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Chapter 19: Squeeze Upon the Poor Beetle

Zhang Mu was so sad he could cry. He touched his backpack and felt like going crazy. The eight crystals had all been eaten by the Obsidian Beetle.

However, when he looked at the Obsidian Beetle whose wings had recovered after eating the crystals, he very reluctantly bore the loss because it was his fault. If he knew that the Obsidian Beetle would surrender to him, he wouldn’t have hurt its wings.

Moreover, with the Obsidian Beetle’s help, he would finally be able to put his plan into motion.

After the Obsidian Beetle surrendered to him, his instinct as a merchant immediately started analysing the benefits he could obtain from it and soon afterwards, he had made a plan with the Obsidian Beetle as the core.

Looking at the empty gas station, Zhang Mu stretched himself and yawned. He said slowly, “Finally, we are here. We can start now.”

Looking at the oil tanks, which were half buried into the ground, Zhang Mu shrugged his shoulders. The Obsidian Beetle immediately flew up into the air.


Waves of light appeared around the Obsidian Beetle again. It turned back into its original size in the air, looked back and tried to act cute in front of Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu was disgusted, which made Little Black feel very aggrieved. It turned around and flew to the oil tanks. It landed on the nearest oil tank and started to gnaw on the iron sheet.

Zhang Mu thought that amongst all first-ranked monsters, the Obsidian Beetle should be the one who had the sharpest teeth for his Little Black could even eat his crystals with ease.

Actually, crystals were a currency that was known for its hardness. Most of mutated animals could only assimilate crystals with their special digestive juices.

Thus, it could be seen how sharp the Obsidian Beetle’s teeth were.

Chomp! Chomp!

The Obsidian Beetle gnawed, chewed and swallowed, repeating the three steps again and again.

After five minutes, the oil tank had been broken. Zhang Mu could smell thick scent of diesel from it.

So the Obsidian Beetle’s teeth could open the oil tank. If there was only himself, stupidly trying to do it with his Tang sword, who knows till when he would be at it.

Zhang Mu got excited smelling the pungent flavor. He rejoiced in his luck of having Little Black.

“Go on. Make the diesel oil flow out.”

The Obsidian Beetle increased its speed after hearing Zhang Mu’s words, because Zhang Mu had promised that after it got the substance in the big cylinder out, he would reward it with enough crystals to fill its belly.

Evolution! Evolution! Evolution!

Its instinct urged it to obtain more and more energy. For crystals, Little Black tried his best to open the oil tank.

Gradually, the oil tank’s thick shield layer was gnawed through.


Diesel oil flowed out from the crack like waterfall, pushing the Obsidian Beetle a few metres back.

The Obsidian Beetle scratched its head with its paws, trying to wipe off the disgusting liquid from its body, but to no avail.

As a mutated animal who was just born in the world, it had learned something from Zhang Mu.

Eww, the diesel oil is too disgusting. I deserve more energy from my master!

Zhang Mu didn’t know what the Obsidian Beetle was thinking. He just watched the diesel oil with excitement. After the diesel oil had covered half of the gas station, he urged the Obsidian Beetle to gnaw open the remaining five oil tanks.

Combining threats with incentive, Little Black finally flew up and started to gnaw on the other oil tanks.

“I’m counting on you, my friend.” Zhang Mu held a stereo in his hands as he ran towards the city center.

He ignored the walking dead near him and stood in the center of the street. He grinned, then turned the stereo on and started to run again.

A loud sound echoed on the streets nearby the oil station.

“Go go go, move on! Go fast rush B! My friends rush B with me! Take P90 blyat! Fast go B, don’t stop! If you stop, I’ll flash you!”

His voice was like a stick that stirred up a hornet’s nest. Instantly, the whole area became noisy.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Some people quietly opened the windows of their houses, then saw an unforgettable scene.

A man in black was running on the street with thousands of walking dead on his trail. Due to the rules in the debugging period, walking dead couldn’t search for prey by themselves. They had already been starving for half a day. Finally seeing a human, they naturally chased after him striving to fill their hungry stomachs.

Of course, their intelligence was roughly zero. They wouldn’t doubt why the food in front of them always kept the same speed and distance with them.

When the walking dead nearly reached Zhang Mu, he would increase his speed; when the walking dead were stopped by debris, he would stop and wait for them in case they lost their goal.

If one looked down from the sky, one would see the thrilling scene of a man running away from innumerable walking dead.

When Zhang Mu finally reached the oil station, he smiled, looking at the diesel oil on the ground.

Well, the Obsidian Beetle sure can be of some use.

He stopped, turned back and threw a coat soaked in diesel oil at the monsters chasing him, then turned back and kept running. After a few seconds, he took out a candle, ignited it, and threw it backwards.


Flames licked the walking dead running at the front of the army. They were set aflame, but they didn’t know pain. They just roared and chased after Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu immediately accelerated to his full speed. Soon afterwards, he had thrown the walking dead away, but the loudspeaker on his waist was still guiding the way for them.

After a while, Zhang Mu saw Little Black listlessly laying on one of the oil tanks. He ordered it to put the loudspeaker in the middle of the oil station, then hid behind a wall well away from the oil station together.

Even the Obsidian Beetle was slightly scared after seeing the undead army. It did treat them as foods, but they were too much!

The walking dead frantically rushed to the middle of the oil station, where the sound was coming from the loudspeaker. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m


Zhang Mu smacked his lips, then stroked Little Black’s head and said, “Look, we are going to be rich!”

The Obsidian Beetle nodded, not fully understanding. It quietly shrunk and stood on Zhang Mu’s shoulder, looking at the walking dead in the distance together with Zhang Mu.

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