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The God Virus

Volume 2 - 25 Reunion


Above a planet called Earth, outside its atmosphere a portal like rift suddenly opened and a while later it disappeared just like that.

In the time it was open an invisible spaceship had passed through.

They were finally back after more than a month!

The invisible quietly entered the earth atmosphere without anyone realizing or any alarm ringing anywhere, and after sometime later it was above Virus’ Island landing on its airport, then going inside the warehouse of it.

After they got off of the spaceship the security ugly was waiting for them, as he saw Virus he just bowed without saying anything waiting for his orders.

"How was everything while I was gone?" Virus asked.

"Everything’s going fine as always master, though some intruders tried to infiltrate the island I dealt with them all but the curious people wondering about what is going on in this island is increasing.

"I see, those monkeys are curious about everything as always."Virus said as he then continued looking at the island and security uglies "Just continue dealing with them accordingly, and increase the speed of productions."

"Yes master." They both replied at the same time.

"Make my private jet ready, I’m going back to Manhattan, we’ve got lot’s of things to do and I want to start some things as soon as possible." He ordered again.

Some time later the private jet was ready and after Virus and the golden beauty got on it, it flew to Manhattan.


After arriving at Manhattan, at the airport, a red Aston Martin V12 Zagato, now known as Virus V12 Zagato was parked which still wasn’t released to the market and the world and there was his other black Lamborghini too which he had bought in the past.

An employee was waiting for them when they got off the private jet and the moment he saw them he bowed with respect saying "Welcome back Chairman, hope you had a wonderful journey, I’ll lead you to your cars."

"Okay, let’s go." Virus replied without saying anything else.

After they got beside the cars parked the employee bowed and reached his right hand inside which were two keys, taking both keys Virus ordered the employee "You can go back."

Then he turned to the golden beauty saying while he also gave her the Black Lamborghini’s key "Bella you go back first, I have to go somewhere first."

"Yes, master." She said as she took the car’s key.

Both of them went beside their cars as lot’s of people at the airport were staring at them while thinking.

’Wow, that man’s so charming!’ a girl thought.

’How wonderful would it be if such a man fucked me tonight!’ a married woman thought.

’what a beauty!!! this is the first time I’ve seen such a beauty!’ a man thought.

’my masturbation material is ready for tonight.’ another thought.

’They seem to be filthy rich people...’ a lot of others thought.

Some were fantasizing about doing strange things with both of them while most of them fell in love with them at first sight, also their eyes were shining with envy looking at their cars and wealth.

Some of the people who knew the cars well thought ’That red car! this is the first time I’ve seen that car."

But seeing the half robotic brain and half human brain company mark some of them thought ’it seems to be one of that new Virus Industries’ cars which they said they’re gonna release soon. It looks so awesome! who is this man who is driving it!’

After sending Bella away Virus first checked where Ella was, seeing she was on her way back to home from college he pushed the gas pedal as he started driving toward her.


Ella was on her way back home on the bus as she was deep in her thoughts thinking ’I miss him so much... why hasn’t he still come back?... I can’t even contact him for about a month now... .’

’I hope he’s fine in whatever corner of this earth he is... I wish he could’ve taken me with him though...’ As she was continuing thinking like this suddenly a red high-class car which no one recognized what it was came beside the bus driving exactly beside it.

After a while later people inside the bus started noticing the red car and thought ’Wow, such an awesome car, which bastard/handsome/soulmate of mine/beauty is driving the car.’

And then looking at the person driving the car they were frozen staring, they could feel his handsomeness from even this far.’

’Is this handsome oppa looking at me?’ a girl thought.

’He’s definitely looking at me... is my life movie finally starting?’ another thought, all the thoughts were going almost in the same direction when finally a particular girl noticed the car and looked at the driver, it wasn’t that she put an effort to see the driver or did so intentionally, it’s just that Virus was driving exactly in her line of sight waiting for her to notice while looking at her from time to time.

Finally noticing Virus she put her hands on her mouth as her eyes turned red and tears came pouring down as she whispered in a low voice "He’s finally back!"

Immediately coming out of her daze she pressed the stop button of the bus trying to get off, Virus stopped the car too getting off of it and started walking toward the bus.

As he was walking towards the bus slowly a beauty got off the bus running towards the walking man in a hurry and after they were upon each other without any change in speed she jumped to her embrace with her red eyes.

Embracing and holding the beauty who was sticking to him like glue Virus smiled thinking ’She’s so lightweight.’

Some seconds later her legs and hands were still around him tightly embracing him while her head was on his shoulders.

Sometime later she finally let loose and separated herself from him, now standing with red eyes that still had some tears on it.

Both were softly looking into each others’ eyes and finally, Ella broke the silence saying. "Kiss me..."

And Virus put his lips on her without any hesitation.

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