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The Great Demon System

Chapter 26: Leos Tournament Part 3

26 Leo's Tournament Part 3

He assigned 8 points into "Intelligence" and 2 points into "Endurance".

He now has 51 endurance and 63 intelligence.

He now has a maximum capacity of 63 demon energy instead of his previous 55.

After Moby finished his fight with Jay, he had 0 demon energy left.

Abby was still fighting her battle which gave him time to use "Nature's Stimulation" to regain his energy.

There is no way in hell he would be able to defeat Abby without the use of his demon energy.

After 3 minutes, Abby had finally defeated her opponent.

"Attention everyone! We have finally reached the finals! You all have done very well! But now it is the time to see what the 2 best hand to hand fighters have got to offer!" Leo said enthusiastically.

"On the right, we have Abby Ried!" Leo said while pointing at her.

The entire class erupted with cheers.

She ignored them like they were not even there.

She was more focused on the opponent in front of her.

"And on the left! We have Moby Kane!" He said while pointing at the still sleeping Moby.

Usually, the entire class would be booing him and throwing insults. But, in front of Professeur Leo, they would not dare. They did not know how he would react to such things. After what they saw him do a few minutes ago, none of them would even risk a chance of getting on his bad side.

The class just looked at him with mean disgusted glares instead. They couldn't believe he would dare take a nap at a time like this.

"So you must be Moby Kane, the most hated guy in school. From the matches I saw you do, it looked like you had some real skill. I really respect the hard work and dedication you put in to get where you are now. It is a pity you do not possess an ability. If you did, I know you would be at least C rank without a doubt. I hope we have a good clean fight," Abby asked in a calm tone.

Moby just kept on sleeping and did not respond to her.

Abby has never been ignored or humiliated to this extent in her entire life.

'I will teach him proper manners,' she thought angrily.

The truth is, Moby was not ignoring her at all, he was still in the middle of using his "Nature's Stimulation". So, he was blocking out all outside occurrences in order to concentrate on regaining his energy.

Leo lifted his gun in the air about to shoot.

Abby took a fighting stance while Moby was still sleeping with seemingly no care in the world.





Leo said as he shot his gun in the air.

Without hesitation, Abby dashed towards Moby with the speed of a bullet train and performed a flying kick aimed at Moby's head.

Moby used his " Demon Flash" to get away and dodge the attack.

Due to Moby's late activation of "Demon Flash", her kick still managed to graze his face.

\u003c -15hp \u003e

'What the fuck even is my luck! God must be playing sick jokes on me because I'm a demon now. I wake up to a fucking train aimed for my forehead with only a split second to react.' He thought.

'I assume that the final round has already started' he thought while inspecting his opponent.


Name: Abby Ried 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

Race: Human

Ability: Level 4 fire

Power Level: 7540

Hp: 100/100

Mana: 198/198

Strength: 267

Agility: 158

Endurance: 131

Intelligence: 198

Mind: 0


'What the hell! Her stats are insane!' He inwardly cursed.

"it seems like you are finally awake. I'll have you know I don't take kindly to being so blatantly ignored and disrespected so I will have to teach you a lesson on manners." Abby said while taking her fighting stance once again.

Moby had no idea what she was talking about. He could only assume that he ignored her while he was using "Nature's Stimulation" to recover his strength.

Abby darted towards Moby unleashing a very powerful punch.

Moby had no opportunity to dodge so he did the next best thing.

He needed to know how much his strength stacks up to hers.

He infused his hands with demon energy and used "Hell's Fist" clashing with her punch.

The result of the clash was that Moby flew 10 meters away while Abby just stood there unfazed.

The skin on his knuckles had been torn off leaving his flesh exposed with a bloody mess. His arm became numb and bent in a weird way from the sheer strength of the impact.

Moby dislocated his arm back into place regaining control of it once again.

He lost a total of 48 hp from that attack which was not at all pleasant.

He only had 57 Hp remaining. 1 or 2 good attacks and he would be dead.

He started to feel like there is no chance of winning.

Then a genius idea popped into his head.

A smile formed on Moby's face. He activated "Hell's Fist" and dashed towards Abby throwing a punch.

Abby decided to throw a punch of her own clashing with him once again.

But this time, Moby was the one left standing. Abby was blown 5 meters away and got startled a bit after the attack.

The entire class including Leo was looking at Moby in awe at how the tables have suddenly turned.

'Incredible! Kid, you are smarter than I thought. The instant you felt both your hands clashing together, you raised your power level back to 1800 to boost your attack power. It was too fast and seamless for the watch to even register the sudden spike in power and it looked too natural for all the spectators. You needed perfect timing on this or else your attack would have had no effects or you would have exposed your true strength to your entire class.' Avilia exclaimed.

'However, don't get too careless, you only have 31 demon energy remaining so you have to end this fight quickly before you run out. If you run out of demon energy, the fight would be as good as over, 'She added.

'Thanks for the advice but I'm well aware of my situation. Now that I actually damaged her, she will start to be more careful and act less recklessly. I need to find a way to win this quickly before I run out of juice.' He thought.

'Also, I can't do that technique all the time because it requires a huge amount of focus and mental strength. If I use that technique again, it will have to be for the decisive strikes.'

"Wow, where did all that power come from. I guess I should stop holding back too, " She said with a smile.


Abby rushed over with more speed and vigor than ever before. Moby readied himself by activating "Hell's Fist".

They started exchanging punches left and right.

From the perspective of the audience, they looked evenly matched.

But that could not be farther from the truth. Even though Moby was blocking each one of his opponent's attacks, he was still taking a substantial amount of damage.

\u003c -6hp \u003e

\u003c -8hp \u003e

\u003c -9hp \u003e

\u003c -12hp \u003e

The duration of "Hell's Fist" was only 2 seconds so Moby knew he couldn't last much longer in this exchange. He was not able to find any openings in her technique.

Moby did not want to do this but to win, he had no choice. He had to resort to his trump card.

Suddenly, Abby stopped attacking. It looked like she was paralyzed with fear out of nowhere.

Moby then abruptly appeared behind her. He clasped both his hands and hit her in the back of the head with all his strength making her fall on the ground creating a small crater in the process.

The last words she managed to barely mutter before passing out were,

"What the hell are you…"


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