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The God Virus

Volume 2 - 28 Left With No Way To Live

This first level, which was cleansing the skin took the least amount of time in all of the eight levels of the purifying stage as it only lasted for about two hours for Virus, but for cultivators of the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi it took even more time and it was slower, as it took almost a day for the skin to be cleansed and the process to end.

The cleansing skin pills of those cultivators of the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi could only cleanse the skin for about 50 to 60 per cent and some more potent ones could at most do 70 to 80 per cent while the most powerful ones seen and recorded could do about 90 to 95 per cent, none could do a complete purification, unlike Virus’ Full Skin Cleanser Injection which other than being faster did a 100 percent and full purification of the skin.

Moreover other than the outer skin of the body, the inner skins, like the skin of mouth, palate, anus, etc. All were purified, so another advantage of this Full Skin Cleanser Injection was that it cleansed the whole surface of the body.

But this was not the end of the first level of the Purifying Stage for Virus.

As his injection did something else other than speeding up the process and doing a hundred per cent complete purification.

The most important thing the injection did other than completely cleansing the skin was that from now on it immuned the skin from filth and impurities as it would reject all the impurities, not allowing any inside the skin as they would be destroyed and rejected the moment they entered the body or were created inside the body.

The injection worked in a way like when you injected an injection to immune yourself to a certain disease, only in Virus’ situation the skin completely rejected anything impure that wasn’t of the skin.

But this immunity process took some time to come into effect, Virus estimated it should take about a day.

After taking a shower Virus came out only to see Bella waiting for him outside, seeing him she said with a smile "Your skin’s a little bit whiter than even before master."

Hearing this Virus didn’t know what to say so he just changed the subject "Go tell the uglies to make the second set of the material ready till tomorrow."

"Okay master." The golden beauty replied.

"Also, tell the CEO ugly, after he helps to gather the material I need, to release the new phones along the cars if they are ready." Virus talked again.

"Okay Master I’ll do that, what about you? what do you want to do?" She asked.

’Me...? truthfully I’m starting to get bored again. Even though cultivation and other things I want to do entertains me to some extents, they take time... ’ Virus thought.

Then he said, "Go inform the uglies first and then let’s go out and eat something delicious, I like new tastes, we will also take Ella with us, just the three of us."

"Okay master." Bella said thinking she needs to follow and protect his master from the sidelines like always.


Since the Virus Company started releasing its phones to the market all of the phone companies around the world, major and minor, had held an endless number of conference meetings.

All of the topics of their conference and meeting was to figure out a way to survive.


In One Of those Major Companies

"Mr. CEO, if things continue like this the company will go broke, since the first-day Virus Company released their phones, no one’s buying our phones as theirs are like a decade more advanced and even cheaper, We’re just losing tons of money every second that passes." One major shareholder of that company said.

Then he continued "so, what do you think we should do Mr. CEO? do you have any solutions?" 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

"Solutions? you want solutions? well... I have a solution but it’s impossible and that is to release even more advanced phones to the market? is that possible?" The CEO said obviously angry and frustrated with life and everyone else.

"This... ." that major shareholder became quiet as he also understood the only way to compete was to be on the same level as the opponent, but the opponent was too powerful this time, according to their data the opponent’s phones were at least a decade more advanced than theirs and they would need to try for 8 or 9 years to get to that level, but that was obviously impossible too.

"This so-called Virus Company is leaving us, and by us, I mean all the phone companies with no fucking way to live!!! But they are too naive if they think they can win just like this, they have angered all of the phone companies around the world and let me tell you this, they won’t sit still just watching themselves go broke." The CEO continued.

"There will be all kinds of attacks and movements against this company, so let’s just watch for now." That CEO concluded.


In Another Major Company

"So, contact every phone company you can and tell them that there will be a conference meeting, in which most of the major companies will attend." A CEO ordered one of his employee’s.

"What should I say the topic of the meeting is Mr CEO?" that employee asked.

"Crisis Management for Virus Company Crisis. If there is a Virus, we just need to destroy it." The CEO replied.


In Another Phone Company

"Contact Virus Company and tell them we want a cooperative relationship with them." A CEO said.

"You have to get on their good side! understood?" Another CEO ordered.

"Yes, I will do as I was ordered, sir." The loyal employee replied.


Things like this were going on in all of the Phone Companies around the world, they were all frustrated against this new company which left them with no way to live!

US, China, Japan, Korea, etc. Phone Companies from all over these countries were contacting their government connections, other phone companies, and even the underground to solve this problem that was the Virus Company.

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