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Chapter 24: Zhang Mu’s Help

Everyone gasped for air. Some of them collapsed on the ground and began to cry.

“Where do the monsters come from? How will we survive from now on?” A man in black suit cried. The pressure got to him after seeing his five friends getting torn to rags by the walking dead.

“These zombies were too fast. We will all die.”

Two girls also cried with hollowed eyes. Their friends’ blood had stained their white dresses.

The woman who had scolded the yellow-haired man was lucky. She escaped from the walking dead and joined the team of survivors.

Unfortunately, her intelligence wasn’t in proportion to her luck.

She walked to the man who pushed down his coworker and scolded him, “Do you know you just murdered someone? Why is your blood so cold? You will be punished by the law!”

The glasses guy looked at her as if she was an idiot, but the man she just pushed wasn’t as kind as the man with glasses. He jumped up and slapped the woman’s face, “Shut up! If you didn’t provoke the yellow-haired rogue, why would Brother Liang kill him? If we had waited till they left, how would the monsters have found us?! Stupid woman. Rather than to be eaten by these monsters, I prefer to be punished by laws and stay in jail for a lifetime!” the man said mercilessly.

He looked at her face and suddenly felt hot desire rising up. He pulled her over and tried to strip her clothes. She resisted, but he slapped her face without mercy.

She started crying, but this didn’t stop him. The people around just looked at them indifferently and no one came to stop the man. Some of them even started to discuss the woman’s body.

At this moment, the dark side of human nature was finally shown.

The man realized that no one was going to stop him. This made him become more unscrupulous. He excitedly took off his belt in front of other people without any sense of shame.

The people around them looked on with enthusiasm. They smiled, but their smiles were so ugly.

Suddenly, the man with glasses stopped the man.

“Enough! Guang Zi, you think that we are safe now? If the walking dead come now, you think that you can run away with your pants down? I promise that I won’t save you if it happens.”

The man’s sexual passion immediately disappeared. He calmed down and looked at the man with glasses in fear.

“Brother Liang, I’m wrong. Please forgive me.”

After saying that, he turned around and pushed the woman to the ground, “Did you hear what Brother Liang said? Now get away. If you dare to say anything again, you know what I will do!”

The woman collapsed on the ground in silence. Her outlook on the world had broken at this moment. She had lost her faith and guts.

“Let’s go back to our company. At least, it is more secure than on the street.”

The man with glasses said, then walked away without a word.

The other people looked at each other. Thinking that it would be safer to stay with their leader, they also stood up and followed him.

Suddenly, the man with glasses stopped. He stared at the three walking dead on the street in the front of their company.

He calculated in his heart. He could only release his super ability he named “Earth Blade” once, then his energy would be exhausted. If he was lucky, the Earth Blade could kill two walking dead at once, but the remaining walking dead would be able to slaughter them all.

He waved his hands and guided the people to step back slowly, for fear of attracting the three walking dead.

Suddenly, a girl’s ear-splitting shriek broke the silence. Everyone turned back and stared at her with anger. If eyes could kill, then she would’ve already been killed a thousand times over. However, when they looked over, no one was in the mood to scold her.

There were five walking dead on the other side of the street!

The man with glasses was in despair. After all, he was just an office worker who suddenly got a super ability. He knew his limits. If they were surrounded by the eight walking dead, none of them would survive!

However, some people’s hearts had been twisted. They calculated in their hearts: if I push the people beside me to the walking dead, will I have an opportunity to run away?

They quietly moved. Those people who were scared stiff didn’t even realize that their partners had prepared to push them to hell.

Zhang Mu stealthily approached them. He sneered looking at what they were planning to do.

However, he didn’t want to help them. They had abandoned their partners once, so it was their fate to be abandoned, too. It was karma.

The five walking dead up front had noticed them and started running towards them. They cried in fear and drew back step by step. Some people had closed their eyes and waited for their deaths.

Unlike Zhang Mu’s expectation, the man with glasses suddenly rushed towards the five walking dead as if he couldn’t wait for his death. He ground his teeth and calculated the distance. When they were just a few feet away, he waved his arms, releasing a dozen of Earth Blades on the ground. They were far shorter than the Earth Blade he released before, but they still pierced through the walking dead’s feet and pinned them to the ground.

What a bold and smart man! Zhang Mu praised the man in his heart.

However, the man’s face suddenly turned pale. He feebly knelt on the ground and shouted with his last strength, “I have pinned them. Kill them! Hit their heads!”

However, the people didn’t listen to his order. Taking this opportunity, they all ran away. Several girls wanted to lend a hand to support him, but they were stopped and dragged away by their friends.

Looking at their backs, the man with glasses forced a smile and mocked himself hopelessly, “Wang Liang, Wang Liang, you are really an idiot. Why would you believe these people?!”

Soon afterwards, they had run out of Wang Liang’s sight. Without Wang Liang’s earth-type energy, the Earth Blades gradually disappeared and the walking dead gradually struggled free. Wang Liang saw no way out of the hopeless situation and closed his eyes, waiting for death to come get him. Suddenly, he heard consecutive sounds of objects hitting the ground. Before he opened his eyes, he heard a hoarse voice, “What? Do you regret your choice just now?”

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