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Chapter 14: Instant Kill

Zhang Mu slowly walked into the warehouse. Because the door had been broken, he could see the situation inside the building under the feeble, scattered sunlight.

The aluminum alloy door was half open. Zhang Mu felt worried in his heart.

Someone had entered the inner room. Was it a human or a walking dead?

Was I too late?

When Zhang was going to enter the inner room, a vicious, male voice came from the room and warned Zhang Mu, “Raise your hand and walk backwards.”

Was it a man? Thank god, it was not the worst situation.

Zhang Mu slowly raised up his left hand, pretending to obey the man’s order. He slowly stepped backwards looking in the direction the voice came from.

“Uncle, run! Run away!”

Suddenly, he heard Yuan Rui’s scream, but her mouth was immediately covered. He could only vaguely hear her groan.

Yuan Rui!

Fortunately, she was still alive.

Zhang Mu let out a sigh of relief.

From Yuan Rui’s voice, the man in the room shouldn’t have done anything to her. At the beginning of the new era, the bad men still worried about the punishment by the laws.

However, after the evolvers became stronger and stronger and that firearms had lost efficacy, they gradually became lawless.

After Zhang Mu stepped back around ten meters, the man in the room scragged Yuan Rui’s neck and walked out of the house.

Finally, Zhang Mu saw the man’s face. It was a pudgy, bald man that was about thirty years old. He looked Zhang Mu up and down.

When he saw Zhang Mu’s Tang Sword, an emotion named greed flashed through his eyes. He stared at Zhang Mu and threatened him, “If you don’t want to see this girl’s death, give me your sword! Put the sword down on the ground and kick it to me! Kid, don’t try to do anything else! Do it now! Immediately! Be quick!”

The man found that Zhang Mu didn’t look very panicked, so he increased his strength on Yuan Rui’s neck, making her face turn to purple due to hypoxia.

Zhang Mu immediately pretended to panic. He said in a scared tone, “I’ll give it to you! I’ll give it! Don’t hurt her! She is still a little girl!”

Zhang Mu slowly squatted down and put the Tang sword on the ground. He kicked the sword handle, making it slip to the man.

The pudgy man picked up the Tang sword, which really mismatched with his body shape. He watched the sword’s sharp blade with an undisguised smile on his face.

“The sword is yours now. Can you let go of her?”

Zhang Mu purposely entreated the man in an imploring tone.

“Ha ha, is the girl really that important to you? Is she your secret admirer or girlfriend?”

Zhang Mu’s craven behavior made the man become more presumptuous.

“Since so, kid, is your backpack full of foods? Open it! Or you want to see me killing this chick?”

Zhang Mu immediately removed the backpack from his back. Because his right hand was broken, he had to use his left hand to take off the backpack.

He heard the pudgy man’s laugh, “Ha ha, a disabled man! Ha ha!”

Looking at Zhang Mu’s feeble look, the pudgy man glanced at Yuan Rui with desire. His eyes looked Yuan Rui up and down imagining dirty things in his mind.

“Open your backpack, you disabled waste! Let me see what good things have you found!”

Zhang Mu opened the backpack and showed the man the cans and bread in it. The pudgy man swallowed. He had been starving himself for a whole night. He immediately became impatient after seeing the foods.

“Give me your backpack, waste! Be quick!”

Zhang Mu lowered his head with sneer and disdain in his eyes. When he raised his head, his expression immediately switched to nervousness.

“Ok, ok, don’t hurt her. I give the bag to you!!”

Yuan Rui struggled. She cried as she looked at her “uncle” strenuously walking to her.

He was still energetic when he walked out of the door this morning. In order to get these foods, what cruel battle had he experienced and how much had he paid?!

They just encountered each other yesterday. Why would the “uncle” use his foods to exchange for her life?

“Stop crying! Stop now! If you don’t want me to break your neck!”

The pudgy man only felt impatient when he saw Yuan Rui’s cry. He urged Zhang Mu, “Be quick! If you attract the human-eating monsters, I will throw both of you to them!”

Zhang Mu quickened his pace. Suddenly, he stumbled and fell to the ground. The backpack was thrown out to the front, slipping to the pudgy man on the ground.

The pudgy man subconsciously loosened his grip. He stretched out his hand and grasped the backpack.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Mu stopped his play and increased his speed to an incredible extent in an instant. His left fist punched at the pudgy man’s face.

“Hey hey, kid, you want to sneak attack me! Let me show you the reason why I dare to walk around the city!” 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

The pudgy man felt surprised to see Zhang Mu’s behavior, but he just sneered at him, then pulled Yuan Rui away and punched towards Zhang Mu’s fist.

The pudgy man’s speed… He was an agility-type evolver!

How could he have awoken his ability so early?!

Zhang Mu didn’t have time to feel surprised. Their fists had pounded together.

Zhang Mu’s face turned pale instantly.

No! The pudgy man’s strength… How could it be possible?!

The pudgy man was not only an agility-type evolver. He was a strength-type evolver, too!

The pudgy man’s talent and brutal character… If he could survive until ten years later, he would undoubtedly become super strong. Maybe he had been a famous big shot in Zhang Mu’s past life.

However… Well, too bad for you to meet me now. You just obtained your evolved abilities. Even if you are a super genius, you couldn’t have mastered even 50% of your true power.

Besides, you’re facing me, Zhang Mu!

Zhang Mu’s fist shot out again, a sharp gleam flashing between his clenched fingers.

The pudgy man opened his eyes wide, staring in surprise and fear. It was a blade Zhang Mu had hid in his sleeve before he walked into the room.

The sharp blade easily cut open the man’s throat. Blood instantly burst out.

At the same time, the pudgy man’s right hand punched at Zhang Mu’s right chest with his full strength.

The pudgy man covered his throat with both hands, trying to stop the blood spraying out of his wound. Several seconds later, he fell to the ground with an unreconciled, unbelievable look on his face.

Zhang Mu was blown away by the man’s punch. He hadn’t strengthened his body, so he wasn’t tougher than any other ordinary people. This was also the reason why he had always avoided open combat with the walking dead.

After the heavy blow, his fragile heart suddenly stopped. He gradually lost his consciousness.

Vaguely, he heard Yuan Rui’s scream and cry. The poor girl was strenuously shaking his body.

Before Zhang Mu dropped into deep sleep, he scolded in his heart. What a f*****g new era!! If one didn’t have great evolving potential, one could only struggle to survive like a sick dog.

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