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Chapter 171: Planning Secretly

The area that Zhang Mu had taken almost covered the entire southeast of Jin Zhong city. He chose this section for a reason. Yesterday when he had a drink with Li Hu, Li Hu had mentioned to him once that the west side was much weaker whereas the situation in the southeast area was more complicated.

During that time, Li Hu wanted to convince Zhang Mu to find a relatively weak opening to break through. However, Zhang Mu did not think this way. Instead, he was more interested in the southeast side that Li Hu mentioned.

In this Jin Zhong city, the leader of the mutated animals and the intellectual type of walking dead must have a countermeasure at the very least. Therefore, when the area was heavily guarded by them, there would be a high possibility for the main event to appear there. Furthermore, they did not evolve to the stage where they would allocate a deceptive battle array to mislead the enemy.

Long Qi wanted to make use of Zhang Mu to investigate the situation, so why shouldn’t Zhang Mu also make use of the available resources in his hands? If something truly happened, there would be another three people to share his burden. Therefore, during that time, wasn’t it easier to take advantage of the situation and entered again? Zhang Mu was curious about the secret within the Jin Zhong city too.

For the time being, people would not discover any prominent piece of treasure yet. Meanwhile, the mutated animals would not be eager to devour it. Usually, they would guard beside it until it matured fully. Zhang Mu also thought of this point, which was why he ran here without thinking twice.

Otherwise, did he specially ran over here to be Long Qi’s servant instead of doing his era merchant task?

When they reached the front of the city’s building complex, just as expected, they notice that the walking dead herd were moving in an orderly pattern. They were walking funnily with their legs dragging on the ground, yet Zhang Mu could not smile when he saw the scene.

These walking dead were patrolling in an orderly manner according to the instruction they received!

In this case, the only explanation for this was the intellectual type, who was controlling the enormous herd, had reached a high stage in its evolution. Therefore, it was able to control the action of the walking dead in batches.

Then it was very likely that this intellectual type of walking dead was going to occupy Jin Zhong city as a fortress to complete the last step of its evolution. As a result, these mutated animals and walking dead herd were taking great pains for the sake of it.

This speculation was also firmly anchored in Zhang Mu’s mind. Because in his memory from the past life, he did not find any useful information about any treasures produced in Jin Zhong city.

If that was the case, this matter had reached the point of no return. When this intellectual type walking dead had full control over its power, then not even this small Shan Xi city would be swept through, the distant Luoyang city would be submerged too. The moment it hoarded a tremendous amount of walking dead army, they would crash every town along the way while expanding its power continuously.

Seeing that Zhang Mu’s expression had turned solemn, Yuan Rui pulled on his sleeve anxiously, “Uncle, what should I do? I don’t even know how to control Little Black!”

In fact, not only Yuan Rui, even Zhang Mu himself was worried about this matter too. Even if he had the extra distance from his psychic ability, but as long as the distance between him and the Obsidian Beetle had reached a limit, he would not be able to communicate with the Obsidian Beetle anymore.

The relationship between him and the Obsidian Beetle, was not acquired from his awakening ability. In fact, the most significant difference among Zhang Mu and those tamer evolvers was that he lacked the power to share and resonate with his mutated animals. Given that the Obsidian Beetle only had a blood connection with him.

That was the reason Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle would be estranged, after a certain distance. Furthermore, their ability trait was not closely linked at all. The initial element of the Obsidian Beetle was wind, whereas Zhang Mu did not have any property in his body. However, that was still considered good. If they had fire and water attribute, then there was no way for them to communicate besides facing each other.

Zhang Mu lowered his voice and leaned near Yuan Rui, “You only need to sit here with me and pretend that you are communicating in your mind with your mutated animal like them. I would handle the rest, so you don’t need to bother about them.”

After that, he immediately turned to the mutated wolfdog and spoke into his gigantic ear. If the others heard what he was saying, they would be bewildered.

“The moment one of them was discovered, no matter how much trouble they caused, just barge into the deepest place and make as much movement as you can!”

The mutated wolfdog nodded its head mindlessly. It only knew that once this matter was finish, Zhang Mu would give him a bottle of the second-ranked evolving potion that he gave to the Obsidian Beetle previously.

‘For the little female dog, I will fight until the end!’

If Zhang Mu had heard its inner monologue, he would probably faint in anger. The mutated wolfdog had no backbone at all.

Meanwhile, Zhang Mu was communicating with the Obsidian Beetle, “When the mutated wolfdog is attracting their attention, reduce your size and sneak into the core location. Memorize them and share it with me when you come back.

If you meet any good stuff, don’t touch it first. Come back and discuss it with me.”

Zhang Mu naturally had his reason for not letting the Obsidian Beetle try its best to seize the treasure. Firstly, he was afraid that it would cause a riot in the city. Secondly, there would be a lot of trouble in the future if Long Qi discovered any evidence. 𝘪𝙣𝓃𝒓𝗲𝒶𝗱. 𝐜o𝗺

So if there was any treasure, and he wanted to get it, then the best way for him was to lock on the target and then secretly took it away when the official movement starts.

At this moment, the Obsidian Beetle easily guess Zhang Mu’s little mind. It smiled wickedly and said, “You are concerned about the thing inside the city, right? However, if I told you about it, then what benefit would I have?”

Regarding the Obsidian Beetle’s greediness, Zhang Mu only replied with a roll-eye and left the question hanging.

If he had promised the Obsidian Beetle, it would become even more insatiable. He had spoilt it too much that it played tricks on him when he wanted to ask for its help now.

Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui slowly sat down at a spot. Meanwhile, the Obsidian Beetle and the mutated wolfdog entered the place one after another like two rays of lightning.

After the Obsidian Beetle reduced its size, the mutated wolfdog seemed way bigger. Naturally, it was even more conspicuous and attracted the gazes of the walking dead straight away.

The walking dead growled softly, as if they were warning it not to go closer. However, the appearance of the mutated wolfdog did not cause much commotion because there would be a few mutated animals that walked pass there frequently. From time to time, there would be some scattered mutated animals harassing their formation. Therefore, they were not included in the list where they would be on full alert immediately.

Usually, the mutated animals were handled by the mutated animals inside the city. Looks like this intellectual type of walking dead was quite petty and scheming. In the meantime, the Obsidian Beetle had attached itself to the mane of the mutated wolfdog, inconspicuous to the others.

Those walking dead had resisted for a moment. With a few leaps, the mutated wolfdog passed through the defensive circle.

At this moment, the mind connection that was reinforced with Zhang Mu’s psychic ability had cut off completely.

Little Black, our chance to make a fortune, counted on you already!

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