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The Great Demon System

Chapter 10: Evolution!?

10 Evolution!?

Moby patted himself on the back for his amazing accomplishment. He jumped up and down celebrating like a child opening his presents on Christmas. He was too happy to hold back his excitement.

Then, he noticed that one notification lingered and didn't disappear like the others.

\u003c You Have Reached The Stage Of Evolution! \u003e

\u003c Do You Want To Evolve? \u003e

\u003c Yes \u003e \u003c No \u003e

Moby stopped his celebration and wore his usual serious expression.

He didn't know the exact meaning of the notification so he didn't want to rush into any decision.

"Avilia, what is this evolution thing?" Moby inwardly asked.

"It's a surprise! If I tell you now, it will ruin it!" Avilia said in a cute tone.

"Some help you are…" Moby said while sighing.

"Don't be like that! Fine, I'll tell you this much. If you want to inherit my full power. You will have to go through the evolution process. To tell you the truth, I did not expect you to evolve already. You really farmed the shit out of that Eric guy," Avilia said while cheerfully laughing.

After hearing that, Moby decided that he had no choice. If he intended on getting even stronger than he is right now, he will have to go through with this.

Moby steeled his resolve and quickly chose the "Yes" option.

Suddenly he started feeling immense pain in his chest and head. Then, he felt like his skin was burning and his blood was boiling. After that, he started throwing up black blood in litres and he felt his bones start to crack. It felt like his body was completely destroying itself. Moby started screaming so loud that it sounded almost inhuman.

This was by far the most excruciating pain that Moby has ever felt in his life. Nothing even came close.

After 1 minute of Moby trying to endure the pain. It finally stopped. Although the pain only lasted for one minute on the outside, for Moby it felt like months or even years of torture.

Moby was clutching his heart in pain as he was desperately breathing heavily in order to catch his breath.

\u003c Congratulations! Your evolution was successful! \u003e

As soon as Moby caught his breath, he demanded an explanation from Avilia,

"What the fuck Avilia! Are you trying to kill me! Explain yourself now!"

Avilia started to giggle and then said.

"Open your stats and skills and you'll find out"

Moby then instantly opened his stats and skills immediately after hearing what Avilia said.



Name: Moby Kane

Level: 10

XP to next level 0/1000

Power Level: 940

Hp: 120/120

Demon Energy: 25/25

Demon Energy regeneration: 12 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 23

Agility: 23

Endurance: 23

Intelligence: 25

Mind: 15

Available Points to distribute: 105




Basic Demon Energy control [Level 2] (passive)

Allows the user to sense and use Demon Energy.


Sense [Level 2] (Passive)

Enhances a users 5 senses


Inspect [Level 2]

Allows the user to inspect any person or object and general information will be available.


Demon Slash [Level 1]

Focuses Demon Energy into the user's sword and performs a strong downward slash with immense power.

Power: 1.5 a normal slash

Cost: 12 Demon Energy


Demon Flash [Level 1]

Focuses Demon Energy into the user's leg and does a short dash at immense speed.

Effect: increases speed by 1.5x

duration: 0.1 seconds

Cost: 8 Demon Energy


Eyes of Sin [Level 1]

Special eyes only possessed by those of the demon race.

Greatly improves vision and perception.

Allows the user to see 0.1 seconds in the future.

Increases all stats by 10%

Cost: 2 Demon Energy/Second


Nightmare [Level 1]

Inflicts your opponent with fear by making direct eye contact, paralyzing them.

Effect Duration: 0.5 seconds (Duration increases as mind stat goes up)

Max range: 0.5 Meters

Cost: 10 Demon Energy


Moby stood there speechless as he carefully read everything in front of him.

"I'm… I'm… I'm… a demon!" Moby screamed in confusion.

"Welcome to the demon club, my friend," Avilia said with a cheerful tone.

Moby's initial shock about becoming a demon slowly faded away as he started to accept his change. If it would make Moby stronger, he was all for it, and from the changes he sees in his stats and skills, he is already liking what he is seeing.

The first thing he noticed is that his hp cap is now 120 instead of 100 and his Demon Energy cap is now at 25 instead of 20. And, his power level increased from 890 to 940.

The second thing he noticed was that his Demon Energy regeneration has gone from 10 Demon Energy/hour to 12 Demon Energy/hour.

The third was he suddenly got 5 more points in mind and intelligence without assigning any stat points to the skill.

"Demon's have a lot of mind-related powers and abilities and have a larger energy reserve than humans. So, by becoming a demon, it is obvious that you would gain at least some points in mind and intelligence," Avilia quickly interjected, answering Moby's question.

The fourth was that he now has a mouth-watering 105 stat points to assign. Going by his previous knowledge that 1 stat point is equal to 10 power levels, He should be able to raise his power level by 1050 points! This got Moby really excited.

The fifth was that his inspect, basic Demon Energy control, and sense skills have now reached level 2. Moby really noticed the difference with his "sense" passive skill.

All his 5 senses now feel ultra heightened. Moby can clearly see through the darkness of the night like he had night vision. He can hear the slightest sounds that happen with considerable clarity. And, his nose became far more sensitive as he was able to clearly smell and distinguish the different herbs in the forest.

He was also able to more clearly smell Eric's putrid corpse which made him chuckle a bit as he was reliving the good times they both just had.

Finally, the last thing he noticed was 2 new skills at the bottom of his skills tab. The first one he noticed was the skill "nightmare". The skill paralyzes the opponent for 0.5 seconds. This might not sound like a lot but with 0.5 seconds, it would be just enough distraction to deliver a fatal blow. The duration can also be increased by putting points into the mind stat. At least Moby now has an incentive to focus more on the mind. The skill cost 10 Demon energy so it was really expensive. This means the Moby needs to think carefully before using it and depleting his energy reserves.

The second skill is the one that caught Moby's attention the most, the "Eyes of Sin". The effects it provided was astronomical. It allowed the user to have much greater vision and perception. Allowed the user to see 0.1 seconds into the future. And raised all stats by 10%. However, this skill has one huge drawback. The immense energy consumption at 2 Demon energy/ Second. Even with full Energy reserves, the skill would last 12.5 seconds at most and there would be no spare energy to use any other skills. This was a huge problem.

Moby decided to keep this skill as a last resort or when it is absolutely necessary. He needed more energy reserves and regeneration to properly use this skill in actual combat.

Suddenly Moby's thoughts were interrupted as he heard 5 footsteps 2 Kilometres away headed straight for his direction.

Suddenly it hit him, How could Moby be so stupid and careless. Whenever a student dies, the watch pings their location. Then a retrieval group will come to investigate what happened.

Moby should have immediately run away from the scene as soon as he killed Eric. But instead, he was careless and stayed as he was too distracted from the system notification.

The time was already 11:35, Moby had exactly 25 minutes to return to his dorms without being spotted by the retrieval team. If he was caught by the retrieval team, he would be considered the prime suspect in the murder. And, if he was caught outside his dorm past curfew, he would also be considered as the biggest suspect as there were many people that saw both him and Eric enter the woods together.

"They are closing in fast! They are only 1.5 kilometers away! Stop standing there like an idiot and move!" Avilia shouted snapping Moby out of his panicked state.

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