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The God Virus

Volume 1 - 9 Ella 2

____________________ 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎


"Nice to meet you too Ai Vee... you said you were called Ai... why is that? are you from japan?" She asked me.

Thinking about that I immediately created another Identity for myself that would go well with me in the future, deciding to use that from now on as I also liked it, and after that I said. "No my full name is Aizen Vee, but I’m half american and half asian, my friends call me Ai and that’s why the name."

"so that’s why... " Ella said smilingly not knowing what else to say, with beatiful long dimples showing on each side of her face, thinking what to say to continue the conversation.

But it was at this time Virus beat her to it and said "how about we get out of here." Looking at this beauty before him Virus said, he really liked her feature, face and body as it really was to his taste so he had started stalking her from a long time before through the cameras watching her every behavior, and finally he made her the target that he would have his first time with, she had long curly black hair with green eyes, her skin was really white too, eye lashes long and when she smiled her face had lovely dimples which her really cute and Virus liked that, her lips were also really red and were of medium quality with both upper and lower side being of the same size, and along with a small nose, he thought he was perfect for him, knowing she was at a party he imnediately rushed here with the golden beauty.

"Okay..." Ella answered immediately without thinking, even she was stunned how quickly she accepted as she wasn’t this kind of person who would go out suddenly with the person she had just seen.



After following Virus inside a little while later, most of the males inside the party were amazed and stunned with this new beauty, some even gathered their confidence and came to talk to her, but she ignored them all looking intently at what his master was doing.

Then she saw her master walk to a direction and then stopped in front of a group of girls and started talking with one of them with a smile on his face.

She didn’t know why but seeing this that her master was talking and smilong to the face of another girl made her really sad and disappointed.

she was disappointed because somewhere in her thoughts she thought her master was going to do that with her and not some one else, and that’s why they had left the lab to go sonewhere nice, eventhough when he said they were going to a party she had her doubts she still believed in her thoughts.

But now she realized it was only wishfull thinking of her, thinking her master was interested in her rather than somebody else.

But eventhough she was sad and disappointed she still continued watching her master if any danger befall her master she would immediately save him.



Hearing Ella say okay to his invitation he said smiling "then let’s go." he also pointed his palm to the direction of the door while saying this.

immediately he sent a message directly to the head of the golden beauty telling her ’I’ve already long called for a renting car to be brought here and it’s in front of the door, go take it and follow behind us while protecting me.’

Eventhough the golden beauty was sad and upset inside she showed none of it outside and just nodded her head smiling.

At the mean time Virus and Ella were walking outside talking.

Eventhough Virus already knew everything that was to know about Ella he still asked them anyway so she would trust him and open up to him.

Virus asked "So Ella how old are you? and which college are you studying at?"

"Well... I’m 19 and I’ve just been admitted to the Columbia university. what about you?" she asked after responding.

"hmm, I’m 27 so I’m older than you, I hope you won’t mind though." Virus said while showing a worried face like he was worried she would mind.

"Not ... not at all. I like that much difference!" seeing his worried face she replied immediately.

"Thank God then." Virus said heaving a sigh of relief.

it was at this time they got in front of Virus’ car, so he said "get in." while he also lifted up the door for her.

"uhh, Ella was surprised a little about the car but as she didn’t really care about cars or money she just got inside the car." closing the door for her he went to the other side and also went in and started the engine as he drove making the engine roar.

While th

On the way they continued to talk about various thing without Ella realizing another car was following behind them every step of the way until their destination.

As they finally arrived in front of his building 4 Times Square, he led Ella to the highest floor of 4 times square much to the surprise of Ella.

"My family’s kinda rich so..." seeing the inquisitive look and the surprise inside Ella’s eyes, Virus said.

"I knew from your car you’re rich... but this place ... I saw in the news it was bought by a mysterious person." Ella said.

"Well, let’s not talk about those irrelevant stuff, let’s drink some red wine first... ." as Virus led her to a big room inside which were furnitures, TV, and food of all kinds, which was made ready for Virus, this was the place the golden beauty had prepared so Virus would live when Virus woke up in his body. Guiding her to sit on the sofa Virus went and grabbed some red wine with two glasses and then went to her again and sat beside her very close.

As he waa pouring Red Wine to the glasses Ella asked all of a sudden "Why did you talk to me? I mean why did you choose me from all those people?"

immediately after asking Ella regreted asking it as she was afraid of his answer but hearing his answer made her heart go BA-DUM BA-DUM again.

"It’s simple, because I like you." Virus answered Ella without any change in tone or rhythm.

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