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The Great Demon System

Chapter 6: System Unlocked

6 System Unlocked

Suddenly, he heard a soft female voice.

"I see you're now finally awake, host. You've been out for over 5 hours now"

Moby was startled. He started to look all around him but he could not see a single person.

"Ha ha ha! I am your new Demon System. I am a part of you now so it only logical that you can't see me."

"Who the heck are you? really," Moby said in a harsh manner.

"I am Avilia Graymore, the first demon lord. Before I died I decided to seal my consciousness in that necklace of yours in order to help the future generations of demons." The system said.

"You are the demon lord! And, you were sealed in my necklace?" Moby said in shock.

"Didn't you notice that when you had the necklace on or beside you, you always acted calm with no sign of anger or despair. Even when the worst most humiliating things happened to you, you never complained or anything. However, when it came to matters involving your necklace, I was not able to absorb all of your negative energy so it would leak out." the system said.

"That is true, it was a bit bizarre," said Moby while thinking.

"This is because the necklace was absorbing your negative energy leaving you with only positive thoughts." The system said.

Moby was shocked by this information but the more he thought about it the more it made sense.

When Moby was about to get angry at the system for messing with his mind and ruining his life, she said.

"I was aware of everything that happened to you, the negative energy you supplied me every day was astronomical. You would have definitely committed suicide long ago if it wasn't for me absorbing all your negative energy."

'That is true. I would have definitely committed suicide long ago if it weren't for necklace absorbing all my negative energy,' he thought.

Moby's brain felt freer than ever before. He now feels like he can access another side of his brain that he was never able to access before. He could think more logically. He has never felt more in control of his mind and body. Although the current Moby knows not to trust anyone, he feels like he can trust the voice in his head without question. Maybe it is because it became a part of himself now.

The more the system talked the more it made sense to him.

"What happened to me? how did I get here? My memories are still really hazy" Moby asked in a confused manner.

"Oh, so you don't remember? I'm going to transfer all the memories into your brain so prepare for a big mental shock," said the system.

All of a sudden Moby felt an immense headache as all the memories flooded back into his head.

Moby suddenly started sweating buckets while panting like crazy. He frantically started checking his body to see if he could find his necklace but with no avail.

Only one single thought was now in his head, Revenge.

Moby instinctively tried to force himself to stand up to go find Nathan and kill his ass.

But suddenly the system spoke and calmed his nerves.

"Host, please calm down, you are currently not strong enough to fight against them. Please think about this rationally."

Moby knew what the system said was true. He calmed down and stayed in his bed.

Moby feels an almost familiar bond between him and the system but he is still a bit wary. But, as long as it helps him gain power, then he does not care.

"So I understand you are here to help me get stronger. How will you do that?" Moby said while intrigued.

"Since you are the owner of the necklace, this means that you will be the one to inherit my powers and become the next demon lord. This necklace was originally a way to help the next generation of demons. So, it caught me off guard when I found out my new host is a human, so it may make it harder to inherit my powers. I analyzed this world to find which way would be the easiest to help you. I found out that everyone plays these things called "Video Games" so I designed your powers like a video game system. Right now if I were to give you all my powers, you would explode. So, you will have to level up the system more in order to unlock more of my powers" The system said.

Moby took some time to let all this information sink into his head before replying.

"How do I use this system?" Moby asked.

Just think of a menu and it will appear in front of you" the system said.

Moby nodded and thought in his head, "Menu".

All of a sudden a big blue menu popped up in front of him. There he saw he had a few options,


Stats and Skills




When Moby tried to click one of the options it didn't work. So instead he thought of what option to choose and said it in his head "Skills and Stats".




Name: Moby Kane

Race: Human

Level: 1

XP to next level 0/100

Power Level: 800

Hp: 100/100

Demon Energy: 20/20

Demon Energy regeneration: 10 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 20

Intelligence: 20

Agility: 20

Endurance: 20

Mind: 10

Available Points to distribute: 6




Sense [Level 1]

Enhances a users 5 senses


Inspect [Level 1]

Allows the user to inspect any person or object and general information will be available.


Demon Slash [Level 1]

Focuses Demon Energy into the user's sword and performs a strong downward slash with immense power.

Power: 1.5x a normal slash

Cost: 12 Demon Energy


Demon Flash [Level 1]

Focuses Demon Energy into the user's leg and does a short dash at immense speed.

Effect: increases speed by 1.5x

Range: 1 meter

Cost: 8 Demon Energy


"Your stats are actually pretty high compared to a normal person with no ability, the average amount of points for each stat is only 10 while you have 20, Each stat point is equivalent to a 10 on the power level scale expect for "Mind" which is only used for utility rather than fighting power," Avilia explained

Moby inwardly smiled as he slowly examined all his skills. It really did seem like a videogame. Although Moby never had the chance to play video games because he was too poor to purchase a game system, he always heard his classmates talk about them every day so he knew the general basics. He knew that he had to level up his stats and skills by levelling up and doing quests to become stronger.

The system suddenly interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Host, you know you have 6 free points to distribute. Since you far exceeded the required amount of negative energy that is required to unseal me. I won't tell you what each stat does because I want you to figure it out by yourself. I am stuck with you for life. You die, then I die. But I would rather die than have a stupid and incompetent demon lord. I need to judge if you are worthy of inheriting my full power. I will aid you every now and then and answer basic questions. But that is all." The system said with resolve.

Moby nodded understanding full well understanding the weight of her words. He then rechecked his stats and what the system said was true. He did have 6 stat points to distribute.

Moby thought deeply as to where he should assign his stat points. He chose to avoid Mind and Intelligence for the moment because he does not know what they do. Strength, agility, and endurance had a more obvious effect.

In the end, Moby decided to put 2 points into strength, 2 points into agility, and 2 points into endurance.

Suddenly, he felt an immense surge of power enter his body. Moby has never felt this refreshed in his life. He looked at his watch and saw his new power level:


Moby was completely stunned. By only assigning 6 stat points, he managed to increase his power level by 60 points. Moby smiled really sinisterly. He knew that with this new ability he would be able to attain the power to get his revenge and even more.

But before he became too happy, he needed to check how hard it is to get ability points. He instantly navigated to the quest tab.


Quests available: 1


Daily Quest

Conditions to complete:

0/100 pushups

0/100 sit-ups

0/100 squats

0/10 Kilometre Run

Time remaining 17 hours 24 minutes


+3 stat points


At that moment Moby's eyes lit up with hope. He couldn't help but laugh out loud. The daily quest was just his normal everyday training routine and by doing that he can gain 3 stat points. From what he saw, 1 stat point was equivalent to 10 points on the power level scale.

So, by doing the daily quest, Moby can increase his power level by at least 30 every day. And, this doesn't even include the other quests that he would eventually receive in the future.

However, this sudden power increase will cause him many problems. It is not normal for anyone to increase their power level this drastically in a short amount of time.

Especially someone with no ability. This will cause a lot of suspicions and unwanted attention to him. If he were to be caught, he would most likely become a guinea pig to the military as they would probably experiment on his body. Moby needs to avoid that at any cost.

Luckily, the school doesn't monitor each student's power level's and they don't track their locations full time because of privacy reasons put in place so that the military doesn't spy on the noble children's families.

He needs to find a way to change the number on his watch in order to hide his true power.

Abruptly, his thoughts were interrupted by the system.

"Host, if hiding your powers is a problem, try suppressing your inner Demon Energy. By doing this, you should be able to control what power level is displayed on the watch. However, be aware that when you release your full power, your power level will go back to normal."

Moby became startled as he was not expecting the system to speak.

"Hey, can you read my mind?" Moby asked.

"Well, I am now part of you, it is only natural, " The system replied.

Moby was a little disturbed that the system can read his mind but he decided that it wasn't a big deal and that it would most likely be a benefit to him in the future.

After hearing the system's advice. Moby tried to suppress his Demon Energy. On his first try, he was able to get his power level down to 800, which was exactly his powerlevel prior to his increase in power.

Moby was ecstatic, The experiment was a success. Now, he has no worries about being caught by the military.

Moby remembered that there was one tab that he didn't check yet. The crafting tab.

As soon as he opened it, he saw a huge selection of items to buy. There were weapons, armor, potions. The cheapest thing he saw on the first page was 1 million dollars. Moby was in disbelief at how expensive they were to buy. Moby then found the sorting option and sorted all the items from the cheapest to the most expensive. The cheapest things he could find were some very weak potions being only $2000 worth of ingredients. He kept scrolling down until he saw the cheapest weapon he could find. It was a sword that cost $4000 worth of ingredients.


Novice Demon Katana

+30 strength

+10 Mind

Special Effect: +5% attack power per every consecutive hit. (blocked hits also count as long as the attacks are consecutively chained)

Cost: 4 Naga Scales (4000 dollars)


Even though the Katana cost 4000 dollars worth of materials, the stat increases would make it well worth the investment. Even though Moby still doesn't know what mind means. He can only assume that it will be something useful, and the 30 strength would be insane. And this is only the least expensive sword, Moby could only imagine how strong the more expensive weapons would be.

Moby became more curious and started to search for the cheapest set of armor this time:



Novice Demon Scarf

+10 strength

+10 endurance

Cost: 3 Naga Scales (3000 dollars)


Novice Demon Shirt

+10 endurance

+5 strength

+5 Agility

Cost: 3 Naga Scales (3000 dollars)


Novice Demon Gloves

+10 strength

+10 endurance

Cost: 3 Naga Scales (3000 dollars)


Novice Demon Pants

+10 endurance

+10 agility

Cost: 3 Naga Scales (3000 dollars)


Novice Demon Shoes

+10 endurance

+10 agility

Cost: 3 Naga Scales (3000 dollars)


Novice Demon Ring

+30 mind

+30 intelligence

Cost: 1 Ignuim jewel (10000 dollars)


Full set bonus:

Demon based attacks are 5% more potent.


Although each armor piece is really expensive. They give an insane amount of stats. Plus if he gets the full set. He would be able to get the full set bonus. Moby thought it was a good idea to start finding ways in order to make money.

Moby took a deep breath and started to process everything that he just learned and obtained from the system. He felt extremely happy. Now that he had a clear and undisturbed mind he can finally get back at the world that wronged him. This is the first time in his life that he felt like he had the power to change his fate. And it will start by torturing and killing that bitch Nathan and his group.

\u003c System alert \u003e

\u003c New Quest \u003e

Getting Revenge



Get revenge on Nathan and his group for what they did to you.

Conditions to complete:

0/6 Students Humiliated

0/6 Student's Killed

Time limit: None


New Skill unlock

+10000 XP

+50 stat points


\u003c Will you accept this quest? \u003e

\u003c Yes \u003e \u003c No \u003e

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