang Liang grasped the bag of bread in his hand and looked at Zhang Mu’s back in silence.

After walking out of Wang Liang’s sight, Zhang Mu laughed.

He knew that his lie wouldn’t get exposed. Even if Wang Liang met other merchants in the future, they wouldn’t be able to expose his lie because they were just newbies. They would just think that he was a special era merchant.

Even if some idiot went and told Wang Liang the real price of the agility potions, it didn’t matter.

After all, he had bought all of them. This month, no one would have agility potions except for him! As for next month… don’t forget that he was the first sub-merchant! He would dominate the market of the whole Luoyang City! He would monopolize resources all to himself!

“A month later, I will buy ten agility potions. As sub-merchant no. 1, the price will only be eighty-one crystals. And I will sell them to Wang Liang for one thousand crystals. Ha ha ha ha! Wang Liang, don’t disappoint me!”

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