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The Great Demon System

Chapter 23: The Power Of Mind Control

23 The Power Of Mind Control

At times, he would even be rolling on the seats while clenching his stomach.

In his eyes, Moby seemed like a crackhead that looked insanely high while at the same time having a huge sugar rush.

'The Young miss should not associate with someone like him,' he thought

After 30 minutes of driving, they finally reached the front gate of the school.

Moby thanked the butler for driving him and headed back to his dorm.

When he arrived, he noticed that both Alex and Ray were already fast asleep. He was hoping that would be the case because he wasn't in the mood to socialize and wanted to instantly go to sleep.

He used up a lot of energy today and he needed to sleep in order to recover.

As soon as he laid his head on his pillow, he slept like a baby for the rest of the night.


6 am the next morning,

Moby woke up fit as a fiddle. There was absolutely no lingering fatigue from his near-death experience he just had the day before.

His roommates were still fast asleep which was a good thing for him.

He went outside to complete his daily quest before coming back to take a shower.

Moby decided to put his 3 points he got from the daily quest into "Endurance" so he could be less of a glass cannon and increase his survivability a little more.

His endurance was now at 39 points.

The time was already 7:30, so he quickly left the dorm making sure not to wake up his sleeping roommates.

When he reached the front of the school, he found his target. It was one of Nathan's goons.

It was the one with the healing ability that healed all his broken bones only for Nathan to break them again.

Currently, Moby's power level of 2750 was higher than Nathan himself who was only at a power level of 2510. So he knows that his new skill would also work on his whole gang who were all much weaker than him.

Moby contacted Jayden to inform her of what is about to happen. He wanted to build a better relationship with her in order for her to not betray him in the future. From the little time he knew her, he knows that she would find what he is about to do hilarious.

'Hey, Jayden. Where are you at now.'

'Why are you calling me now! You better not waste my time,' she answered in an annoyed tone.

'Just answer the damn question!' He quickly replied.

'My butler just dropped me off at the front gate.'

'Quickly! Come to the front of the school! There is something funny I need to show you!' Moby said excitedly.

'Fine! But this better be worth my time!' She said angrily.

'It will definitely be worth your time!' He replied enthusiastically.

15 seconds had already gone by since he began casting it.

'I'm at the front of the school now. What's so funny and important that would make you waste my time like that,' She said, sounding really annoyed.

'Just wait 1 more second, ' he said trying to contain his laughter.

Suddenly, one of the students in the crowd ripped off his clothes making him bare naked.

He started shaking his prepubescent soldier in front of a huge crowd while running around farting and jumping like a maniac.

He was doing funny and stupid faces the entire time, putting his hands in his nose, putting his tongue out licking his face in a disgusting manner, were only the tip of the ice burg.

He ended his spectacle by squatting down into the fetal position as he began to shit on the floor.

Only when the shit was halfway down, did he finally regained his senses.

"Huh?" He said looking around in confusion.

It only took him a moment later to recognize his situation. ๐ขn๐’๐˜ณ๐™š๐’ถ๐˜ฅ.๏ผ†nbsp;๐—ฐ๐š˜๐“‚

His face turned completely red out of embarrassment.

He was butt naked without any way of wearing clothes because he already ripped them all.

He instantly put his hands covering his nether regions as he ran away screaming and crying.

Due to the unfinished poop still protruding from his anus, he left a trail of feces that followed from behind him.

There was an entire crowd all around him spectating everything that just transpired.

Half of them were looking at him in disgust like he was an escaped monkey from the zoo while the other was filming him or laughing their ass off.

Jayden was part of the latter.

This was by far the funniest thing she had ever seen in her entire life.

She was laughing so hard that she felt her stomach start to severely ache, but she did not even care.

She had a hard time breathing as she started to severely hyperventilate.

At times, her laughter would suddenly stop so she could catch her breath and try to calm down before erupting again not too long after from images popping back in her head from what just happened.

This cycle repeated over and over for more than 5 minutes until she managed to finally regain her composure.

Moby was not faring any better. He was laughing just as hard as Jayden if not a little harder.

He had no memory of himself laughing that hard in his entire life, even when he was torturing Eric, which is an impressive feat, to say the least.

Avilia had a severe sense of nostalgia because she made people do these things in her past a myriad of times.

He could even hear Avilia laugh in his head at least 3 times harder than him like she was reliving the funniest moments of her entire life.

The only thing he was disappointed in was that he didn't smear his feces all over his body like he wanted him to do because the mind control ran out of time.

However, what happened was still more than funny and embarrassing enough to satisfy him.

This was more than enough to ruin someone's life and reputation for a lifetime.

The only downside to this is he might kill himself before Moby gets to him.

He still needed to properly pay him back for all that he did to him.

Moby just had to hope that he would last at least until tomorrow so he can exact his plan.

Suddenly, Jayden contacted him l, interrupting his train of thought.

'HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA WAS THAT YOUR DOING!?' She asked, unable to contain her immense laughter.

'Ya, that was me' He replied while chuckling, remembering the scene that just occurred.

'THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! HOW DID YOU DO IT?!' She asked while laughing even harder.

'Let's just say I got a mind control ability after I left your house yesterday, ' he replied with a smirk.

'FOR REAL! You sure are creative!' She said, starting to calm down a bit.

'It took a lot of brainstorming' He answered with a small chuckle.

'By the way, who is that guy? Why did you choose him of all people? Don't get me wrong, I don't give a shit about him and I appreciate the humour. But, I know that there must be a reason behind this, ' she asked with curiosity.

'There is a reason. I didn't have the chance to tell you yesterday because we didn't have enough time. I'll explain everything to you at the break. We need to head to class right now, we only have 5 minutes left until it starts.'

'Sounds like fun! I'll meet up with you at break time then,' she excitedly replied.


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