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Chapter 16: Clear the Street

“Why did you open the door for the man? Hadn’t I told you not to open the door for anyone except me? You see the result now? Fortunately, the man was still afraid of being punished by law. If he wasn’t, didn’t you know what he would do to you?”

Zhang Mu’s facial expression was as cold as ice. Yuan Rui answered in an injured tone, “I didn’t want to do that, but that man knocked on the door and said that a monster was chasing after him. If I didn’t open the door, he would be eaten! I couldn’t stand his suffering so I opened the door. I didn’t expect that it was a lie. Fortunately, you returned in time.”

Yuan Rui acted as if she was a child who just made a mistake, sticking out her tongue towards Zhang Mu.

“I’m sorry. Don’t scold me!”

So that explained it. The man took advantage of her kind heart. He must’ve been corrupt even before the catastrophe happened.

Zhang Mu didn’t want to blame Yuan Rui’s good heartedness. After all, the catastrophe had just happened and many people still had a kind heart in face of all the cruelty. Yuan Rui was still an inexperienced little girl. He shouldn’t blame her.

Zhang Mu had to speak to her in a soft tone, “The new era just started and as time goes by, the dark side of human nature will surface more and more till nothing can hide it anymore. Perhaps they can’t even be called ‘human’ at that time,” Zhang Mu said and remembered.

Yuan Rui looked at Zhang Mu confusedly, then nodded her head.

Zhang Mu felt his heart warm as he looked at Yuan Rui eating the bread and milk. 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

Did he have a crush on her?

After seeing so many misfortunes, he was afraid to lose his love again?

Zhang Mu quickly shook his head, trying to forget this silly thought. His future was still undetermined. He shouldn’t involve her into his trouble.

Zhang Mu felt gloomy in his heart. He thought that it was easy to find foods in the city after obtaining the agility potions, but he still underestimated the debugging period. After all, he didn’t experience this period in his past and only heard of its ruthlessness from others.

However, this was his only opportunity to collect as much treasures as possible!

Remembering the intoxicating crystals, Zhang Mu plucked up his courage again.

It was worth taking a risk!

Even if he would be hurt seriously, he wouldn’t give up. After all, he had Yuan Rui who could heal him.

“I will go to collect more materials this afternoon. You just stay here and wait for my good news.”

Zhang Mu didn’t tell Yuan Rui what he was going to do. He was afraid that she would think that he was a freak.

“I also want to go! I can help you!”

Yuan Rui looked at Zhang Mu with a serious look.

Zhang Mu laughed, “Help me? Well, with your help, I’m afraid that both of us will be eaten by walking dead. Don’t worry, I know how to protect myself. You just rest here and try to recover your energy. Maybe I will need your help after I get back.”

“…Ok. Uncle, be careful!”

In the daytime, the walking dead’s strength and speed were slightly reduced, but they were still a nightmare to ordinary people.

Zhang Mu planned to eliminate them starting from the street around the warehouse, so that he and Yuan Rui could avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

Zhang Mu had noticed that the shops on the street were so small, no walking dead stayed in them.

In that case, he could perform his plan.

He slowly walked on the deserted street and dragged his long sword on the ground, making ear-piercing noises.


Three walking dead staggered along the street, roaring and pouncing at Zhang Mu.

Let’s start playing!

Zhang Mu laughed. He didn’t restrain himself, but made more noises, stimulating these walking dead.


Too slow!

Zhang Mu estimated the range and slowly raised his sword.

Closer. Come closer!

Yes, this was the right distance!

At this moment, Zhang Mu increased his speed four times. His clothes rustled in the wind.

The walking dead didn’t have brains, so they only knew to stretch out their claws, trying to tear Zhang Mu up, then put his blood and flesh into their mouths.

They increased their speeds at the same time. Zhang Mu wasn’t going to stop and the walking dead didn’t have the brains to think about “stop”.

In the blink of an eye, they collided with each other. Three claws scratched Zhang Mu’s neck at once, but his smile didn’t falter. He just held the sword in his both hands and kept dashing.

Before they past each other, Zhang Mu had quietly raised his sword in front of him. At this speed, the walking dead didn’t have time to react.

Shuffle! Shuffle!

Two walking dead’s head flew to the sky and the sword’s long blade had protected Zhang Mu from the walking dead’s attacks.

It was all thanks to the sword’s long blade! The additional 20 cm really helped Zhang Mu a lot.

Zhang Mu sighed in his heart and stopped moving. He turned back, looking at the last walking dead.

The thin walking dead was still running after its goal left its sight.

What a waste of time!

Zhang Mu spat and chased after the walking dead. The walking dead heard the noise and suddenly twisted its neck to look back, which looked really creepy.

However, it found nothing behind it. The walking dead looked confused, but instantly, Zhang Mu appeared and jumped up from its side.

“What are you looking at? Fool!”

Before the walking dead opened its bloody mouth, he had chopped its head off.

“Three crystals? That’s not enough.”

As if the world heard Zhang Mu’s whisper, six walking dead appeared from both sides of the street and surrounded Zhang Mu.

“Yes, this is what I want! Only this kind of challenge is worthy after my rebirth!”

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