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The God Virus

Volume 2 - 26 New Orders

While they were kissing passionately, the bus was still there watching the two love birds as even the bus driver was interested in watching a little romance.

’So he wasn’t looking at me... damn.’

’Why isn’t it me...’

’I can be even his personal slave by whatever contract he wants.’

’He should be mine.’

’She’s so lucky to have such a handsome man as her boyfriend, he seems to be super rich too.’

’I’m so jealous...’

’I would do whatever he wants and pleases him and be satisfied with it even if it’s just for a night.’

Such thoughts were still running inside the passengers’ head while most of the girls’ hearts were beating fast, impatient and filled with anxiety of wanting him.

While some were jealous of Ella, some were jealous of the man’s wealth and looks.

After the passionate kiss Ella said looking into his eyes "I missed you..."

"I missed you too." Virus replied also looking into her eyes smiling.


After that, they went into the car as Virus turned the engine on as they drove away.

"Is this your new car?" After a while, Ella asked.

"Yeah..." Virus answered while continuing his driving without looking at her.

"Why do you change your car so much?"Ella asked again.

"Well... because always using one car is boring." Virus said.

Ella was a little speechless by his answer thinking ’You keep changing your cars just because it’s boring? Just how rich are you.’

"Ella, I came to see you the moment I came back because I didn’t want you to be worried, but I still have some urgent matters to attend to so I need to go back soon after dropping you off at your house, but I’ll come to look for you when I’m done with those, what do you think?" Virus asked.

"It’s fine Ai, I just wanted to know you’re okay and just to see you, now that I’ve seen you, go do your things, and it’s not like I can’t contact you with the communication device, right?" Ella replied with a smile on her beautiful face.

"Yeah... thanks for understanding." Virus said also smiling.

Virus drove around for a little while after that and finally dropped Ella off in front of her house.

Then he drove to his building and company as he went to the highest floor of it, inside which no one was allowed other than Virus, Bella, and the four uglies.

After he got there the golden beauty was already there waiting for him, As she saw him she said "Welcome back master, what’s your orders?"

"Tell the CEO ugly and the legal ugly to come here, also the other two uglies should be present through internet online." Virus said.

"Yes master." The golden beauty said as she went away.



The golden beauty and the two uglies were present while the other two uglies were online through the internet, each of their faces was inside one 3D screen.

Seeing everyone ready for command Virus started talking "Okay now, this is an important order I’m going to give you guys, I would need some material and other things for something very important to me, now most of these things can be found on this very earth, but some of them cannot be found here, so one or two of you need to roam the universe, and if necessary the multiverse to find those things, it won’t take long to find each material though so no need to be worried about not being able to find them, as I’ll give the approximate location and coordinates each of the material and also one of the blueprints I gave the island ugly to make was Material Finder, which’s job is to find the material you tell it to."

"In addition, find the material in order of importance I’ve placed, as I’ll need some of them sooner than the others."

"The first set of material is all present on earth so first you uglies should find that, Until tomorrow I want the first set ready."

"Also bring that tech from the island to my highest floor lab till tomorrow along with the material and about deciding which one of you should do which one of the duties, you uglies decide that, but remember to not fall behind your other duties too, for simple gained access material you can use the workers in the company."

"Now go! Bring the first set of materials to me asap, you have till tomorrow." Virus ended his orders for now.

"Yes master." They all answered at the same time and then the two present uglies went away while the other two online uglies went offline.

After it was just the two of them the golden beauty asked "What’s those materials for master?"

Only to hear Virus say "You will know soon enough."


The next day the first set of material and things he needed was ready on his lab at the highest floor of his building, these things were gathered from different places on earth while some of them could be accessed by everyone some couldn’t be accessed even with the highest technology available currently on earth, like a plant called ’Parsin’ grew only on the bottom of the ocean or some other plants which also grew there which humanity still couldn’t gain access to.

In spite of this, all of the needed materials were gathered by different means and technology available to the four uglies.

Seeing everything he needed was already there, Virus smiled as he said "Let’s start."

Then he told Bella who was watching by the sides to bring the material besides a specific giant tech.

The tech was a huge one and it was brought here along with the materials, this was one of the techs of which blueprint Virus had given to the island ugly to build.

It had different entrances and thousands of commands on its 3D screen hovering above the tech, Even though this tech wasn’t the device that was the most advanced or the device that could do it most efficiently, it was the only thing that could be made in the shortest time possible as it’s material could be found more easily and before making it there was not lot’s of needs for other advanced or far advanced techs so that’s why Virus had ordered this one to be created for creating the things he needed and other things for now.

This tech was a more advanced version of the simple tech by which Virus had created the ’Immortality Serum’.

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