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The God Virus

Volume 2 - 21 Star

After coming back from the beach with the golden beauty and naming her Bella, Virus said "Okay, now that you’ve seen the beach and had your fun, it’s time for us to go."

Then looking at the island ugly who was waiting for them he ordered "Take us to the completed project of that main blueprint."

"Okay master, this way." The Island ugly said as he led them to a very huge warehouse which was supposed to be for parking the medium sized planes.

The huge automatic door of the warehouse started opening and behind it a very big spaceship like inside one of those sci fi movies who traveled the universe and had space fights existed.

Seeing the spaceship for the first time from near Bella was amazed as all the knowldege inside her mind was of 21st century.

After Virus saw the spaceship there was no change in his expression and he only nodded his haid saying "Everything seems to be perfect." in the time he glanced at the spaceship he had checked everything about it by connecting to it.

"Master, what is this exactly? are we really going somewhere and where exactly?" Bella asked looking at Virus curiously.

Virus seeing how curious she seemed decided to answer as he said "Well, this is a multiverse traveling spaceship, and about where we’re going... well... we’re going to another multiverse where I need something to retrieve." Virus replied.

Hearing what Virus said both Bella and the island ugly were shocked, he wasn’t even going to roam the universe, but ANOTHER multiverse!

’I hope it’s there as it was said that scroll, I just hope it’s not too soon and it’s already there.’ Virus thought inside and then looking at the island ugly he asked "I assume everything necessary for the travel is already there?"

"Yes master, it’s ready for the travel." The island ugly said.

Hearing this Virus said again "Then go inform the security uglyto take care of here and do everything hinself while we’re gone because you’re coming with us as the pilot."

"Okay master." saying this the island ugly went away for about 15 minutes before coming back.

After that, Virus, Bella and the island ugly all went inside the spaceship.

After they were inside the first thing Virus did was to send the manual of how to pilot the spaceship directly to the island ugly and the destination of the multiverse to which they were going to.

After sending everything Virus ordered the island ugly to start the spaceship and go. He also ordered him not to forget to turn the spaceship invisible.

After than Virus called Ella telling her she won’t be able to contact him soon and not to get worried.

After the island ugly started the spaceship and did as the manual said he guided the spaceship as the invisible spaceship then started to fly directly to the air.

But before even coming out of Earth’s atmosphere half way a portal like rift opened as the spaceship went inside.



suddenly a portal like rift opened above the Earth of this multiverse, as the rift opened above the Earth lot’s of powerful cultivators suddenly felt a frightening rift filled with energy open up above on the atomsphere of their small planet.

All of their senses focused on that place but they felt nothing come outside of it.

’This law... I’ve never seen any law like this... what is it, let me start comprehending it before it closes up.’ This was the thought that went through the mind of many of them as they started comprehending the strange law they had seen for the first time and didn’t even think such a law existed, but now that they had figured such a law exists lot’s of powerful figures started comprehending it.

But oddly they couldn’t sense the invisible spaceship that had appeared there as their spiritual sense just passed through it like it didn’t exist there at all.

Like a satellite the spaceship zoomed to the earth of this multiverse, unlike the modern Earth of their own universe this Earth was like the ancient times of earth’s china were there were nothing but martial artists and stuff like pagodas, etc.

"Wuuh, This looks just like our Earth only there is no modern civilization here!" Bella said excitedly.

"Well, it is actually another Earth only not the Earth we know of, Earth exists in this multiverse too, it’s just too different from ours." Virus replied.

Seeing this earth for a second Virus ordered the island ugly to pilot away to another planet.

Another rift opened further away closed up a while later but no kne was interested in that one as it was a normal teleportation which they had seen before, they were all interested in the other one.

After coming out of the portal Virus saw that they were above a ruined planet, with the satellite zoom of the ship they could see ruins of an ancient civilization who probably lived here around 120,000 years ago.

Seeing the ruined civilization Virus sighed as he became more hopeful for what he had come here for, as he thought ’it seems I might get lucky and it might be already here, forunately the civilization is ruined at least.’

Seeing them come to an almost ruined planet Bella asked "Why did we come to this ruined planet out of all planets master?"

Virus answered "Because I’m looking for something here."

"So that’s why..." Bella said.

Then looking at the island ugly Virus said "I don’t know the exact location of the thing I’m I’m looking for, only an approximate location, so it might take some time for us to find it."

"Okay master please tell me the approximate location and you rest as I’ll keep looking for it till we find it." The island ugly said lowering his head a little in respect.

"Okay then, the only thing I know is the thing I’m looking for is on this planet and that it’s under the ocean inside a cave with no water, also I don’t think our scan device will be able to sense what I’m looking for." Virus said as he thought inside ’because if it could those people would have found it.’

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