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Chapter 15 Yuan Rui’s Awakening

Vaguely, Zhang Mu watched his past life as if he was a stranger, quickly scanning through the recordings of his original life.

He had encountered the walking dead and ran away. Then he became an era merchant due to luck, wandered around different cities and traded with various people, luckily ascending to join the high society and finally, participated that mission and obtained “that thing”.

A black, cone shaped crystal.

It was so real and so beautiful, appearing vividly in front of Zhang Mu again, as if it was close at hand.

However, as Zhang Mu was going to touched it, the crystal suddenly flashed with weird lights. It opened its bloody mouth and engulfed Zhang Mu into it.

Zhang Mu’s body was falling and falling, surrounded by endless darkness.

However, there was a faint glimmer of light in the abyss.

The faint ray was so eye-catching. Zhang Mu desperately stretched out his hand, trying to catch it.

“Oh shit! It ate me again?!”

Zhang Mu suddenly woke and sat up. He abruptly turned around, seeing Rui Yuan staring at him with tears in her eyes.

He wanted to ask her what had happened, but he saw that his right hand was grabbing the girl’s arm vigorously.

He quickly loosened his grip. After seeing the bruise on Yuan Rui’s arm, he apologized, “Sorry, I just had a nightmare. Did I hurt you?”

Zhang Mu didn’t have too much experience in dealing with girls. He had always lived in fear in his past life and when he had finally adapted to the new world, the women in this wasteland had become sophisticated and impure. They could do everything as long as you could provide them with what they wished for. The more you gave them, the better they would serve you. They regarded themselves as bargaining chips and even if you wanted to fall in love with them, they would only laugh at you.

Looking at Zhang Mu’s regretful expression, Yuan Rui couldn’t help, but laugh out.

“It’s okay. I just didn’t expect that you were so strong.”

Zhang Mu laughed from embarrassment, but suddenly remembered what had happened. He looked at himself in confusion and murmured, “Why did my injury recover so fast? The wounds on my right arm and my chest have all been restored. No, something’s wrong. My first-ranked body shouldn’t have such strong regenerative capabilities.”

Zhang Mu nervously analyzed. Yuan Rui didn’t understand his words. She looked at him with strangely, then said, “Uncle, was it because of me?”


Zhang Mu looked at her with an unbelievable look.

“Yes, you fainted and was seriously hurt. I hoped that you could recover as soon as possible, then suddenly, a gust of white light poured out of my hand. It touched your body and instantly disappeared. I was really scared, but your expression relaxed after that. Soon afterwards, you woke up. Uncle, that was too weird. Will I become a monster? Just like the walking dead outside?”

Zhang Mu opened his eyes wide, gazing at Yuan Rui as if he was gazing at a monster, which really scared Yuan Rui.

“No, I don’t want to that! The white light emerged from my hand by itself! Uncle, will I die?”

Zhang Mu swallowed, then said with a bitter smile, “Sigh. The world is so unfair.“

Was he really that lucky? He had seen two evolvers within the first days of the new era! One was an dual-evolver and the other was a healing-type evolver. In his past life, a healing-type evolver would be even regarded as a national treasure!

Were top-class evolvers really that common? He didn’t remember that!

Zhang Mu wanted to cry. Compared to them, why didn’t the fate let him obtain even the most common of evolving ability?

Yuan Rui was still crying, but Zhang Mu didn’t know how to comfort her. He could face the walking dead with no fear, but he really didn’t know how to deal with little girls.

He tried to comfort her, “You won’t become a monster. You should have obtained a rare evolving ability. Look, do you know why I’m so strong? It’s because I have obtained an evolving ability, too, just like you!”

In order to comfort the little girl, Zhang Mu had to boast himself.


“It’s true!”

Yuan Rui heard Zhang Mu’s claims and remembered his previous performances, then gradually stopped crying.

Zhang Mu let out a sigh of relief. 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

Why was it so hard to comfort a girl? It was even harder than escape from a crowd of walking dead!

“Can you concentrate your thoughts and call on the power again? I want to see it.”

Zhang Mu grasped Yuan Rui’s hands and asked eagerly, “Come on, try it again!”

Yuan Rui blushed and whispered, “Ok…”

After a while, a faint white light spread out from Yuan Rui’s palm, but immediately disappeared. Zhang Mu’s arm lightly came in contact before it disappeared. The cool and comfortable feeling told him that he was right.

Yuan Rui had awakened her healing-type power! She was a healing-type evolver!

He had found a real treasure!

Yuan Rui explained in an aggrieved tone, because she saw the excitement in Zhang Mu’s eyes and she didn’t want to disappoint him, “It was way brighter and a lot stronger before, but now, that’s all I can release.”

Zhang Mu felt puzzled to see Yuan Rui’s nervous expression. He said, “I know. It must be because your healing energy has been depleted. How can it possible to use it all the time! You just need to rest for a period of time. You have done very well.”

Yuan Rui smiled again after hearing Zhang Mu’s words.

Were all girls so moody?

Zhang Mu shook his head. It was already been a long time since he last saw an ordinary girl like Yuan Rui.

He suddenly missed the women in his past life. After all, they only wanted his money, and wouldn’t trouble him for more.

But soon, Zhang Mu’s face became serious. He said to Yuan Rui, “Remember, don’t let others see your ability. Healing abilities must be very rare in the world. If some bad guys see it, they will very likely to imprison you and force you to serve them for a lifetime.”

Zhang Mu wasn’t just threatening her. In his past life, healing-type evolvers who didn’t have the strength to protect themselves were imprisoned by the great powers.

Looking at Zhang Mu’s serious look, Yuan Rui nodded.

She didn’t know why, but she trusted this man she just met a day ago. Her subconscious told her that he would not hurt himself.

After a while, she smiled and said, “But uncle, you are with me, right? Won’t you protect me?”

Zhang Mu felt that she still hadn’t realized how serious the problem was, but she was right. As long as he was with her, no one could hurt her. If someday, they had to separate, the little girl should have known about the cruelty of the new world. He could remind her again at that time.

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