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Chapter 20: Wipe Out the Walking Dead

The scent of diesel oil spread in the air, but the walking dead only heard the sound from the loudspeaker. They ignoring the repulsive smell, still rushing forward with no fear.

There were no humans on the streets. All the survivors were hiding in their homes now, waiting for the never-arriving help from the army or the police. Due to the rules during the debugging period, these walking dead couldn’t go after the humans who weren’t within their hunting range, so they had been starving for half a day. Zhang Mu was the only living human they’ve encountered, so they were all chasing after him frantically without any other thought.

Therefore, as Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle watched them quietly and calmly from a distance, the walking dead had rushed into the oil station which had been covered with a layer of diesel oil.





Zhang Mu counted the time according to the walking dead’s speed.


The walking dead in the first row had been ignited by Zhang Mu before. As Zhang Mu had expected, the flames on their bodies ignited the gases in the air. A streak of firelight suddenly rose into the sky with a loud bang. The walking dead in the first row were instantly consumed by flames, but this wasn’t the end.

The flames moved along the diesel oil on the ground, flowing to the walking dead in the back row.

Boom! Boom! Boom! In several places, the density of diesel oil in the air had also reached the point of explosion. The loudspeaker should have been blasted to pieces because the music had stopped. There was only the sounds of fire and explosion.

Although the loudspeaker had been broken, the explosive sound still stimulated the walking dead’s ears. They had no fear towards the fire and still rushed into the sea of fire like a cloud of flying moths.

Their simple instinct told them that their prey was hiding behind the sea of fire. As long as they rushed out the blaze, they could enjoy a big meal.

At the same time, Zhang Mu was taking liberties with his small beetle.

“Too bad that I can’t find more loudspeakers. They are very effective! With more loudspeaker, I can design traps to kill as many walking dead as I want! Lower-level monsters don’t know what fear is. Ha ha, this is why I love their dumb brains! Oh, some of them have broken through the sea of fire? Too bad for you because I have expected this! There is no way out for you all!”

Even though the tongues of fire had almost touched Zhang Mu’s face, he still laughed impudently. The Obsidian Beetle looked at him on his shoulder with curiosity. It also flapped its small wings with excitement, because Zhang Mu had promised to it that he would give it a lot of crystals after eliminating the walking dead.

The Obsidian Beetle had been influenced by Zhang Mu. It was gradually becoming a small money grubber. At this moment, it only hoped that there were more and more walking dead rushing into the sea of fire.

About half of the walking dead had crowded into the oil station. The walking dead’s flesh and blood had almost extinguished the fire. 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

The Obsidian Beetle felt anxious. It computed and found that there would be hundreds of walking dead breaking through the sea of fire if this continued. It knew clearly that Zhang Mu and itself couldn’t fight against so many walking dead. If so, they had to give up on killing them and obtaining their crystals.

Zhang Mu felt its mood through the mental bond between them. He stroked its head and grinned, “Don’t worry, none of them can escape from my hands! I, Zhang Mu, never run a losing business! Look, the game is just beginning!”

Hearing Zhang Mu’s words, Little Black’’s calm was gradually restored.

Yes, everything was still under control.


A loud bang abruptly echoed inside the oil station. The whole oil station collapsed, raising airflows that swept through the entire walking dead army like a demon’s bloody mouth that swallowed all its preys.

The explosion stirred the air tempestuously. Zhang Mu didn’t dare to keep observing. He hid behind the wall, from fear of being injured by the fragments in the air billows.

Why would the oil station explode? It’s because Zhang Mu had ordered the Obsidian Beetle to gnaw open the oil tanks from the middle so that only half of the diesel oil flowed out. The flames had ignited the oil that remained in the tanks and finally made them explode.

It was really a big blast. All the walking dead had been swallowed by the waves.

Five minutes later, Zhang Mu leisurely stuck his head out from the back of the wall. The air was still hot, but looking at the oil station, he couldn’t stop the joy in his heart and the smile on his face.

The oil station had become a total ruin. Walking dead’s broken arms and legs littered all over the ground, black and burnt like used cokes.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone else that witnessed Zhang Mu’s great success.

Zhang Mu started to prepare his evening meal, waiting for the fire to extinguish and the air to cool down.

To kill time, he tried to feed the Obsidian Beetle bread and milk, but Little Black vomited them all immediately. It felt very aggrieved in its heart. The foods called “bread” and “milk” were too disgusting! Why did Zhang Mu eat them with appetite? Isn’t only meat eatable in the world?

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