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Chapter 169: The Tip Of The Iceberg

Although he had a little drink with Li Hu last night, Zhang Mu abruptly opened his eye before dawn on the next day. It was as though he did not have a drink last night. He stretched out his hand and woke up Yuan Rui that was still sleeping soundly.

He merely cleaned the place a little before dragging Yuan Rui, who was in a slumberous state, up onto the back of the mutated wolfdog.

The Obsidian Beetle complained that the weather was too cold. Thus, it did not come out and abandoned the mutated wolfdog. It climbed comfortably into Yuan Rui’s pocket and leisurely used the mutated wolfdog, who was running at full speed in the direction towards Jin Zhong city.

Long Qi had told him that the other three evolvers had camped around Jin Zhong city. Yesterday, they had been notified that they would carry out the task together once again when Zhang Mu arrived.

At this time, at the edge of the wall, Long Qi was standing together with a mysterious person who was wrapped tightly in black. The two of them retracted their gaze once they saw Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui had disappeared from their vision.

“What do you think?” The high and mighty leader was showing respect to this mysterious black person.

That person pondered for a moment. Under the black veil, a lovely and enticement voice said, “It’s hard to say. However, I feel that what he has shown was merely a small tip of the iceberg.”

It was a woman!

Even though her face was completely covered up with the black veil, but that soft and alluring voice, allow one’s fancy to run wild and associate it with a gorgeous woman unconsciously.

If Zhang Mu was there, he would be shocked. In this small Shan Xi city, not only there was Long Qi, who was a second-ranked evolver, this black veil woman was even powerful than Long Qi.

“You said that there would be a newcomer in the camp and had a unique aura in his body, so I rushed over there immediately after my civil servant reported him to me.” At this time, Long Qi’s face showed an incomprehensible color as he touched his bald head and said, “But I know this person. He was a successor from the Thieves Sect. Although their guild was a little famous amongst the folk, it was better to keep it under the table. It was only some rusty tricks wrapped with a little pristine from their ancestor, nothing remarkable.

Furthermore, I have observed him. Although I didn’t overwhelm him with all of my vigors, I could feel that he was barely supporting himself. When it was about to reach his limit, I would control it to a fixed intensity.”

“Old Seventh, when did my instinct ever been wrong before? Trust me. This man is not that simple.” That delicate voice came out from her mouth had a touch of charm. 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

However, it seems that Long Qi was accustomed to it as he was not affected by it at all, not even a little fluctuation in his emotion.

“True, your senses never went wrong even before the start of this Paradise Era. However, I’m a little curious as this mission would need his mutated animal. Furthermore, my psychic power had sensed that the girl’s bug could change its size at will. If they could bring back the core information about Jin Zhong city this time, then it couldn’t be any better.” That woman grunted gently and said in a sweet and girlish voice, “Although there were thousands of evolvers, now was not the time to use human life in exchange for the resources. Therefore, we have to play safe.

Population, is our greatest resource.” When she finished her speech, the black veil woman turned and left straight away. She went down the city wall and walked back to the camp by herself.

“I know this, but there were too little tamer evolvers. If not, we don’t have to wait for Zhang Mu’s arrival to start our plan.” Long Qi nodded his head in agreement. It seemed like he was talking to himself, and yet, it also appeared that he was speaking to the black veil woman. He took a long glance at the direction where Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui had left. After that, he followed the woman and went down the city wall.

What Zhang Mu didn’t know was that he was not the only one hiding his real power. Long Qi, as well as the entire Shan Xi city, had a hidden potential that was far beyond his imagination with such a figure hidden away from him. Suddenly, his every movement was being analyzed. Just like the evaluation they make about Zhang Mu, they, themselves were only showing the tip of the iceberg in front of Zhang Mu.


Even with the weight of Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui, the mutated wolfdog dashed with abnormal speed. It seemed to be faster than it carried Zhang Mu the last time. Looks like the earth-type beast core that Zhang Mu fed it yesterday, was highly effective. The load capacity of the mutated wolfdog had increased once again.

Zhang Mu stroked the thicker mane of the mutated wolfdog in content. Meanwhile, the Obsidian Beetle in Yuan Rui’s pocket also helped out a little. At the very least, it was scaring all the first-ranked mutated animals around them using its vigor.

Using the whole morning, Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui finally reached the boundary. Looking at the distant city, Zhang Mu was not in a rush to meet all those evolvers with tamer ability, so that he could enter Jin Zhong city and investigate. Instead, he sat leisurely on the ground.

The thirsty and hungry mutated wolfdog was gnawing and holding a pile of the mutated animal corpse stored in the merchant ring. As the scene was too bloody, it was sent off by Zhang Mu to a place that Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui couldn’t see. It dragged the corpse while looking miserably at Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui using its small eye.

There was no choice. It was affecting Zhang Mu’s and Yuan Rui’s appetite while it was gluttony eating and splattering flesh and blood beside them.

Sitting on the ground, with both legs arched, Zhang Mu was deep in thought as he held out a hand for support on the ground while the other hand was holding the dry food with a sluggish look.

Suddenly, he sat up straight and took out the brief map that Li Hu gave him yesterday to study it. Even though he had seen it countless time yesterday, even memorized every location in his mind, but Zhang Mu still felt a slight uneasiness in his heart. However, he couldn’t find out the source of this uneasiness. He could only look over again, and again at the map.

Still nothing!

Zhang Mu took a deep breath to calm down his emotion. The firm brows gradually spread out.

What was the reason exactly? Were there any dangers in this Jin Zhong city?

Stop thinking about it anymore, he thought to himself. It was time to call for people since he and Yuan Rui had finished eating.

He took out a bamboo whistle from his arm. The crisp sound began to ring through the entire sky. Zhang Mu was not afraid of attracting any ignorant mutated animals since the Obsidian Beetle had turned on its second-ranked vigor. As for the walking dead and the mutated animals in Jin Zhong city, he was even less worried about them. Long Qi mentioned before that they seem to be protecting something so they would not leave the city so easily.

Zhang Mu waited quietly. Within five minutes, three black figures arrived at the same time in a different direction.

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